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Top 10 DataRobot Alternatives and Competitors [2023]

DataRobot was established in 2012 with a mission to democratize artificial intelligence technology. Today, it serves as the AI Cloud leader.

It offers a unified platform for all data types, users, and cloud environments. It has created solutions to speed up the usability of AI for every business enterprise.

This company has the world’s first AI Cloud platform that helps clients analyze data and turn it into value! It helps business organizations take advantage of the transformational power of machine learning and AI technology. 

DataRobot has served a third of the Fortune 500 companies. It has proven its worth by making more than a trillion predictions for many businesses across the globe.

It provides top-skilled data scientists who assess your demands and present the best AI-based solutions. That’s how this company has become the leading data science company in the world.

What Does DataRobot Do?

This Data Science company operates from Boston and helps business analysts in developing predictive analytics.

Users, who have no programming skills or knowledge of AI technology, can use DataRobot to build predictive analytics.

This company relies on automated machine learning (AutoML) to develop and deploy flawless predictive models quickly.

DataRobot’s AutoML platform is quite useful for analysts, who understand how to utilize business intelligence tools.

Seasoned data scientists can go much deeper to modify and optimize the analytics models for the rapid growth of the business. Therefore, both newbies and experienced data analysts are using Dataobot’s solutions.

DataRobot AutoML Platform Features

The following features make the DataRobot Automated Machine Learning platform beneficial for clients:

  • End-to-end acceleration

This company automates the entire process of extracting valuable insights from raw data. Users get inbuilt ‘guardrails’ that promise success by applying the best methods for the job.

It keeps the information ready for automatic model selection, testing, and training and suggests the best choices for the business environment.

  • Innovative models

This platform allows you to craft sophisticated models by using diverse types of data collected for your business. You gain access to many proprietary and open-source models, newly developed deep learning algorithms, and more valuable information with new releases.

You can use those models with raw data, tabular data, raw images, and text. All modes are rigorously tested to ensure they offer practical benefits.

DataRobot’s competitors fail to offer such cutting-edge solutions and therefore this company is flourishing rapidly.

  • User-friendly visual insights

AI technology-based solutions are quite new for many professionals. Therefore, DataRobot generates and delivers user-friendly visual insights to explain the model.

Besides, users receive model documentation and blueprints. These resources help users understand the modeling process and algorithms used to develop the model.

Users can use the Lift Chart, Confusion Matrix, ROC Curve, and other resources to assess any model.

This platform also offers visual explanations for all predictions to help analysts understand features that help them make better decisions.

DataRobot competitors

DataRobot has become a reputed data science company, but it is not the only service provider in the industry.

Check the top 10 DataRobot competitors and alternatives to discover more such companies!


This company believes that users should be able to access and use AI whenever required. It has started a movement to democratize AI and it is succeeding in that goal.

Experts from various backgrounds collaborated to establish Today, they have developed solutions to serve academia, businesses, and non-profit organizations. 

This company provides the H2O AI Cloud to help clients solve complex business problems by developing AI-powered solutions.

It promises to reduce cost, improve efficiency and agility, and help businesses scale faster.

This company believes that users should be able to access and use AI whenever required. It has started a movement to democratize AI and it is succeeding in that goal.

Experts from various backgrounds collaborated to establish Today, they have developed solutions to serve academia, businesses, and non-profit organizations. 

This company provides the H2O AI Cloud to help clients solve complex business problems by developing AI-powered solutions.

It promises to reduce cost, improve efficiency and agility, and help businesses scale faster.

DataRobot Competitors

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2. Dataiku

This company was established in 2013 and since then it has worked to democratize information. Dataiku collaborates with business organizations to develop and deliver customized AI solutions.

This company has served more than 450 business organizations to ensure they use machine learning and data more efficiently.

Clients get support for supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, and carrying out other important tasks.

Many clients use Dataiku to create data pipelines with databases, predictive models, and methods to transform datasets.

This platform offers a quick visual analysis of all the statistics. You can save time while assessing the distribution of values, outliers, top values, and other statistics.

The Dataiku AutoML can fill all the missing values automatically and assign numeric values to non-numeric data. It uses sophisticated encoding techniques to complete complex procedures faster.

Therefore, many companies rely on this centralized data platform to develop new features and improve model accuracy. 

DataRobot Competitors Dataiku

3. Alteryx

This company offers advanced solutions for analytics automation and data science. It has designed the software to ensure every data worker can deliver breakthrough outcomes.

Alteryx offers user-friendly low code-no code technology to help businesses solve the toughest questions.

It helps analysts find breakthroughs to drive changes that benefit the organization. Therefore, it is one of the most trusted data science companies in the world.

Alteryx’s Analytic Process Automation (APA) platform help clients combine their data science, analytics, and process automation on a single platform.

That platform provides end-to-end automation of machine learning, analytics, and data science procedures. It facilitates the agility required to speed up digital transformation.

Your employees can deliver faster and more efficient business outcomes with the help of the Alteryx APA platform. It will help you automate data science and analytics, and encourage intelligent decision making.

Alteryx has a comprehensive range of products designed for businesses seeking sophisticated machine learning solutions for analytics automation.

Its product package costs $5195 annually to individual users. Teams and business organizations can contact this company to get more information on pricing and packages.

DatatRobot Competitors Alteryx

4. Databricks

It is a data and AI company founded by the original creators of Delta Lake, Apache Spark, and MLFlow in 2013.

Being the world’s leading cloud-based lakehouse platform, Databricks merges the best features of data lakes and data warehouses. It provides an open and integrated platform for data analysis and machine learning.  

Over 7,000 business organizations are using Databricks to facilitate collaborative data science, large-scale data engineering, business analytics, and full-scale machine learning.

This company has collaborated with Amazon, Microsoft, Tableau, Cap Gemini, Informatica, and Booz Allen Hamilton to simplify AI and data science. It empowers data teams across the globe to solve the most complex problems!

Accurate forecasting, recommendation engines, automated ESG insight abstraction, sales forecasting, demand forecasting, and many more use cases make the Databricks platform extremely useful in many industries.

You should join this platform and take a demo to learn how it can help you grow the business faster.

DtataRobot Competitors Databricks

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5. Amazon SageMaker

Amazon launched its cloud machine-learning platform in 2017 to help developers raft, train, and deploy AI models in the cloud.

Developers also use this platform to deploy their machine learning models on edge devices and embedded systems. 

If you are a developer, you can use SageMaker to run several levels of abstraction while training and deploying models.

When you are at the highest level of abstraction, this platform offers pre-trained machine learning models. You can deploy those models in their original form to save time.

Amazon SageMaker is offering several inbuilt algorithms to train the data you own. Besides, you can develop unique ML algorithms by using well-managed instances of Apache MXNet and TensorFlow.

This platform is offering a straightforward approach to connecting the SageMaker-enabled machine learning models to important AWS services.

Therefore, it is quite beneficial for data scientists, analysts, and ML model developers.

Amazon SageMaker charges hourly for its services. You can check the latest rates and then use this platform to develop innovative ML models.

DataRobot Competitors Amazon SageMaker

6. RapidMiner

This data science platform offers an integrated environment for machine learning, data preparation, deep learning, predictive analytics, and text mining.

Many individuals and business organizations have used RapidMiner for research, training, education, app development, rapid prototyping, and other advanced needs.

This platform offers comprehensive support for data preparation, model validation, result visualization, and optimization. It follows a client/server model with on-premise or cloud servers.

It uses template-based frameworks to deliver 99% analytical solutions. This approach does not require writing codes. The risk of errors reduces and delivery speed increases. 

Many clients recommend this platform for data mining and AI procedures. It makes data processing and visualization, data loading and transformation, statistical modeling, predictive analytics, assessment, and deployment quite simple.

You have to request pricing details after taking a demo. Thus, you can access all features of this platform.

DataRobot Competitors RapidMiner

7. Qlik AutoML

Qlik is on a mission to data-literate the world. It helps individuals, businesses, and government organizations handle the toughest challenges with the help of data science.

The Qlik AutoML platform has been designed for analytics teams. It helps users create models, test business scenarios, and make accurate predictions without using codes.

This platform can link your data, and recognize important drivers to create and improve machine learning models. It also makes and tests predictions to ensure the implemented solution will work.

Qlik has designed its AutoML platform to recognize key drivers in the user’s historical data. Thus, it produces efficient AI models. All you have to do is pick a target field in the data set and this platform will do the rest for you.

Over 38,000 clients are using Qlik AutoML to develop fully interactive analytics applications. You can easily link it to multiple data sources.

It automatically generates AI-based recommendations to help you make well-informed decisions for the business. Try it for free to assess its true potential and then switch to premium services.

DataRobot Competitors Qlik AutoML

8. dotData

This company entered the market with the same goal as DataRobot and today it is one of the leading data science solution providers.

It is providing an end-to-end data science automation platform to democratize, operationalize, and accelerate data science procedures with the help of AI technology.

You can use this platform to create full-cycle end-points. It uses machine learning and feature engineering to improve scalability and production quality.

You get support to package AI models and move them into one portable container for deployment. It requires just one Docker command to deploy models and that’s how efficient this platform is!

The dotData team always supports clients to create an efficient machine learning solution architecture.

Users can create and test AI-enabled business processes to make sure the new solutions will drive better growth.

You have to join this platform if you want a free demo. If demonstrated solutions meet your expectations, you can request pricing information and choose the best package to complete your projects.

DataRobot Competitors dotData

9. ForePaas

It is an end-to-end machine learning and analytics platform. You can use this platform to craft your data fabric and control all the data cycles from extraction to consumption.

It does not require integrating several tools to develop a perfect analytical model. ForePaas helps you build flawless AI-based projects. You can use any private or public cloud environment to host your projects.

This platform supports instant deployment and helps you focus on value instead of worrying about logistics, cloud infrastructure, security issues, and the scaling process.

You can choose Standard and Premium packages that cost $99 and $1,490 respectively. The Dedicated package is custom-planned to meet the specific needs of the client.

DataRobot Competitors ForePaas

10. Canvass AI

This company is helping industrial clients to transform their critical procedures with the help of machine learning technology.

Its cutting-edge platform allows clients to extract valuable insights from data 12-times faster than other tools.

It makes data recovery and visualization much easier. Besides, you get augmented data exploration capabilities with this platform!

You get pre-built AI templates to organize and train machine learning models to optimize operations and procedures.

This platform has helped companies improve energy efficiency and production yield with its AI models. Therefore, it is one of DataRobot’s major competitors. 

Since Canvass AI offers industry-specific solutions, no pricing information is available on the official website. You should apply for a demo and then you can request for quote.

DataRobot Competitors Canvaas AI