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HERE’S What Happened to Angels Jeans (2023 update)

Angels Jeans joined Twitter back in 2013 and created a buzz in the fashion world. Based out of the fashion district of the world, Manhattan, Angels Forever Young marched its way and became one of the most trusted and popular brands in the world with celebrities vouching for its great fit.

From brand placements and exciting giveaways to customer testimonials, the brand created a mark in the industry – its success reflected on its Twitter account and even on the Angels Jeans official website.

That is why it was shocking when it disappeared and we were left wondering – what happened to Angels Jeans?

Angels Forever Young Background

Launched in 1997, Angels Forever Young was known for its on-trend and affordable jeans focused on the right fit.

They quickly rose to fame as they offered a variety of washes, pocket embellishments, and silhouettes, in the highly competitive and demanding denim industry. The brand became a denim staple in popular nationwide department stores. 

What made Angels Jeans different from its competitors was its most up-to-date trends and innovative fit technology, which made it evolve into a true lifestyle brand catering to the modern woman by consistently hitting crucial points.

In a world where women are constantly seeking the right balance between quality, fit, and price – especially for products such as jeans, shorts, and relaxed shorts, Angels Forever Young buying guide offered a much clearer insight into the quality and performance of these products. 

For any consumer, pricing is the main concern. At present, Angels Jeans has 24 products for sale. Angels Forever Young products are affordable and range from $21 to $48, with the average price of all the products being about $34.

Currently, Angels Jeans products are only available at their retail partners like JC Penny, Amazon, Kohl’s, and Fred Meyers. 

On Amazon, Angel Jeans seller describes the brand as a casual lifestyle brand offering a modern feminine take on jeans classics. The products are timeless, affordably priced, and made with the best and highest quality in mind.

For a woman who is embracing her personal style and representing her own individuality and femininity, Angels Jeans offer beautiful apparel with a sense of authenticity and gorgeous details. 

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Angels Forever Young – Fit for Everyone

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and Angels Jeans brand absolutely embraces this idea. This is why their denim is designed keeping in mind the diversity in size and to make fashion inclusive for all. 

With the feminine body and curves in mind, Angels Jeans’ innovative fit forever enhances, lifts, and sculpts because it focuses on feeling and looking confident on the inside to create an impact outside.

Since its inception in 1997, the Angels Forever Young brand has a good reputation and reviews, so customers buy with full confidence.

Who Makes Angels Jeans

Angels Jeans is manufactured by the esteemed Mamiye Brothers – America’s premier distributor, designer, manufacturer, and marketer of the leading brands of apparel catering to women, children, and infants. 

Mamiye Brothers is a family-run business that has crossed generations, spanning more than 70 years. Their early works were in textiles for home furnishing but gradually they expanded to apparel production. 

It is known for its strong commitment to integrity, excellence, innovation, quality, and service that is the best in the industry. They believe in developing unique and elevated brand equity. 

Its product lines distinguish itself in the infants, newborns, children’s, juniors, and women’s clothing line that caters to global lifestyle brands.

Angels Forever Young’s manufacturer – Mamiye Brothers – takes pride in their seasoned team of professionals who create distinguished product lines, with exceptional R&D, design talent, experienced sourcing, global production, and innovative marketing strategies focused on each of their brands like Angels Jeans. 

Coming to the distribution, Mamiye Brothers distribute their products to a diverse range of retailers and channels globally both online and through 13,000 stores globally.

The extensive and excellent global sourcing network provide the customers with a full range of apparel categories. They are focused on the quality of the product, compliance with regulations and social compliance standards, and perfect execution.

Apart from Angels Forever Young, Mamiye Brothers manufacture for women-centric brands like C & C California, Habitual, Curve Appeal, Kensey Jeans, and Wallflower.

Under Children’s apparel, the brands include Little Me, Offspring, Habitual Girl, Kissy Kissy, Flapdoodles, Truce, and Peek Kids. 

One of the reasons for the acclaimed success of Mamiye Brothers and its brands like Angels Young Forever is their commitment to the environment and sustainability.

The responsibility for the environment varies from maintenance, construction, and operation of all their facilities as well as those of their supply chain partners. 

It also includes adapting innovative technologies and best practices of leading organizations as well as taking recommendations from their committed internal team.

Angel Jeans Product Lines

Angels Forever Young sells its products and services in categories of women’s denim, particularly jeans, shorts, and relaxed shorts. 

At present, their store on Amazon displays about 30 products which are segregated into four categories including Angel’s Forever Young Curvy Fit, Signature Fit, 360 Sculpt Fit, and Everyshape Skinny Fit. 

Out of all the products, Angels Forever Young’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans hold the top place for the brand’s number one product. The $24 product has been rated by more than 1700 customers, with an average rating of 4.5. 

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The Fall of Angels Forever Young

On June 12, 2017, Angels Jeans posted its last tweet. The tweet was captioned, “Beat the summer heat” along with an image of a model donning denim shorts. After that, there are no tweets on the status of the brand or why it disappeared abruptly. 

Even on the Angels Forever Young website, they only mention that their products are currently available only at their retail partners, without stating why the brand suddenly disappeared leaving behind a state of mystery as to what happened to the reputed and much-acclaimed Angels Forever Young.

One of the reasons for the disappearance or the abrupt halt of the brand could be the growing bad reviews from the consumers.

At its peak Angels Forever Young enjoyed its glory, but eventually also caught attention for its changing quality or bad fit. 

According to the reviews published on the website, customers complained vehemently about the dry smell, ill-fitting, broken zipper, and size issues. 

One customer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, wrote a review that stated how the jeans had holes in them. The customer mentions that she has been a fan of the brand because of its size inclusivity and diversity.

She purchased several pairs of Angels Jeans but ended up getting low-quality products in 5 pairs of jeans. The holes were in the knees, the rear end, and even the pocket blowout.

The disappointed customer ended with a conclusion that she would rather switch to a different brand now than throw away $25 on Angels Jeans products. 

On the website, Angels Jeans ranking is 111 of 3301 brands in the E-commerce category. The overall rating of the company is 3.4.

The last review posted was in August 2021, when the customer complained of the dry smell. The website also flags the apparent closing of the brand by stating a disclaimer “Angels Jeans is reportedly closed.”

Even on Amazon, customers have complained about the dry smell of multiple Angels Forever Young products and the difference in quality and size.

A major USP of the brand is its inclusiveness with plus body sizes. However, many consumers reviewed that the denim usually runs large thereby creating an ill-fitting overall. 

For the Angels Forever Young Women’s 360 Sculpt Skinny Mid-Rise Jeans product on Amazon, one of the customers wrote a review in September 2021, that mentioned the stark difference in the quality of the product.

The customer mentions that the first time she ordered, she got the perfect fit and was extremely satisfied with the overall quality and comfort of the jeans.

This prompted her to buy a second pair, which turned out to be a big mistake as the fit wasn’t the same, the jeans weren’t nearly as comfortable and there was an apparent difference in quality.

In conclusion, the increasingly bad reviews highlight the larger and pertinent issue with Angels Jeans. The brand that took pride in its high-quality products is not able to sustain its reputation. And growingly, more and more consumers are moving away to newer, affordable, trendier, and trusted brands. 

Furthermore, one of the key factors for a brand’s longevity is that they continually revamp its manufacturing – not just in terms of fashion but production, ethical supply chain, and sustainability. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to sustain in the fast-growing competitive industry. 

For example, one of the leading players in the denim industry since 2000, AG Jeans, has taken effective measures to implement responsible business practices, especially in terms of how the jeans are washed or the energy and water consumption.

The global star in the denim industry, Levi Strauss & Co., religiously worked towards creating channels to track resource usage and waste production, more than a decade ago. 

In 2014, Levi’s moved to use 100 percent recycled water in its denim production. The brand introduced the use of hemp fibre in their fabric and has saved over 3 billion litres of water through recycling – challenging their competitors to be as proficient. 

Taking from Levi’s, being climate-conscious and constantly seeking sustainable practices definitely add value to the brand. This is why brands focus on revamping holistically.

They end up creating awareness and outreach by implementing these best practices and upgrading and defining industry standards. 

Hence, brands such as Levi’s and other big players in the industry end up with loyal customers who trust the brand, and a fanbase for themselves who use the brand name as a synonym to denims itself.

This, in turn, increases the brand longevity and their industry reputation stays intact. This is the reason why brands like Angels Forever Young shut shop because the industry demands you to grow constantly in multiple ways – environmentally and socially.

With a cut-throat competition for quality, diversity, and inclusion, only those brands sustain who are constantly thriving and focused on innovation – be it in the product lines, environment sustainability, or their marketing strategies.