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TOP 10 Zscaler Competitors and Alternative in 2023 [Full Guide]

Data security has become a major challenge for business organizations across the globe. The growing number of cyberattacks is threatening companies. Therefore, modern businesses are searching for better security solutions.

Zscaler has become the first choice of companies seeking top-notch cloud security. It provides cutting-edge technologies to ensure clients are more efficient, agile, resilient, and secure.

It has prevented data loss and cyberattacks by connecting users, applications, and devices more securely. 

Zscaler is on a mission to transform IT and security through its advanced solutions. It serves clients willing to move to the cloud from the network infrastructure.

Clients choose this company for easy and secure transformation. They use Zscaler’s innovative solutions to avoid cyber threats and operate in a secure environment.

Products Offered by Zscaler

Being one of the leading cloud security companies in the world, Zscaler offers the following products:

  • Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange

It is a platform empowering all the services offered by Zscaler. It works to connect all the users, applications, and devices over the network used by the client.

This platform plays a vital role in improving security when connecting the client to the network.

The Zero Trust Exchange platform uses a proxy architecture to take advantage of the zero-trust principle. This approach allows this platform to protect SaaS, Internet, and private apps.

It can also prevent workloads and ensure the client’s apps perform to their best capacity. 

  • Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA)

It is a secure internet and web gateway offered as a cloud service. It consists of several security engines, including an intrusion prevention system, cloud firewall, data loss prevention, browser isolation, bandwidth control, sandbox, and cloud access security broker. 

ZIA removes access controls and security from the network. It instead provides security and access controls through the cloud.

Thus, it assures better security and policy enforcement regardless of where the connections occur.

  • Zscaler Private Access (ZPA)

ZPA serves private applications running within the data center or public clouds by offering zero trust access. It makes subjected applications invisible to unauthorized users.

Thus, it only allows authorized users to access use the authorized program connected to the network. ZPA operates as a connection broker between users and applications to protect the client’s programs.

  • Zscaler Cloud Protection

This product can remediate security gaps to reduce the attack surface and get rid of lateral threat movement.

Organizations use Zscaler Cloud Protection to protect workload configuration and permissions. Clients also use it to offer secure access to their cloud apps.

It can maintain safer app-to-app communications and therefore it’s quite vital for businesses.

  • Zscaler Digital Experience

Zscaler has designed this product to enable end-to-end visibility between uses and apps. It can identify and isolate issues that may affect performance.

Suppose there are issues with the internet, user’s device, the local network, or application, ZDE will isolate it to maintain optimum performance.

Who are Zscaler Clients?

Zscaler serves numerous clients from many industries to deliver advanced security solutions. Top conglomerates, oil and gas companies, beverage companies, food retail companies, apparel and accessories companies, and household products companies use Zscaler’s products.

It has become the first choice of market leaders in various industries. However, it is not the only company offering cloud security solutions.

Zscaler has many competitors and its top 10 competitors include the following companies:

1. Forcepoint

This US-based multinational corporation software company is probably the biggest competitor of Zscaler. This company produces and sells data protection solutions, security software, cross-domain solutions, firewall, and operates as a cloud access security broker. 

The company name has changed 3 times since its establishment in 1994. It was called NetPartners and then it became Websense in 1999. It was named Forcepoint in 2016 when Websense bought Stonesoft from Intel. 

This company claims to be the best user and data protection Cybersecurity Company. It serves many business organizations to deliver cutting-edge security solutions.

Forcepoint’s solutions assess how to manage data in real-time to offer employees safer access to the network. 

This company uses AI and data science to improve behavioral understanding. It uses advanced solutions to assess threats and prevent a potential cyber attack on the client’s organization.

Zscaler Competitors Forcepoint

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2. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is one of the largest cybersecurity providers in the world. It is serving more than 80,000 enterprise clients in more than 150 countries.

This company provides cloud-based security solutions and robust firewalls to block all sorts of cyberattacks.

85 of the Fortune 100 companies have chosen Palo Alto’s cyber security solutions. The Unit 42 threat research team belongs to this company.

It also organizes the Ignite cybersecurity conference to discuss the latest threats and find solutions to prevent those threats.

Palo Alto Networks offers reliable intelligence, visibility, flexibility, and automation to help complex organizations run core procedures securely.

This company’s major clients rely on it for innovative protective solutions against emerging threats. It promises and delivers flawless ways of protecting data and the client’s interest.

Thus, it maintains the trust of thousands of enterprise clients.

Zscaler Competitors Palo Alto Networks

3. Check Point Software Technologies

This American-Israeli multinational company is one of the most trusted cyber security providers. Its headquarters are located in San Carlos (USA) and Tal Aviv (Israel).

This company mainly serves government agencies and business organizations. It has developed some efficient methods to block the 5th Generation cyber attacks and keep the client’s data safe.

It can identify and block ransomware, malware, and other threats used by cyber attackers to break system security. This company’s Infinity Total Protection is a multilevel security program. It is well-equipped to recognize and eliminate Gen V cyber security threats.

Clients chose Check Point’s solutions to secure their cloud, devices, network, and servers storing vital information.

This company is currently serving more than 100,000 big and small business organizations. It can easily beat top cyber security companies with more innovative security programs. 

Zscaler Competitors Check Point Software Technologies

4. Fortinet

Fortinet has developed and sold innovative cyber security solutions since the 2000s. It has served the market for the past 22 years and met new cybersecurity challenges with robust solutions.

This company provides antivirus software, physical firewalls, endpoint security components, and intrusion prevention systems.

Fortinet became popular when its flagship product FortiGate (a physical firewall) became the first choice of businesses for cyber security.

It later developed wireless access points, messaging security systems, and computer security products.

Fortinet is one of the oldest and most trusted cyber security solution providers. It has competed with Zscaler and other major players and maintained its position among the top 10 cybersecurity companies.

Zscaler Competitors Fortinet

5. Netskope

Netskope is a USA-based software firm that provides cloud-native solutions to corporate clients. This company helps business organizations in protecting vital information.

It has developed efficient protection against cyber threats that may affect the performance of cloud apps.

Netskope seems more focused on preventing threats to cloud infrastructure and web applications. Most modern business organizations seek such advanced security solutions and Netskope is committed to delivering better support than others.

This company claims to be the world’s leading data-centric and cloud-smart security vendor. It offers solutions to speed up the digital transformation process of the client’s organization.

Cloud security experts also praise Netskope for its focused approach and user-friendly solutions.

Netskope is assuring security and promoting cloud-based apps and services to reduce the client’s reliance on old-school infrastructure. Therefore, experts from competitor firms also praise this company.

Zscaler Competitors Netskope

6. CISCO Umbrella

CISCO is one of the most famous technology brands in the world. Being founded in 1984, CISCO has developed and delivered many cutting-edge products over the years.

This company is well-known for its Hosted Collaboration Solutions, VoIP Services, Network Emergency Response, and Certifications. CISCO Umbrella is the company’s cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway platform. It was introduced in 2017 to provide secure internet access.

This platform offers multi-level defence against online threats to prevent data breaches and data loss.

CISCO Umbrella uses a firewall, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker (CASB), and DNS-layer security to shield the client’s system against all cybersecurity threats.

Over 24,000 companies use Umbrella to protect their web apps. More new clients can join this platform to get affordable and efficient cloud security solutions.

Zscaler Competitors CISCO Umbrella


ESET is a Slovakian web security company operating from Bratislava, Slovakia. It has been recognized as the most successful Slovak company in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

This company develops and supplies top-notch security software in more than 200 countries. It has localized products in over 30 languages to help clients operate software conveniently.

It became a major Zscaler competitor after the launch of ESET Protect. This application offers top-notch endpoint protection against zero-day threats and ransomware.

ESET has developed this program to ensure it can identify never-before-seen threats and eliminate them.

Users get a management console to manage Endpoint Protection, File Server Security, Full Desk Encryption, and Advanced Threat Defense.

ESET is serving more than 110 million users and many of them use ESET Protect. Thus, this company competes with the leading cyber security solution providers.

Zscaler Competitors ESET

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8. Perimeter 81

This Israeli cloud and network security provider uses the Zero Trust Architecture to develop secure remote networks. It helps business organizations in switching to cloud-based security solutions from legacy security solutions, such as firewalls and VPNs. 

Perimeter 81 develops innovative networking and security cloud edge. It follows the Software as a Service model to deliver its solutions.

This company is serving clients with multi-tenant management and global gateway deployment. Clients admire the support because now their employees can access company resources securely from remote locations.

This company is using the Ingram cloud marketplace to sell its services. It has also collaborated with SentinelOne to provide clients with unified network and endpoint security solutions.

Gartner has selected Perimeter 81 as a Cool Vendor in Cyber-Physical Systems Security. Frost & Sullivan awarded Perimeter 81 the technology leadership award and Deloitte has recognized this firm as one of the 500 fastest-growing tech companies.

Perimeter 81 is competing to be a one-stop destination for cloud and network security solutions. It can achieve that goal pretty soon!

Zscaler Competitors Perimeter 81

9. Avanan

Avanan develops and delivers AI technology-based solutions to protect the client’s collaboration suites and cloud email. Cyber security solutions offered by this company can detect threats that usually evade today’s advanced security tools. 

Clients trust Avanan’s multi-layer security solution to block threats while using Office 365, Teams, G-Suite, and Slack. It can deploy security solutions in one click through the API.

Once the security program is active, it blocks malware, phishing, account takeover, and data leakage. It protects the client’s business email and shields the entire enterprise IT infrastructure.

This company is following the Software as a Service model to deliver its cutting-edge security solutions. It assures clients that they can set up advanced protection against cyber security threats within a few clicks.

Being the fastest-growing email security company, Avanan eliminates the need for multiple security tools.

It claims to shield the client’s entire cloud collaboration suite and it has delivered promised solutions. That’s why clients admire Avanan and its cyber security services.

Zscaler Competitors Avanan

10. iBoss

This company has entered the cyber security industry with Zero Trust Edge to prevent data loss and breaches.

Its advanced security solution makes applications, information, and services inaccessible to attackers. Only authorized users can directly and securely access the allotted resources anytime and anywhere.

Paul and Peter Martini are twin brothers, who founded iBoss in 2003. Both founders recognized the growing cyber security demands and delivered cutting-edge solutions.

This company had generated over $50 million by 2015 without outside investment. Even competitors have praised iBoss’s performance and recognized it as a major rival in the industry.

This company has developed one of the largest global cloud network security fabrics. Its scalable service model promises Zero Trust network security regardless of the user’s work location.

iBoss’s cloud platform is protecting more than 150 billion transactions every day. It prevents over 4 billion cyber threats per day and it has more than 100 Points of Presence.

iBoss is a huge SASE platform and it is serving in more than 150 countries across the globe.

Zscaler Competitors iBoss