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TOP 10 Viasat Competitors and Alternatives in 2023 [Full Guide]

Today’s generation cannot imagine the world without the internet. One can learn and do anything he/she wants if the person has internet connectivity to gain knowledge. It brings information, entertainment, and resources, which were inaccessible to many people.

It has become quite essential for growth and yet many people do not have internet access.

Viasat is on a mission to connect the hardest-to-reach regions and emerge as the world’s leading space company.

This company’s headquarters are located in Carlsbad, California and it offers its services across the globe.

Viasat promises to deliver fast satellite broadband services and safer networking systems. It has cutting-edge solutions designed for military and commercial markets.

Continue reading to learn more about this company and its top competitors.

What is Viasat Internet?

This company introduced its internet service in 2012 with the Exede brand name. It is better than traditional terrestrial broadband service because it is available everywhere. Both commercial and residential users use this broadband service for their needs.

Viasat launched the internet service because other established brands were not serving many people. It used the ViaSat-1 satellite to provide 12 MB/s speed in remote regions.

It was much faster than previous service providers and the speed increased to 25 MB/s in 2016.

This company has launched new modems to support the increased speed tier. It provides VoIP adapter, Wi-Fi router, and other devices to deliver faster download speed.

The Exede brand name was replaced with Viasat Internet in 2017. Now, it has become a popular satellite internet brand name across the globe.

  • In-flight internet

Viasat introduced its in-flight WiFi service in 2013. JetBlue was the first airline to try this service. Today, United Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Aeromexico, El Al, Qantas, and JetBlue provide their customers with web connectivity through Viasat Internet.

This company aims to revolutionize commercial and business aviation. It aims to connect all the passengers to the internet so that they can carry out critical business operations.

Passengers love this support because they do not get disconnected from the world while traveling on long-distance flights. 

  • International operation

Viasat collaborated with Grupo Prosperist in 2017 to deploy its community Wi-Fi services in Mexico. The goal is to deliver cost-effective internet service to Mexico’s rural regions.

People learned about this new internet service provider and started demanding. The success of the initial venture with the Mexican company encouraged Viasat to span across South America.

Its broadband services are now available across all the major cities and states in Brazil. 

  • Data security

Viasat produces and sells USB drives and hard drives under the Eclypt brand name. Its data storage devices are encrypted.

If a burglar steals the user’s laptop or computer, he can never access data stored on the devices. Many government agencies are using Eclypt drives to protect their information. 

Viasat Revenue and Competitors

This company has earned $2.3 billion in FY 2021. Its revenue has increased by 45% in comparison to the company’s revenue in 2017.

Viasat is competing with the following companies to become the world’s leading satellite internet service provider.

1. HughesNet

Promises to deliver broadband connectivity at 25 Mbps download speed, HughesNet is one of America’s leading satellite internet providers.

This company competes with Viasat to connect remote, rural, and hard-to-reach regions. It makes communication, data sharing, and learning much easier with its affordable plans.

Users get several packages to choose from and each package is designed for different needs of users. It also allows users to switch to new plans conveniently whenever their needs change.

HughesNet provides bonus data up to 50 GB/month that users can use between 2 am and 8 am. It is quite beneficial for users, who want to download large files.

Hard data limits do not trouble HughesNet users and there are data saving features with built-in Wi-Fi. This company’s revenue is growing with every passing year as it is bringing broadband connectivity to new regions.

Viasat Competitors Hughes

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2. Verizon Fios

Claims to offer fast and reliable internet services, Verizon Fios is a well-known name in the industry. Its fiber-optic and Wi-Fi internet services are as good as Viasat and its top competitors provide. Verizon is now reaching previously un-served customers with very competitive plans.

Verizon is providing customized fiber-optics packages to meet customers’ connectivity needs. Clients can pick packages to get the data and speed their business ventures need for growth.

Both commercial and residential internet packages are sold at competitive prices to grab as many clients as possible.

While companies across the world are trying to develop 5G solutions, Verizon’s 5G internet service is already in action. It is currently providing broadband internet connectivity in selected regions.

It aims to quickly reach all the territories to connect all the remote regions of the USA. Over 360,000 new users chose Fios in 2021 and grossed over $12 billion.

Viasat Competitors Verizon Fios

3. Inmarsat

It is the leading British satellite telecommunication, service provider. This company is famous for providing reliable mobile communication services across the globe.

The use of geostationary telecom satellite helps Inmarsat deliver unmatchable connectivity solutions.

This company is serving many businesses, government agencies, media outlets, and aid agencies across the globe. Inmarsat competes with Viasat and other companies to be the first pick for in-flight broadband connectivity.

It has special packages for business organizations and governments. This company promises unparalleled data safety and connectivity to help businesses grow faster.

This company has invented several innovative ways to keep marine vessels, personnel, and remotely located regions connected to the world. Its maritime broadband connectivity is considered one of the best in the world.

This firm claims to be the leading business organization that connects the entire world through a faster and safer network. However, it doesn’t claim to serve specific industries or regions.

It grossed $1.35 billion in 2021 and experienced a 9% revenue growth in comparison to the previous fiscal year.

Viasat Competitors Inmarsat

4. Speedcast

Speedcast is Australia’s leading communication satellite technology provider. This company claims that it has more satellite capacity than all the competitors combined.

It offers services across Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and African regions. It serves over 350 major customers across 50 countries and over 2,000 terrestrial sites.

Speedcast aims to deliver best-in-class communications services in critical situations and extreme environments. Consumers get personalized solutions for their demands and pay fairly to stay connected 24-7.

It promises to try every method and tactic to meet the client’s connectivity demands. It delivers what customers seek and that’s why it’s one of the best in the business.

Although no official data is available, experts believe Speedcast is generating impressive revenue by delivering satisfactory satellite services.

Viasat Competitors Speedcast

5. Xplornet Communications Inc.

This company claims to offer the best rural internet connectivity solutions. It has emerged as the best rural fixed wireless broadband company in Canada.

Xplornet aims to connect the furthest regions of the country to the world. It offers high-speed broadband, Wi-Fi connectivity, and telephone services.

This company’s fixed wireless service comes with no data limits. Users can download any large file without worrying about daily or monthly data limits.

Users can change or upgrade their plans anytime they want. There are no extra charges or restrictions on switching to the new plan.

24-7 customer support and guaranteed solutions for all the connectivity issues help Xplornet win customers’ trust.

This company has designed fixed wireless, fiber, mobile, and satellite broadband service plans specifically to entertain users from rural regions. Its affordable plans seem more beneficial in comparison to satellite internet services in the region.

Viasat Competitors Xplornet

6. Comtech EF Data Corp.

This company is a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. It operates as one of the most trusted satellite communication solutions providers in the USA. This firm serves mobile backhaul, mobility, government, and enterprise clients across 160 countries.

It connects many maritime clients to the world 24-7. Therefore, it’s one of the best satellite internet service providers in the world.

Institutional investors own about 88.7% of this company’s shares. It indicates that renowned money managers, hedge funds, and endowments trust this company. This company’s innovative and customer-oriented solutions are drawing more clients every year.

This company has designed services to entertain the growing connectivity needs of all sorts of customers. Comtech promises faster speed and better packages to help clients achieve their personal and business goals.

It has grossed $137 million and it has the potential to outperform the leading satellite communication service providers.

Therefore, it is a major threat to Viasat’s leading position in the industry.

Viasat Competitors Comtech ef Data

7. Rise Broadband

This Englewood, Colorado-based company is offering residential and commercial broadband services in the USA.

It claims that it has established the best fixed wireless broadband network to deliver high-speed and reliable internet services. This company was established in 2005 and now it services customers across 16 states in the country. 

This company’s innovative fixed wireless technology helps it deliver expanded broadband coverage. It targets customers from all the un-served and under-served regions in the country.

The broadband internet speed ranges between 3 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Clients can choose a package that meets their internet speed ad data needs.

Rise Broadband is providing an alternative solution to satellite, phone, and cable service providers’ products. This firm makes over $26 million annually.

It is Viasat’s toughest competitor in previously un-served regions. This company will expand to new states and more remote areas to gain more clients and increase the annual profit.

Viasat Competitors Rise Broadband

8. Charter Spectrum

Spectrum brand is introduced by Charter Communications to provide fast and secure internet service. It is one of the fastest-growing internet, TV, Mobile, and Voice service providers.

It provides connectivity without any contract and that’s why customers love this brand. Spectrum internet package comes with a free antivirus program, free mode, and users can get up to 1 Gbps speed.

It offers three affordable internet service packages. Users, who choose an annual subscription, get multiple services with unlimited data. 

This company claims that its connectivity solutions are designed to entertain modern users. It promises better speed and response for gamers.

Users can access various streaming platforms and watch or download all their favorite shows within minutes.

Spectrum is also offering special packages for enterprise customers. Thus, it is outperforming many broadband internet companies in the USA.

Charter Communications has earned $51.682 billion in 2021 and Spectrum has been a major source of revenue for this company.

Viasat Competitors Charter Spectrum

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9. Starlink

Starlink is Elon Musk’s latest venture that he aims to expand much faster than his other businesses. This satellite internet service is provided by SpaceX. It is currently serving customers across 32 countries.

This company is planning to expand its reach across the globe and serve billions of under-served customers with better connectivity solutions.

SpaceX is using more than 2,400 mass-produced satellites, which orbit in low Earth orbit to maintain uninterrupted connectivity with ground-based transceivers.

It took over a decade to develop and deploy Starlink satellites. SpaceX has spent over $ 10 billion to successfully establish Starlink and deliver its services.

Now, this firm is ready to serve all the users across the globe, who seek fast, reliable, and affordable broadband internet.

This company is still pretty new in the market, but it can soon outperform the leading satellite internet service providers.

Viasat Competitors Starlink

10. DishNet

Dish collaborates with numerous internet service providers in the USA to deliver fast and reliable connectivity solutions. This firm was established in 2010 and it partnered with top internet service providers to entertain its customers.

This company does not offer its own internet service. It helps clients discover the best service providers in their region.

This company offers satellite, fiber, and cable internet services across the country. Dish identifies what users demand and what their expectations are.

It features a list of internet service providers to help customers pick the best company for their connectivity needs.

Users living in the remotest rural region can trust Dish to find the right solution for their needs. It has collaborated with the leading satellite internet service providers to help them find new customers.

This company has a great track record of pleasing customers with better solutions than competitors. That’s why people trust Dish and choose companies recommended by this platform.

Viasat Competitors DishNet