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Top 10 Lacework Competitors and Alternatives [2023]

Lacework is providing data-driven security solutions for the cloud. This company uses Polygraph technology to make its cloud security platform more effective and beneficial for clients.

It can automate cloud security and helps clients focus on other vital processes of the business. Lacework can easily gather, assess, and flawlessly correlate data across a business’s Azure, AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes environments.

It is the only cloud security platform with such potential and it can easily identify important security events.

This company is serving many clients across the globe. Its security solutions have helped clients launch their products quickly and bring them to the market faster.

Lacework’s revolutionary security solutions help clients drive revenue and focus on growth. 

Lacework Platform Features

The Lacework platform is compatible with all the widely used cloud environments. It constantly scans those environments and delivers information regarding threats observed in all cloud environments.

The following features make it the best in the market:

  • Rapid threat detection

The Lacework team believes it should not take too long to identify and detect threats. The program should be able to operate automatically and it should not require too much tuning for the job.

This cloud security platform sends fewer alerts and swift notifications so that users can respond faster.

It is the most effective threat detection system available for cloud environments. Clients get better visibility and context of the threat to defend their data and applications.

Once the threat is found, clients can take necessary actions to prevent the damage.

  • Vulnerability management

Lacework has designed its cloud security platform to consistently scan cloud environments for vulnerabilities.

If it detects vulnerabilities that pose a major risk, it informs the client. You can take the necessary protective action to prevent a major loss.

This platform helps clients narrow down the attack surface. It is essential during the early development period of the business.

Lacework constantly monitors the infrastructure to find the vulnerability, assess major risks, and prioritize your actions.

Thus, you can focus on innovation and development instead of dealing with never-ending vulnerabilities. 

  • Cloud security posture and compliance

Lacework can provide extensive visibility and non-stop tracking to eliminate threats and meet compliance requirements. It simplifies cloud security posture and helps clients manage risk compliance.

This program can quickly scan all the data to show compliance and assess security threats. It proactively manages cloud security risks and compliance to help clients grow their business faster.

Lacework Competitors

Lacework has developed cutting-edge solutions to deal with cloud security threats. This company is constantly improving security features to be the first choice of every business organization.

Since cloud security is a major concern for both small and large businesses, many other companies have started offering similar products and solutions.

Let’s find out the top 10 Lacework competitors to assess which company is offering the best security solutions.

1. Threat Stack

This company develops top-performing intrusion detection for cloud environments. It combines the threat detection system with the F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP to help clients assess threats comprehensively.

It can detect all sorts of threats to the client’s cloud infrastructure and cloud-native apps. Threat Stack monitors billions of events to recognize potential threats in real-time.

Once it recognizes threats, it recommends the right actions to prevent potential damage. This platform can automate telemetry collection deployment without interfering with app delivery in your cloud environments.

Users can gather telemetry from all their cloud workloads to identify real-time threats and deal with them.

You can easily integrate Threat Stack’s cloud security solution with other security workflow tools. It integrates efficiently with SIEM for remediation.

This company is offering a Cloud Security Platform, Oversight plan, and Insight plans to deliver comprehensive security solutions.

You can contact Threat Stack to get more information on the pricing and benefits of different plans.

Lacework Competitors Threat Stack

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2. ORCA Security

Orca Security is one of the most trusted agentless Cloud Security Platforms. It can detect, prioritize, and remediate threats for AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Kubernetes.

This platform quickly connects the client’s cloud environment to its Sidescanning technology. It offers comprehensive coverage across malware, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, weak and leaked passwords, lateral movement risks, and overly-permissive identities.   

Orca Security promises to identify and prioritize cloud security threats within a few minutes. It guarantees better support at more affordable prices than its competitor cloud security platforms.

Orca’s platform is offering complete visibility across containers, VMs, and serverless apps.

Since there is no agent monitoring security threats, the speed of detecting security risks increases. Its context-aware engine can prioritize the most important threats to send alerts.

It takes just a few minutes to onboard cloud accounts to this platform. Once done, it will monitor and notify you about all major threats to your cloud environments.

Lacework Competitors Orca Security

3. Sysdig

This company is on a mission to make all cloud deployments safer and sustainable. Its security platform, threat monitoring system, and cloud security solutions have pleased numerous clients.

The Sysdig cloud security platform provides unified visibility across cloud infrastructure and workloads. It alerts immediately whenever threats are detected.

This platform also monitors compliance risks, operational issues, and other issues to alert the client. It provides a comprehensive activity record to ensure you do not miss any important information! 

Users trust Sysdig for container security, threat detection and response, vulnerability management, compliance, IR & Forensics, and also for network security.

It can deliver continuous cloud security while learning about new threats. Sysdig’s world-class threat monitoring system detects numerous threats and prioritizes major risks before sending alerts.

It efficiently cuts the response time to ensure your cloud apps and infrastructure is perfectly guarded.

Users can try Sysdig’s cloud security platform for free without offering credit card information. Get the premium package only when you are satisfied with the security solutions offered by this platform.

Lacework Competitors Sysdig

4. Prisma Cloud

Palo Alto Networks is one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the USA. It has developed Prisma Cloud to offer comprehensive security solutions for the development lifecycle on popular cloud environments.

It helps developers build the best cloud-native apps without worrying about security issues. Prisma Cloud serves DevOps teams that consistently deal with security threats while preparing organizations to adopt cloud-based solutions.

It is quite challenging for developers to develop and deploy cloud-based apps at a steady pace while worried about security.

Prisma Cloud detects and alerts developers about security issues. Thus, security teams are always ready to respond immediately to major threats. 

Palo Alto is offering Prisma Cloud Enterprise edition that includes a compute tab on the administrative console.

It is a SaaS version of the cloud security platform and it can deliver host, serverless capabilities, and container security solutions.

The Prisma Cloud Compute edition is a downloadable platform to protect hosts, serverless functions, and containers.

You can contact the service provider to get information on pricing and support Palo Alto provides with both editions of the Prisma Cloud security platform.

Lacework Competitors Prisma Cloud

5. Advanced Cluster Security (ACS) by Red Hat

ACS is a Kubernetes-native security platform that helps developers develop, deploy, and operate cloud-native apps securely.

Since this platform has been designed for Kubernetes-native infrastructure, it reduces operational risk, and costs, and improves the user’s productivity.

It comes with inbuilt security and protects your apps across the development lifecycle. It is quite easy to integrate ACS with security tools and DevOps. Users can rapidly identify and migrate threats.

Thus, it gets easier to enforce security policies to reduce potential threats to under-developed apps within the cloud environment. App developers also receive context-rich and actionable guidelines to deal with threats. 

This platform efficiently minimizes the effort and time taken to deploy security measures. Organizations trust it as a source of truth to begin security analysis and remediation.

Vulnerabilities management, network segmentation, one-click audit reports, configuration management, risk profiling, etc. are some additional benefits of choosing Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes.

You can contact Red Hat for more information on ACS pricing and packages.

Lacework Competitors ACS Red Hat

6. Qualys Cloud Platform

Qualys has developed a feature-rich cloud platform to provide clients with continuous assessment of their global IT, compliance, and security posture.

You can get 2-second visibility of all the installed IT assets regardless of their location! This platform comes with inbuilt threat prioritization, response, and patching capabilities.

Thus, it has become one of the best cloud security platforms for businesses across the globe. 

This platform provides on-premises, on mobile, at endpoints, and in the cloud sensors, which are always active. All those sensors consistently provide 2-second visibility to ensure all the IT assets are operating flawlessly.

This cloud platform is remotely deployable. You can use it as a centrally managed platform that updates automatically to recognize new threats.

Qualys delivers sensors as both virtual and physical appliances to never miss any security threat.

Lacework Competitors Qualys Cloud Platform

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7. CloudGuard by Check Point

Check Point builds and delivers the latest technology and hardware solution for IT security. CloudGuard is its latest cloud-native security platform that automates the administration and assessment of multi-cloud assets.

It identifies security threats and misconfiguration during the development lifecycle of cloud apps. Check Point has equipped this platform with a threat detection layer for all cloud accounts and user activities.

You can onboard new cloud accounts seamlessly and let CloudGuard observe those accounts to identify risky moves. If it detects threats, it will send rapid alerts so that you can respond immediately.

If standard threat detection rules do not meet your demands, you can use customized GSL rules to enforce the best security detection mechanism. It helps you define different security rules for different cloud environments.

It supports all the globally used cloud environments and therefore it’s one of the most popular cloud security platforms. You can request a Demo and then get pricing details for CloudGuard!

Xfinity Competitors CloudGuard by Check Point

8. Vanta

This company was established in 2016 with a mission to restore people’s trust in online businesses and protect customer information. This company serves startups and fast-growing companies to develop a powerful security foundation.

Vanta serves clients by automating security monitoring for compliance certifications, including HIPAA, SOC2, and ISO 27001.

It is currently serving thousands of new and well-established businesses across the globe.

The security provider claims that it is just the beginning. It aims to help companies to improve and establish that their security measures are the best in the market.

Vanta serves clients to draw more partners and investors by proving their cloud apps and IT infrastructure is well-protected against all sorts of threats.

This company is developing security tools that protect online businesses against all potential threats. It is not as big as Lacework, but it has gained a huge response from existing clients.

You can connect your infrastructure and tools and customize Vanta to meet your company’s security needs.

Xfinity Competitors Vanta

9. Snyk

This Boston-based cyber security company offers several products to ensure the client’s cloud infrastructure and apps operate flawlessly.

Its developer security platform helps developers build cutting-edge apps in a secure environment.

Developers are using Snyk’s platform to develop security for code and open-source applications, cloud infrastructure, and containers.

Since the security team is no more in charge of app security, developers need additional support. Snyk provides that support and helps users build top-class solutions without worrying about security threats.

 Snyk is offering free support with limited features. Its Team and Business packages cost $98 and $139 respectively.

The enterprise package comes with several advanced features and clients can customize it according to their needs.

Xfinity Competitors Snyk

10. CloudHealth

CloudHealth provides cloud security and management solutions to ensure the client’s organization operates without focusing too much on security.

It offers support to simplify financial management, streamline business operations, and improve security and compliance.

Existing clients are using CloudHealth to assess a rich set of data to administer their multi-cloud environment. It makes cloud infrastructure assessment quite simple.

The CloudHealth Secure State is built for Kubernetes security posture management. Users can scan the entire Kubernetes cloud infrastructure to spot security threats and eliminate them immediately.

CloudHealth has cutting-edge products and those products are designed for businesses and developers seeking a safer way to exploit new technologies.

It offers affordable and reliable solutions for cloud security needs. Therefore, Over 10,000 big and small companies are using this platform!

Xfinity Competitors CloudHealth