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TOP 10 IHS Markit Competitors and Alternatives [2023]

IHS Markit Ltd has recently merged with S&P Global and becomes a part of this corporation. This company was established when IHS Inc. and Markit Ltd. merged in 2016. The information regarding the merger with S&P was released in 2020.

It was an all-stock deal for $44 billion and the largest of that year. The acquisition was completed in February 2022 and now S&P global operates this company.

This company is now operating as a part of S&P global. It claims that the merger was the next step in delivering new technologies, information, and expertise to speed up the growth.

What Does IHS Markit Do?

This company provides effective real-world analytics, consulting, and intelligence for companies, industries, and markets across the globe.

It offers expertise, resources, and systems to help clients develop better practices for their business.

It serves a wide range of capital-intensive markets and industries. This company has employed experts who connect data across variables to offer a much richer and well-integrated view of their industry. 

IHS Markit can isolate risk and opportunity, cause and effect by using new methods so that clients can make well-informed decisions confidently.

Over 5,000 to-skilled analysts, financial experts, data scientists, and industry experts work for this company. They provide information clients seek to make better investments and better decisions for their organizations.

Services Offered by IHS Markit

This company serves many industries including chemical, automotive, academic & education, aerospace & defense, construction, financial, energy & natural resources, retail, insurance, and so on.

IHS Markit provides information and solutions that businesses in all industries need to grow rapidly.This company provides cutting-edge data and technology solutions.

It collaborates with customers to help them access unrivaled insights into their business. It helps clients expand rapidly and gain more profit than before.

Many companies in the energy and commodities markets rely on this firm for its well-curated data and deep insights.

They get adequate support to create sustainable value. Most original equipment manufacturers use IHS Markit’s solutions.

Over 95% of tier-one suppliers, governments, media agencies, financial stakeholders, and insurance firms trust this company for actionable insights. This company serves the world’s leading agencies and businesses.

It does extensive research to develop and deliver information and insights clients demand. They benefit from the provided data and insights and therefore they always choose IHS Markit over its competitors.

IHS Markit Revenue

The latest financial reports released by IHS Markit revealed that it has earned $4.65 billion in FY 2021. Its revenue has increased significantly. This firm had made $4.28 billion in 2020 and $4.41 billion in 2019. It aims to maintain that growth and earn more by serving more clients.

IHS Markit Competitors

This company is among the world’s leading technology, information, and expertise providers. It is not the only company that offers such services.

The top 10 IHS Markit competitors include the following companies:

1. The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

This American firm offers information, analytics, and insights to make beneficial business decisions. It was founded in 1841 to deliver dependable credit information to all subscribers.

Now, this company offers a variety of products and services for financial and risk assessment, sales and marketing experts, operations and supply, and research and insights on issues concerning businesses across the globe! 

Clients from industries, such as technology, communication, retail, strategic financial services, telecommunication, and manufacturing sectors rely on Dun & Bradstreet for valuable insights.

It maintains more than 400 million records across the globe. It delivers information in 95 languages across 190 countries! Therefore, it is one of the largest insights providers in the world.

When it comes to ranking the leading B2B data providers, Dun & Bradstreet will always gain the top position. It uses cutting-edge technologies and proven methods to help clients maintain sustainable growth.

This company grossed $2.166 billion in 2021 by offering information, insights, and analytical solutions. IHS Markit competes with this firm to deliver more useful information that can generate more profit for clients.

IHS Markit Competitor Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

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2. Refinitiv

This American-British provides financial market information and infrastructure. It was established in 2018 and it operates as the London Stock Exchange Group’s subsidiary.

Refinitiv is serving over 40,000 companies across the globe. It generates $6 billion in revenue annually and therefore it’s one of the leading IHS Markit competitors.

This company uses over 130 fintech data, risk assessment, and analytics tools. It develops over 32,000 risk intelligent records monthly.

The World-Check tool helps this firm compile data obtained from international financial watch lists, media searches, and government records to prevent money laundering.

This company is managing a database that contains information regarding over a million mergers and acquisitions that took place within the five decades.

It has extensive information about major business organizations and their financial activities. Therefore, it is considered the most trusted financial market information provider in the world.

IHS Markit Competitors Refinitiv

3. Verisk Analytics

It is an American risk assessment and data analytics company operating from Jersey City, New Jersey. It serves clients from natural resources, insurance, financial services, risk management, and government sectors.

This firm relies on its proprietary data sets and industry knowledge to develop and deliver predictive analytics.

It offers decision-making support and consultation in actuarial science, fraud prevention, insurance coverage, catastrophe and weather risk, fire protection, and data management sectors.

Verisk Analytics operated as a privately held company until October 2009. Its IPO sourced $1.9 billion and that was the largest initial public offering of 2009 in the USA.

Over 5,000 top skilled individuals work for this firm. They produce, analyze, and deliver the data clients demand.

This firm has made $2.99 billion in 2021 by offering unparalleled support to its clients. That profit proves clients’ trust and admires the support this firm provides.

IHS Markit Competitors Verisk Analytics

4. GlobalData Plc

GlobalData is a British data analytics and consulting firm. It was founded in 1999 as Progressive Digital Media. Today, this company serves numerous clients with the help of more than 3,000 professionals.

Its offices are located in the USA, UK, South Korea, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, India, and China.

This firm has proven its expertise time and again by helping government organizations, businesses, and industry professionals.

Clients get comprehensive support to make better decisions faster to avoid unnecessary risks and make a profit.It claims to be the gold standard data provider to the leading industries.

It consistently gathers information in terabytes of data and analyzes that data. Thus, it develops the most authoritative, comprehensive, and granular market insights.

This company’s in-house analysts use various cutting-edge tools to extract important information from raw data.

They spend hours producing information that can prevent potential losses and drive growth. It is one of the most profitable data research and consulting firms in the world.

IHS Markit Competitors GlobalData Plc

5. International Data Corporation (IDC)

International Data Corporation operates as a subsidiary of International Data Group, which is owned by Blackstone. It serves as a data, tech media, and marketing service provider.

Clients rely on this company for advisory services, marketing intelligence, and events for telecommunication, information technology, and consumer technology markets.

IDC has employed over 1,200 analysts across the globe to provide regional, global, and local expertise. Clients get reliable insights on industry opportunities, technology, and trends in more than 110 countries.

Business executives, IT professionals, and investors use insight and analysis provided by this company to make fact-based decisions. It has helped many companies achieve their goals by using valuable insights.

That’s why it is one of the leading IHS Markit competitors when it comes to delivering profitable information. This firm has grossed $30.7 billion with a YOY growth rate of 9.7%.

IHS Markit Competitors IDC

6. Bloomberg L.P.

Co-founded by Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg L.P. offers analytics platforms, financial tools, data services, news, and equity trading platforms. Michael was a general partner in Salomon Brothers, which received $10 million after that firm’s acquisition.

He used that money to develop Innovative Market Systems. He crafted a computerized system to offer real-time financial calculations, market data, and analytics services.

Today, many business organizations, financial companies, and other agencies use the Bloomberg Terminal to gain the required information and solutions.

Bloomberg Terminal is the product generating maximum profit for this company. However, Bloomberg also offers a wire service, websites, a global TV network, subscription-only newsletters, and magazines.

This company has established 176 offices across the globe, where more than 20,000 professionals work. This company is making over $10 billion annually by offering financial information and other services.

IHS Markit Competitors Bloomberg

7. FactSet

It is another US-based financial data and software provider that specializes in integrated data and software. It delivers the latest financial tools, implementation support, training, data delivery, business advisory, index services, transition services, and portfolio data management solutions.  

Chuck Snyder and Howard Wille established FactSet in 1978 to provide clients with computer-generated financial information.

Business organizations used to buy raw data directly from renowned information suppliers and then programmers worked on that data to make it useful.

FactSet was established to deliver valuable insights from raw data directly to the client.

Now, this company offers data and analytical programs to portfolio managers, risk managers, market research experts, equity researchers, fixed income professionals, and investment bankers.

This company serves numerous clients across the globe with the help of 10,892 employees.

This firm has made $1.59 billion in 2021 by selling well-curated data, applications, and valuable insights.

It continues to compete with the leading financial information companies to improve its position and gain more clients.

IHS Markit Competitors Factset

8. Enverus

It is the largest software as a service company in the energy sector. Enverus uses the latest technology to help major players in the energy market make profitable decisions.

This company is on a mission to transform the old-school decision-making process. Clients rely on this form for cutting-edge cloud technology, intellectual capital, and collaborative partnerships for growth.

It has employed over 1,400 professionals to offer beneficial analytics and insights for renewable, oil, and gas investment. It has established a two-way smart network to help clients learn cost-saving methods and reduce business inefficiencies.

This firm promises to deliver specialized data and insights for faster decision-making. Clients trust this company to find the most viable opportunities and that’s why it’s a major IHS Markit competitor.

This firm has grossed over $300 million in 2021 and it aims to increase its profit by serving more companies in the energy sector.

IHS Markit Competitors Enverus

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9. S&P Global   

This company has a rich history of serving business organizations and agencies by offering financial information and analytics.

It owns many companies that offer various products and services. However, S&P Global is primarily known for delivering valuable insights for flawless decision-making.

This firm uses past observations to develop a proper understanding of changes occurring in today’s markets. It helps major parties by empowering them with the information they cannot access by other means.

Clients receive essential intelligence from raw data collected over the years. This firm provides knowledge, skills, and the right technology to ensure clients achieve their business goals. It has been in business for the past 105 years.

Its products and services changed with company names, but it remained a major player in the industry.

It has earned over $297 billion from various ventures and thus it has outperformed many competitors in several industries.

IHS Markit Competitors S&P Global

10. MSCI

MSCI Inc. delivers equity, real estate indexes, fixed income, and multi-asset portfolio assessment tools. It equips clients with vital decision support tools to ensure they do not make poor decisions.

It has served many business organizations and prevented them from facing certain losses due to a lack of information and tools.

This firm was established in 1968 and it has specialized data research methods for more profitable investment solutions. Many clients use MSCI’s tools to recognize and assess key drivers of risk and return.

It develops profit-making, research enhanced solutions. Clients use those solutions to assess risks in a better way and make smart investment decisions. 

This company has employed over 4,300 professionals, who are working to develop better solutions for decision making. It has earned over $2 billion in 2021 and secured $726 million in net income.

While IHS Markit’s top competitors offer information and insights, MSCI provides tools to understand those insights. Its products and services efficiently mitigate losses and increase profit. 

IHS Markit Competitors MSCI