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Yext Alternatives and Competitors [2023]

Modern businesses focus a lot on improving their online reputation. A few inaccurate reviews and negative comments can steer off potential clients and cause a significant loss.

Search engines still use old-school methods of keyword scanning to provide links associated with your business.

If the displayed information is outdated, it can hurt your online marketing and brand reputation management efforts.

Yext provides an AI technology-powered platform to display the most accurate answers to your brand-related questions.

It ensures the user gets direct answers and no hyperlinks to business listings and other websites. 

What is Yext?

Yext is a New York-based technology company that provides innovative brand management solutions.

It is offering a cutting-edge data management tool to help business organizations monitor their Business Citation or NAP (Name, Address, Phone number). It tracks numerous directories to deliver the most accurate information.

Users can use YEXT to update information, such as the following:

  • Business Citation
  • Working hours, product details, services, staff bios, pictures and videos, and other details
  • Mobile wallet content and coupons
  • Updated address and contact information in multiple languages
  • Categories
  • Advanced search filters and location labels

Yext has the potential to automatically audit numerous business listings, eliminate inaccurate information, and update new details.

It is quite beneficial for businesses trying to generate leads through online search.

Why Yext is Beneficial for Businesses?

This company is offering an advanced product suite that helps businesses replace information published by third-party sources with their official answers.

Potential customers can search many questions online to gain more knowledge about the business. Users can prepare and upload official answers to those questions to prevent clients from being misguided.

Yext allows clients to share facts about their businesses. Clients can share professional credentials, locations, products, events, and other information customers seek online.

It helps businesses control what potential clients learn about their businesses online.

This company prevents clients from losing potential customers due to old and inaccurate information. That’s why it is quite beneficial for all sorts of business enterprises.

Who Should Use Yext’s Services?

Yext is beneficial for all kinds of business organizations trying to allure customers online. Its Search Experience Cloud solutions can help new businesses grow faster. Users can update faulty details with accurate answers.

This platform helps clients list and manage business information on more than 200 top-rated business listings. Once done, potential clients can discover your business more easily and you can entertain more clients.

Yext helps you optimize web pages for SEO so that you can convert more visitors than before. You can use this platform to monitor and assess reviews shared by clients.

If there are negative comments, you can clarify the reasons or resolve issues to satisfy all the clients. Clients also get the analytics tools to get actionable insights into users’ search experience.

It generates the latest information to help you plan better promotional tactics to attract more customers online.

Yext Competitors and Alternatives

Yext offers the most innovative online reputation management, but it is not the only option you have in the market! The following Yext Alternatives and Competitors provide similar solutions.

You should assess all the listed service providers to assess which company is perfect to meet your demands!

1. SOCi

SOCi offers all-in-one marketing solutions to brands focusing on multi-location marketing tactics. Its clients include brands such as Sport Clips, Ace Hardware, Anytime Fitness, and several popular companies seeking top-class online marketing solutions. 

This company serves businesses to improve their digital presence. It helps clients engage with their customers on various social media platforms.

This company can add and update company details on numerous business listings to draw more visitors from diverse sources.

It provides clients with Ads, chatbots, reviews, and several other solutions to help them draw more clients. Although this platform has not disclosed its service charges, experts believe it is more affordable than Yext.

Brands, local businesses, and marketing agencies can use products and services offered by SOCi to scale faster.

It can help you build and maintain your brand reputation to beat competitors and gain more clients!

Yext Competitors SOCi

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2. Reputation

Reputation helps clients monitor all customer feedback to assess how users perceive their brands. It tracks customer reviews, posts, comments, and recommendations to assess the brand’s market reputation. 

This company ensures clients focus on customers’ needs. It provides reliable insights to transform the business in a way that can please most existing and potential customers.

Reputation provides the most accurate information on what customers think so that brands can improve take necessary actions to improve customers’ views about their products and services.

Reputation helps clients enlist business information on hundreds of listings. Clients can use this platform to assess and improve customer reviews.

It helps clients dominate local pages and delivers a complete social suite to improve customer engagement.

Over 250 companies trust Reputation for its cutting-edge solutions. It can deliver tailored solutions to help SMBs assess and improve their brand reputation.

This company charges competitive prices to support startups, SMBs, and MNCs for their online reputation management needs.

Yext Competitors Reputation

3. Birdeye

This company claims to be the best all-in-one Experience Marketing platform. It believes customers choose companies and brands based on experiences and not according to what ads depict.

It serves clients with the information and tools they need to deliver much better experiences. Birdeye helps clients improve the entire customer journey.

This company helps clients list their businesses on top listings. It shares positive feedback, encourage existing clients for referrals, and recommends web page customizations to attract more potential customers.

Birdeye also offers support to convert visitors and retain their loyalty. It does everything Yext does and provides more support to help businesses grow faster.

Clients get three packages “Standard, Professional, and Premium” to buy Birdeye’s services and use this platform to gain a competitive edge.

It is beneficial for both new and well-established businesses trying to expand their reach and entertain more clients.

Yext Competitors Birdeye

4. Chatmeter

The Chatmeter company serves multi-location brands for their online reputation management and SEO management needs.

It provides data-driven solutions to assess the performance of the client’s brands. Its SEO solutions are impeccable, especially when a local brand tries to compete with national or global brands. 

Multi-location brands use Chatmeter’s services to monitor customers’ feedback. Clients can collect the latest data to gain insights and take proactive actions to attract and retain customers.

Chatmeter provides business intelligence, omnichannel integration, competitive information, and brand visibility analysis.

Clients can use all the offered products and services to assess what is lacking and how to improve brand reputation for a positive response from customers.

This company serves clients from automotive, healthcare, real estate, restaurant, retail, financial, and other industries. You can contact Chatmeter or join this platform to get information on pricing.

Yext Competitors Chatmeter

5. Moz Local

It provides a set of reputation management and SEO tools to improve brand reputation and visibility. Clients can sync and manipulate business listings to drive more local traffic.

It offers tools to update ongoing listings across social media, search engines, directories, data aggregators, and apps. Clients get tools to remove duplicate and inaccurate listings to distribute updated information.

Moz’s review management system is pretty effective, especially when you need solid review management solutions. You can read and respond to published reviews on various sites to answer most questions asked by customers.

Moz provides alerts and notifications whenever it detects new reviews. It also provides review sentiment to assess customer feedback fasters.  

Moz Local provides everything with an online business demands to maximize its local presence. It is serving hundreds of businesses to ensure they are ranked among the top local services.

You can use the Moz Local platform by paying only $14 per month. It charges more for advanced solutions and delivers satisfying results.

Yext Competitors Moz Local

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6. Semrush

Offering comprehensive support to grow online visibility, Semrush serves as an all-in-one digital marketing platform. It helps clients monitor the growth on all important channels.

Clients get more than 50 SEO, competitor research, content marketing, SMM, and PPC tools. This platform assures that you gain more visitors and convert them faster.

Semrush is known for its analytics reporting and it provides top listing platforms to quickly boost the organic search rank.

Its keyword research tools have helped clients recognize the best search phrases to improve their presence in targeted regions.

Over 10 million marketing professionals have used Semrush to improve brand reputation, and brand image, and attract more customers.

It is not quite affordable and therefore not an ideal pick for SMBs. Its subscription-based business model may not be perfect for businesses seeking cost-effective reputation management solutions!

Yext Competitors Semrush

7. Vendasta

Vendasta is a Canadian technology company. It helps clients prepare perfect marketing tactics for local businesses operating under their brands.

This company promises rapid growth with its innovative tools and services. Vendasta’s agency management tool makes CRM, marketing, task management, fulfillment, and billing extremely simple.

You don’t need multiple apps and programs to manage complicated tasks. You can find upsell revenue opportunities quite easily.

It helps you recognize beneficial marketing tactics so that you can repeat them time and again to gain more customers.

You can use this platform to develop a brandable client portal and share it with your team to manage all online activities.

Vendasta’s services are pretty different from Yext, but both companies help clients improve their online presence in the target region.

This company offers a 14-day free trial to assess its products and services. Its Startup plan costs $42/month, the Growth plan costs $499/month, and the Scale plan costs $999/month.

Those packages are expensive, but quite beneficial when you are managing multiple businesses under your brand.

Yext Competitors Vendasta

8. Algolia

This company is on a mission to deliver fast and relevant search experiences through its API. It provides various solutions. Its Enterprise Search solution is what you need to control the content related to your company on the internet.

This company offers a cutting-edge hosted enterprise search engine. Developers can use it to create innovative digital search and discovery experiences quickly.

Businesses can use this advanced search engine to personalize customer experiences. Algolia is offering two products “Agolia Search” and “Agolia Recommended”.

It charges $1.50/ 1,000 requests per month for Agolia Search and $0.60/ 1,000 requests per month for Agolia Recommended.

It is quite useful for developers trying to build powerful search and discovery experiences. Users from non-technical backgrounds can find it tough to use and operate!

Yext Competitors Algolia

9. Synup

This company is offering an all-in-one digital profile management solution to draw more customers and accelerate its growth.

You can Synup to publish flawlessly crafted profiles across top-rated websites. It will increase customer engagement and you can win more customers with your branding strategies.

Synup helps users list, customize, and manage business profiles on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and many premium partner sites. It provides a content management module to personalize promotional content.

You can use this platform to acquire and monitor customer reviews. Understand their sentiments and provide appropriate replies to change customer sentiments.

Delivering clear insights on revenue attribution, business rankings, and customer experiences, Synup helps you assess and improve marketing efforts.

You can sign up for a free demo, assess products/services, and then choose the required solutions for brand reputation management.

Yext Competitors Synup

10. Podium

This Utah-based company is redefining how local businesses interact with customers. It assesses the most important reviews and collects them for further assessment.

Podium gathers clients’ feedback after they use the services offered by your business. It delivers the gathered information to help you evaluate what customers think about your services.

This company offers an Interaction Management platform through which you can communicate with your customers, leads, and visitors. Your business needs this platform if you want to get customer feedback and reviews via messages.

It specializes in developing cutting-edge messaging tools for business organizations. You can use those tools to know customer sentiments and improve your services by assessing negative feedback.

Podium is offering a 14-day free trial, but then you have to choose one of three premium plans. Its “Essentials” plan costs $289/month and it is suitable for startups and SMBs.

The “Standard” plan costs $499/month and it is beneficial for well-established and expanding businesses.

The “Professional” plan is best suited for businesses seeking all the advanced solutions this company has to offer!

Yext Competitors Podium