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Top 10 Xfinity Alternatives and Competitors [2023]

Xfinity is a telecommunications service providing company that provides internet, cable TV, wireless, and telephone services.

Comcast Corporation introduced this brand in 2010 to market the mentioned services. This company has significantly improved Comcast’s revenue within 8-9 years and became a major brand in the telecom industry.

The branding process began in 2010 and the media reported this approach as a stunt to avoid negativity associated with the Comcast brand.

Many media outlets criticized the rebranding approach, but it served Comcast pretty well.

Today, Xfinity is the largest cable internet service provider in the USA. It has covered over 40% market in the country and it serves millions of high-speed internet customers.

Continue reading to learn more about Xfinity alternatives and services this brand offers.

Services Offered by Comcast Corporation under the Xfinity Brand

This company offers the following services:

  • Internet services

This company has been offering internet services since 1996. It had merged with Excite to deliver a home network.

When the partnered company went bankrupt, Comcast gained over 950,000 Excite customers and became a major internet service provider. 

It has significantly improved the service quality by adopting new technologies. Now, it offers services such as WiFi, network management and peering, etc.

It is using new software platforms and devices to deliver lightning-fast internet speed in every home and commercial place.

  • Xfinity voice

Comcast launched this telecommunication service in 2005. It attracted over 7.6 million customers by 2009. Great customer support and satisfying solutions helped Xfinity gain more subscribers with every passing year.

Xfinity Voice enables communication over the internet. It uses VoIP technology to enable and maintain uninterrupted communication. This company uses a private network to prioritize voice data in high-traffic scenarios.

Minimal network congestion and great call quality draw customers to Xfinity Voice service. Therefore, millions of professionals and homeowners use this service in the USA.

  • Cable TV

This company offers a subscription-based cable TV service. It had over 24.8 million customers in 2007. The number of subscribers continued to increase and now Xfinity also offers online TV and streaming solutions.

It has recently introduced Xfinity X1 to stream Live TV, sports, DVR, and other content. Many users chose this service to get on-demand content and premium shows for free.

Xfinity flex helps customers find and watch all their favorite TV shows and web series in 4K quality. Users only need the Flex 4K streaming TV box and they can get it free with the Xfinity Internet connection.

  • Mobile communication

Xfinity is providing prepaid and unlimited monthly rental plans with its mobile services. Users get up to 20GB of free data and then pay for further data.

This mobile communication service is available exclusively for Xfinity Internet subscribers.

  • Home automation and security

Xfinity provides fire alarms and burglar alarms along with wireless motion sensors and cameras. Its home automation solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies that make homeowners’ life more comforting and enjoyable.

Xfinity Alternatives and Competitors

The following 10 companies are major alternatives and competitors of Xfinity and Comcast Corporation

1. AT&T

It is the world’s leading telecommunication service provider and the largest mobile service provider in the USA. This company has gained the 9th rank on the Fortune 500 Companies list with a whopping $181 billion revenue.

U-Verse is a DirectTV brand of the AT&T Company. It was introduced in 2006 and it also included broadband internet and IP telephone services.

AT&T later announced that its broadband internet and telecommunication services won’t come under the U-Verse brand. It later introduced U-Verse, DirectTV, and AT&T TV as separate entities. 

AT&T provides broadband internet, DirectTV, wireless, telecom, and mobile communication solutions. This company competes with the world’s largest internet and telecommunication service providers.

Cutting-edge solutions and great service quality help At&T draw more customers. It has more customers than Xfinity because this company has served American users since 1983!

Both companies offer similar services, but AT&T also serves international clients. That’s why it’s the largest telecom company in the world.

Xfinity Competitors AT& T

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2. Verizon Fios

This company is not as big as AT&T and Comcast! However, its innovative solutions make it one of the best telephone and television service providers in the USA.

This company offers telephone, television, and bundled internet access services. Its fiber-optic communication network is entertaining more than 6.5 million customers.

Fios stands for Fiber Optic Services, but this company serves as Verizon Communications in certain US states. Both have identical network infrastructure and great service quality. Therefore, customers commonly address this company as Fios!

Over 4.6 million customers have subscribed to Fios TV. It is one of three major services Fios offers. You get both high-definition and standard-definition TV plans.

It allows you to switch to a better plan if the current package does not meet your expectation.

Verizon introduced custom TV packages in 2015. Users could select TV channels and shows they want to watch. It helped them avoid unwanted channels and pay less for high-quality content.

Fios delivers high-speed internet via fiber-optic cables and its telecom services are also good. Therefore, it has all it takes to grab Xfinity’s loyal customers.

Xfinity Competitors Verizon

3. Charter Spectrum

Charter Communication is a mass media and telecommunications company that provides its services under the Spectrum brand. It entertains more than 26 million clients in 41 states.

It has become the 2nd largest cable operator in the USA and 3rd largest pay-TV operator. Only AT&T and Comcast have more subscribers than Spectrum when it comes to offering cable and pay-TV services!

Spectrum promises to provide a fast and secure broadband connection at only $49.99 per year. The same price this brand charges for a cable TV connection.

You can stream all the popular shows and channels when you buy Spectrum’s Cable TV package.

This company is competing with leading telecom companies with its affordable mobile and telephone connection plans.

It claims customers save up to 60% more after switching to Spectrum mobile network. Many customers praise and recommend this brand for its flawless network and affordable packages.

Xfinity Competitors Charter Spectrum

4. Lumen Fiber + Internet

Lumen Technology is a US-based company on a mission to power the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is offering cutting-edge solutions for networking, edge computing, security, and communication.

It offers high-speed internet connectivity to ensure businesses get uninterrupted access to the World Wide Web.

This company promotes digital buying of internet plans so that businesses can assess what’s required for their rapid growth.

It claims to offer a business-ready network. It means you get the bandwidth and data the next-generation software and applications require to run efficiently.

Lumen Fiber + Internet supports efficient operations of CRM, video, ERP, and other data-intensive apps to improve their performance. 

Many business organizations have switched to Lumen Fiber + Internet for maximum network availability, instant customer support, and predictable monthly costs.

Its high-speed internet charges vary according to the location of the business. Therefore, you should check the latest Lumen fiber optics internet connection costs in your city.

Xfinity Competitors Lumen Fiber Internet

5. Altice USA

Altice USA is one of the largest cable TV service providers in the USA. It offers internet, cable TV, telecommunication, and original TV content solutions. Altice entertains over 4.9 million customers by offering top-quality service in 21 US states.

This company also runs Suddenlink and Optimum brands. It is planning to rebrand them under one name. If that happens, Altice will become the 4th largest American cable TV service provider.

It is currently building a 100% fiber optics network across the country. It aims to connect all the residential and commercial clients to high-speed internet.

It claims to complete this process by 2025 and become one of the largest fiber optics service providers in the country.

Altice’s VoIP, digital TV, cable TV, and high-speed internet services allure thousands of new customers every year.

Unlike Xfinity, this company is expanding and it can soon become a major rival to Comcast, AT&T, and other telecom companies.

Xfinity Competitors Altice USA

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6. Sparklight

Sparklight is a broadband communication service providing company. It serves over 900,000 customers across 21 states in the USA.

It was formerly known as Cable One but rebranded to attract high-speed internet service-seeking customers.

This company offers internet, cable TV, and telephone services. This company claims to offer 100-1000 MB/second internet speed.

Its economical internet plans seem beneficial for both residential and commercial users. You can also get plans designed specifically to play and stream online games.

Customers admire Sparklight TV service because it does not require cable boxes and wires to stream HD content.

You can access any channel, TV show, or movie you want to watch. It also allows you to record programs and watch them later!

Sparklight has different subscription plans for different regions. You can check the latest TV and internet packages for your city.

You will find this company’s subscription plans more affordable than top service providers.

Xfinity Competitors Sparklight

7. Cox Communications

Being a major Xfinity competitor, Cox Communications provides all the services offered by the leading telecommunication and digital TV companies.

This company serves more than 6.5 million customers, who seek high-quality cable TV services. It got over 3.5 million online subscribers and more than 3.2 million telephone subscribers.

It’s the USA’s third-largest cable TV service provider and emerging as a reliable high-speed broadband provider.

Cox promises faster internet speed than 5G internet. It assures gamers that they will have a lag-free gaming experience and minimum ping spikes.

Live sports fans can catch the latest NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL events on their IP TV connection.

Cox Communication is consistently improving its packages and adding new features to attract modern-age users.

It provides everything from fast internet speed to top-rated streaming apps. Therefore, it is a considerable alternative to Xfinity.

Xfinity Competitors Cox Communications

8. Astound Broadband

You can switch to Astound Broadband if you are looking for an award-winning high-speed internet service provider. This company promises to deliver 94Mbps speed and maintain it as long as you are online.

This company promises that you will always be connected to fast internet. It provides Mesh WiFi that uses several access points to connect your devices to the internet.

You can browse, stream, and play games efficiently on your device, even if you are sitting far from the Modem.

Commercial users can also take advantage of that new modem Astound Broadband offering with its high-speed internet package.

This company offers decent connectivity for work and entertainment. Besides, it also offers smart TV solutions to keep everyone entertained in your home! 

Xfinity Competitors Astound Broadband

9. Earthlink

It is one of the oldest internet service providers in the world. This company started offering internet connectivity in 1994. This company offers business and residential solutions.

Its business solutions include IT and virtualization, IT security, cloud computing, collocation, hosting, and application support.

It currently serves over 150,000 small and large business organizations for their internet and technology demands. It has spread over 29,421 route miles of fiber optic cable along with 90 metro fiber rings.

EarthLink is offering dial-up internet, broadband, and other associated solutions to residential users. It provides 4G, Cable, and satellite internet services along with Freestanding DSL.

It has over 1 million residential customers, but it does not provide cable or IP TV services. Therefore, it is not in direct competition with Xfinity and other such companies. 

Xfinity Competitors Earthlink

10. FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a Los Angeles-based wireless internet service providing company. It also offers free IP mobile services, such as free text, data, and Voice over Internet Protocol solutions.

This company uses networks offered by AT&T, Sprint, Three, Telcel, and Yoigo to deliver its products and services.

Buyers are drawn to this company because it offers free internet service. Mobile users get unlimited internet access with the plans they choose.

Users can choose a plan that comes with a cutting-edge mobile phone or just buy the package that includes all services.

FreedomPop offers free WiFi calls and users don’t even need an app to access free services. This company claims to run the largest GSM network in the USA.

It charges no activation fee and you don’t need to sign any contracts to access freebies. VoLTE, international calls, and visual voicemail are some lucrative features that draw buyers to FreedomPop.

Xfinity Competitors Freedom Pop