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Top 10 Chalk Couture Competitors and Alternatives [2023]

Offering simple but high-end DIY home décor solutions, Chalk Couture is revolutionizing how you decorate your homes today. It began as a startup managed by two moms who wanted to offer custom décor solutions. They offered easy to clean up and foolproof interior improvement. That’s why people loved their ideas and Chalk Couture emerged as a profitable business. 

This company started offering Reusable Chalk Transfers and Washable Chalkology Paste for DIY home decoration. People chose this company’s products and services to design and create eye-catching projects. 

What does make Chalk Couture different from other home furnishing companies?

This company has entered the home furnishing industry with a unique concept. It uses removable chalk paste, permanent ink, reusable silkscreen stencils, and other simple materials for DIY decoration projects. Anyone interested in DIY interior improvements can rely on this firm for their demands. 

Chalk Couture mainly attracts clients looking for unique and user-friendly DIY home décor methods. Decorative techniques promoted by this company do not require artistic expertise. Anyone with some interest in this field can buy and use this company’s products for art projects. 

The demands for this company’s products, such as mesh textile screens, washable paste, and home décor accessories are quite high. Many buyers have admired its unique decorative techniques and products. They frequently order custom décor products to maintain a beautiful interior in the home and offices. 

Who are Chalk Couture’s competitors?

This company relies on independent designers to sell its products. Buyers won’t find Chalk Couture products in home décor stores. They can use the official website to buy those products and start designing new home improvement products. 

This platform provides a ton of tutorials to help users learn how to decorate. User-friendly decoration methods allure both professionals and non-professionals. Many videos and blogs are helping Chalk Couture customers in designing new art pieces for home and the workplace. 

Chalk Couture is competing against some renowned home décor companies in the home furnishing industry. Its major competitors and alternatives are featured in this post! 

1. At Home

Headquarters: Plano, Texas, United States 

Founder(s): Eric White

Year Founded: 1979

Formerly known as Garden Ridge, the At Home company has established many home décor stores in 40 states. It also serves through its official website where thousands of buyers pick products such as furniture, decorative pillows, wall décor products, kitchen & dining items, storage and cleaning products, outdoor decoration items, and many other products. 

At Home has 225 stores and each store is spread over 110,000 square feet area. Buyers can choose from more than 50,000 home products to beautify the interior and the exterior of the home. 

Eric White had founded this company in 1979. The very first store was established in Schertz Texas. It was named Garden Ridge Pottery, which later became Garden Ridge. Three Cities Research was the largest investor in this company in 1999, but it didn’t do well and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection within the next five years. 

Once At Home got recognition, it emerged from bankruptcy in 2005. AEA Investors bought this company in 2011 and it became At Home in 2014. Unlike Chalk Couture, At Home is a public company. It went public in August 2016 and Chalk Couture has been competing against this firm since its inception! 

Chalk Couture Competitors At Home

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2. Celebrating Home Direct

Headquarters: Marshall, Texas 

Founder(s): Penny and Steve Carlile

Year Founded: 2010

Celebrating Home Direct offers top-quality home décor products at factory prices. This online store has become a prominent platform for buying aromatic candles, home fragrances, and decorative items. It entertains buyers by offering the best selection of products manufactured by trusted companies.  

This company’s main objective is to offer an exceptional online shopping experience. It has consistently improved its customer service and product quality to please both new and existing buyers. 

Celebrating Home Direct was formerly known as Home Interiors & Gifts before Penny and Steve Carlile bought it. Today, it offers a wide range of unique products to beautify the interior and exterior of the home. Buyers praise the craftsmanship of items featured in this store. Therefore, they return time and again to find new decorative items. 

This online store backs each listed product for its quality. It also offers seamless customer support to ensure buyers are satisfied with the service. Celebrating Home Direct is a great alternative to Chalk Couture, but it doesn’t offer DIY home décor solutions. Therefore, Chalk Couture may not consider it a major competitor. 

Chalk Couture Competitors Celebrating Home Direct

3. Linen Chest

Headquarters: Autoroute des Laurentides, Laval, Quebec, H7L 5X8, Canada

Founder(s): Sylvia Leibner

Year Founded: 1961

This company sources products from the most coveted brands from all over the world. It is on a mission to provide top quality home décor, bathroom, bedding, windows, electrics, kitchen, and other products. It is not just a home décor company because it provides items to equip the entire home to meet your style demands. 

This Canadian company was founded by Sylvia Leibner. She used to work at her husband’s textile importing company, but her business skills were honed at her father’s grocery store. She always wanted to start a new business and it eventually led her to establish Linen Chest. 

This company had only a 500 sq-ft boutique in Montreal. It was selling only the latest styles of quilted bedspreads and percale sheets. Buyers admired the quality of products and it drew more buyers from different parts of the city. 

Linen Chest first added table cloths, bath accessories, and windows treatments to expand its product range. Today, it is selling numerous products in more than 10 categories. 

Chalk Couture Competitors Linen Chest

4. Old Time Pottery

Headquarters: Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37128, United States

Founder(s): Peterson Family

Year Founded: 1986

Old Time Pottery (OTP) is one of the leading American home décor products providers. This company was established in 1986 to provide decorative items at discounted prices. It has more than 43 stores and each store is spread in a 60,000 square feet area. 

Each OTP store entertains thousands of buyers. People can find decorative items for outdoor, indoor, furniture, wall, kitchen, and bathroom decorations. Old Time Pottery’s online store offers the same discount deals on a better range of products. 

Even though this company’s name is a bit misleading, it has always drawn buyers. Most loyal customers admire OTP for the cost-effective deals it offers on decorative products and household items. 

OTP stores frequently update their inventory to feature new items as often as possible. That’s why this home décor store got a huge customer base. This store employs 500-1000 employees and makes $100-500 million annually.

Chalk Couture Competitors Old Time Pottery

5. P. Graham Dunn

Headquarters: Dalton, Ohio, 44618, United States

Founder(s): Peter Graham Dunn

Year Founded: 1976

Established in 1976, P. Graham Dunn is a popular place for buying home décor items. It provides artistic gifts, decorative products, wall décor items, housewares, greeting cards, outdoor décor items, personalized products, collectibles, and a whole range of Christmas décor items. 

Peter Graham Dunn had established this company in 1976. Peter used to live in China with his parents Marvin and Miriam, who were missionaries in China. Peter moved to Three Hills, Alberta when he was young and met LeAnna Gerber. They both married and accepted a mission to establish a home for runaway girls. 

The P. Graham Dunn business was started in New York City, where they started a small woodworking business to keep girls engaged. They were crafting gifts and artistic plaques for local buyers. These products became popular, so the couple purchased a farm in Dalton, Ohio to establish a woodworking facility. 

P. Graham Dunn was founded in 1976, but they got the first major order for 3,000 items in 1977. Peter designed all the items and produced them to meet growing demands. Thus, this company started expanding and serving more buyers. 

Today, P. Graham Dunn has a huge land-based store and an engaging online platform. Buyers use these sites to find all sorts of home décor products at affordable prices. 

Chalk Couture Competitors P. Graham Dunn

6. Michael Aram

Headquarters: North Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Founder(s): Michael Aram

Year Founded: 1989

Being an award-winning American Armenian artist, Michael Aram crafts and sells luxurious home décor items. He is a trained sculptor, painter, and art historian. He was 25 when he visited India. This trip inspired him to craft eye-grabbing artworks. Michael has established a second home and studio in India to craft those amazing decorative items. 

Buyers mostly use Michael Aram’s official website to explore his work and art pieces for their homes. His work reveals mythology, nature, and inspirational moments that draw buyers from all over the world. 

Michael Aram is providing all kinds of home décor products along with table settings, serveware, barware, kitchen items, jewelry, wall arts, furniture lighting, sculptors, and many unique collectible items. 

Michael is currently employing 230 artists who work at his workshop in India. All decorative items are handcrafted and more expensive than items endorsed by Chalk Couture! Michael Aram may offer personalized home décor products, but his workshop does not offer DIY home décor solutions. 

Chalk Couture Competitors Michael Aram

7. L’Objet

Headquarters: Brompton Rd, London, Greater London, UK

Founder(s): Elad Yifrach

Year Founded: 2004

Elad Yifrach is the founder and creative director of L’Objet. He was born in Israel and became an interior designer in Beverly Hills. Being a travel enthusiast, Elad observed beauty around the world and designed items that became luxurious collectibles. 

L’Objet was established in 2004. Timeless sensibility and scrupulous craftsmanship made this company’s products admirable. This company mainly targets the luxury lifestyle industry. It employs many skilled craftsmen, who collaborate to craft unique products for interior decoration. 

This brand is known for featuring modern artistry and items quite different from traditional collectibles. Everyone working at L’Objet is passionate about innovating amazing art pieces. They use top-end materials to produce one-of-a-kind decorative items. Buyers can choose a collection of luxurious items from categories, such as Dining & Entertaining, Home Décor, Apothecary, and Gifts. 

Chalk Couture Competitors L' Objet

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8. Aerin 

Headquarters: Madison Ave, New York City, USA

Founder(s): Aerin Lauder

Year Founded: 2011

It is another luxury lifestyle brand that offers various stylish products to make the buyer’s life more luxurious. Aerin Lauder has established this brand to ensure her consumers enjoy a comforting and luxurious life. 

This brand mainly provides luxury home décor products, but buyers can also choose fashion accessories, beauty products, gifts, and home lighting solutions. Aerin has established four stores in Miami, Palm Beach, Southampton, and East Hampton. 

Most home décor items offered by Aerin seem classic, but their modern point of view makes them special. This brand’s products allure buyers seeking a more stylish way of living and enjoying life. However, products offered by Aerin are non-customizable and more expensive than Chalk Couture’s products! 

Chalk Couture Competitors Aerin

9. Croft House

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Founder (s): Alex Segal

Year Founded: 2010

This company produces handmade furniture that promotes a relaxing and sophisticated California lifestyle. It is not a brand offering home décor items, but all furniture produced by Croft House looks pretty artistic. 

This brand has produced and sold timeless pieces of furniture. Each piece of furniture is individually crafted to meet the specific needs of the buyer. Offering extensive design options, Croft House allures many people seeking luxurious home furnishing. 

This company relies on highly-trained craftsmen, who use their skills and imaginations to develop something unique. It believes in crafting furniture that draws attention and gains the admiration of users. 

Being a prominent name in the home furnishing industry, Croft House aims to transform empty spaces into lavish accommodation for occupants. That’s why it can draw many Chalk Couture customers! 

Chalk Couture Competitors Croft House

10. Initials Inc

Headquarters: Clarkesville, Georgia

Founder(s): Britney Vickery

Founding Year: 2005

This company was founded by Britney Vickery, who wanted to be creative and financially independent. She started her journey in a spare bedroom of her house, where she used her very first embroidery machine to monogram for her son. 

Britney’s neighbors and friends found her work quite impressive and they joined her to create unique products. It was all started 15 years ago and today Initials Inc. is serving in 50 states. 

This company has hired many women willing to craft impressive home décor products and make money. This company can provide personalized products, but it has no DIY home décor products for buyers.  

Chalk Couture Competitors Initials Inc