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Why Was Tova’s Signature Perfume Discontinued? (ALL FACTS)

In this blog, you’ll learn why Tova’s Signature Perfume was discontinued. The heartthrob of the ’90s, Ernest Borgnine and her beauty brand were successful.

It gained recognition because of its “Signature Perfume.” Then, Borgnine closes down its manufacturing, which is why you can’t find it in the market today. Let’s probe deeper and find out why;) 

Tova’s Signature Perfume: History

This perfume has captivated the hearts of many since the 2000s. Although it is well-known for fragrances, the company started as a manufacturer of skin care products.

It has expanded into other product categories, including colour cosmetics, hair care, body care, men’s, and jewellery. First, let’s do a little more research on the company’s founder.

Borgnine was a pro at selling beauty items to customers long before companies that marketed themselves as “direct to consumer” were dominant in the beauty sector. By 1981, the value of Tova perfumes had nearly reached $2 million.

The American entrepreneur of Norwegian descent was married to the actor Ernest Borgnine during their time in Hollywood. By 1987, she had 65 products for the skin and 80 individuals under her service.

She started peddling her wares on QVC in 1990, and by 2002, the company had shelled out seven figures to acquire the Tova brand. Tova Signature is the fragrance that sells the most frequently on QVC.

The life of Borgnine is undoubtedly one that will be remembered. Tove Traesnaes was born in Oslo, Norway, on November 17, 1941.

When she was seven years old, she moved to the United States from Norway. According to the story told by the company, her translator mother, Aase, immigrated to the country with seventy dollars and the will to be successful.

She instilled in her daughter the belief that “It can be done” in the United States, a declaration that played a significant role in determining Borgnine’s path.

Borgnine became interested in cosmetology and makeup while in New York, hoping to launch an actor and model career.

She then went on to establish Tova’s Touch, a beauty store located on the shore of New Jersey. According to Uram, the company was one of Neutrogena’s earliest retail partners.

Borgnine then relocated to Las Vegas, where she observed that visiting celebrities and showgirls could be aided by a local destination for makeup. Borgnine was a client of the famous actress Merle Oberon, who was constantly bothering her.

The persistent nagging finally got to Oberon, so he used it as a facial mask inspired by an Aztec recipe that called for Mexican cactus. In 1975, Borgnine was successful in acquiring distribution rights.

By then, Borgnine had moved to Beverly Hills after becoming Ernest Borgnine’s fifth and final wife and had taken up residence there.

She had already been married to two other men. She went on a blind date with the actor, who passed away in 2012 due to renal failure, and comedian Marty Allen organised it. Tova Beverly Hills owes a great deal of its success to Ernest Borgnine and the contributions he made.

While filming in Mexico, the business he worked with managed to gain the distribution rights to the cactus mask, which they renamed the Castine Face Masque brand.

Ernest Borgnine helped his wife’s business by bringing it up in a conversation with a writer from the San Francisco Chronicle.

The resultant article was reproduced in various newspapers under the headline “Ernest Borgnine’s Wife Discovers Facelift In A Jar—All The Stars Use It,” which resulted in a windfall of almost $56,000 in sales from clients who wanted the mask even though it had not yet been created.

Borgnine finished the packaging, manufactured the product, and then transported it to the clients, eagerly awaiting it within 12 weeks.

Because conventional shops did not receive Borgnine’s products, she had to get inventive to attract customers to her wares.

Uram claims that in addition to sending out catalogues, making toll-free phone calls, and finally selling her products on QVC, she held a party at The Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles and held a raffle at the event.

To be eligible for the raffle, attendees must enter their contact information. Tova Beverly Hills used this information to maintain communication with those who attended the event.

In addition, the company educated beauty counsellors on fostering relationships with loyal customers so that the customers would continue to feel connected to the company.

According to Michele Uram, the Chief Operating Officer of Tova Beverly Hills, television shopping enabled the company to reach a wider audience with its readily available merchandise. At QVC, the price of the signature is 69 dollars.

Tova’s philosophy has always been those high-end items with a reachable price point should be available to everyone to benefit from using them.

She continues by saying that customers could “experience the emotion of the things and what they would be going to make you feel like when you wore them when they were vended on QVC.” That is a touchy situation.

Tova was indeed one of the most incredible storytellers there ever was. She takes you on an adventure over time and space when you talk about her life.

Tova Signature perfume is a name that can’t ever leave the ladies’ minds of the 1990s and even the 1920s. It was nominated for the 2008 Fragrance Hall of Fame FiFi Award. Tova Signature perfume is a name that can’t ever leave the ladies’ minds.

This women’s aroma from Tova layered sweet floral notes on top of a smooth musky foundation to create a sophisticated and traditionally feminine scent. One of the fragrance’s specialities was its blend of sweet floral and musky notes.

One of the reasons why women of that era adored this fragrance and why the Fragrance Foundation awarded it the Retailer of the Year honour in June 2009 for its sustainability in the perfume industry was those women.

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Why Was Tova’s Signature Perfume Discontinued?

Although the manufacturing process and fragrances have been updated since the brand became a part of QVC, it nevertheless maintains an air of antiquity and a sense of youthfulness. In the following paragraph, you’ll learn some more details about it.

Tova’s Signature Perfume: Before And Now

TOVA is now only available through QVC; the brand’s signature fragrance has undergone minor revisions and is now known as TOVA Signature Platinum.

This updated rendition of TOVA maintains its one-of-a-kind and recognisable aroma, although it initially has higher concentrations of the scent notes.

The top notes of Signature Platinum include bergamot and fresh citrus from Italy. The fragrance also contains:

  • 28.5 percent botanical oils.
  • Middle notes consist of pure lavender oil from the French Provence and jasmine absolute.
  • Base notes consist of seductive musk oils and sandalwood from India.

In addition, TOVA Platinum has a more significant concentration of musk notes, which are the source of the long-lasting richness that distinguished Tova Signature from other perfumes when it was first introduced.

According to Ruth Sutcliffe Heagney, who is a fragrance designer and the creator of The Scent Guru Group, the late perfumer Robert Gaudelli was the one who created the scent.

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Five Best Alternatives To Tova’s Signature Perfume

So, don’t leave yet! I’m here to help you if you’re looking for similar fragrances. The below has been suggested by previous customers of Tova, so don’t blame us if it’s not your type! 

1. Terranova China Musk

The fragrance known as China Musk is a clean, crisp, and enticing aroma created by expertly blending delicate white musk with Chinese blooms, sparkling citrus, and creamy touches of vanilla spice.

Apply a small amount to the pulse points for an exquisite and long-lasting aroma experience—one of the first genuinely classic works produced by Terranova, which has broad applicability.

2. Body Shop’s White Musk

This potent little perfume topper has a fantastic scent of minerals that will get you feeling vindicated to be yourself and communicate how you feel.

You may create a trademark perfume that will make you feel invincible by mixing a breezy and sensual melody of the perfumed elemi resin, dewy daisy, & sandalwood with the famous white musk.

This will give you the feeling that nothing can stop you. This musk is cruelty-free and suitable for vegans to use.

3. 212 Carolina Herrera for her

Its ground-breaking scent is embodied by a varied group of empowering women who change the world through their talent, dedication, and fearless authenticity.

These ladies have been chosen to incorporate the fragrance. Orange Blossom, Cactus Flower, Bergamot, & Mandarin Orange are some of the top notes in this fragrance.

4. Annick Goutal Mandragore

This product was introduced in 2009 and is suitable for any event—a scent with a spicy undertone designed for modern ladies who are glamorous, mysterious, and intelligent. Bergamot, mint, star anise, and other fragrant herbs and spices make up the top notes.

Amber, rosemary, geranium, and black pepper make up the middle notes, while heliotrope, incense, patchouli, and myrtle make up the base notes.

5. Philosophy Graces

Even though bergamot, lemon, neroli, & lavender are included in the top notes of the Pure Grace fragrance, you shouldn’t expect to smell like such a flower garden after applying it.

It’s more comparable to the aroma of luxurious body soap, which makes you want to jump in the shower as soon as possible.

Those, as mentioned earlier, are just a few of the many. You can always go out and try a new fragrance.


Tova offers an extensive range of perfumes other than Tova’s signature perfume. Though it’s an established brand, there are budding startups like Pinrose, Scentbird, etc., that you can try out. Exploring new and fresh aromas never gets old, baby! 

But, wait, before you leave, make sure you bookmark this page or take a screenshot so that you can use it to shop the alternatives in the future.