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Top 10 C3 AI Competitors and Alternatives [2023]

C3 AI serves a wide range of applications developed for energy management, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, inventory optimization, predictive CRM, and anti-money laundering.

The known godfather of customer relationship management and current CEO, Tom Siebel, founded the company in 2009 as an enterprise AI platform. It became the pioneering provider of AI software that expedites digital transformation.

The company provides its clients with highly cost-effective and efficient solutions by developing advanced enterprise-scale AI software for them. The industry experts trust C3 AI for getting progressive solutions that run without any hiccups!

C3 AI offers the following services:

The company provides an efficient support system for the development of AI technology-based tools and software. Their AI application platform uses a model-driven architecture that provides faster development of enterprise AI applications.

This allows developers to acquire an abstraction layer that reduces complexities encountered in application development, while creators can save time and develop an application faster by using conceptual models instead of creating long codes.

C3 AI Data Vision is another top-notch knowledge and insight product that facilitates temporal analytics and network. Data Vision adopts a workflow-enabled interface to provide users with the information they demand. This product is used by companies to reveal hidden data patterns and acquire important insights through information assessed by the product.

Data scientists can also enjoy a state-of-the-art CRM tool and no-code AI offered by the company. C3 AI offers a complete solution to the demands of modern industries through its AI technology-based applications. This advantage allows C3 AI to grow rapidly.

With the prediction of the company’s revenue growth by leading analysts, the company sees a potential for long-term growth as C3 AI’s revenue is expected to rise by 38% this year and 31% in 2023. This makes stocks more profitable which may definitely attract more investors!

1. Syntelli Solutions

Syntelli Solutions offers services focusing on shaping and transforming data. The firm provides clients with the most efficient data visualizations and models for the enhancement of their clients’ capabilities for analytics and prediction.

Established in 2005, Syntelli was established to offer solutions for enterprise performance management. It pioneered providing Big Data Services in the industry before “Big Data” was even used.

They use the latest techniques in data governance and shaping to help clients use Big Data for gathering valuable insights. The company has also adopted advanced techniques in delivering efficient solutions for improving data lake practices.

The firm has clients from multiple industries like healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, telecommunication, oil industries, and financial services. Syntelli provides them with support to increase their products’ versatility and value. They also help clients automate repetitive learning in their AI technology-based solutions.

Syntelli is C3 AI’s major competitor with their ability to deliver advanced AI-based solutions and applications for data analysis. This makes Syntelli Solutions the best option for creating enterprise AI solutions other than C3 AI.

C3 AI Competitors Syntelli Solutions

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As a company claiming to offer AI-based solutions for human performance enhancement, ASAPP offers advanced solutions for improvement of customer service. It helps clients in cost reduction, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction.

It supports businesses in delivering satisfying solutions through its selection of AI services and CX applications. With a goal of enhancing agent effectiveness, ASAPP has solutions to train agents in resolving customer concerns and to serve consumer care services through real-time agent assistance.

ASAPP assists agents in navigating through complex workflows by offering AI-driven automation. The agents gain assistance for speaking comprehensively and executing sensible actions for client satisfaction.

Overall, ASAPP definitely has a wide selection of products to support businesses and customer care services. AI technology is important to make their solutions efficient in satisfying diverse demands. This has allowed them to have a valuation of $1.6B after raising $120M. With their huge market valuation, ASAPP becomes a major competitor of C3 AI.

C3 AI Competitors ASAPP

3. Conundrum Industrial Limited

Conundrum Industrial Limited is one of the few companies that serves industries by providing solutions that enhance industrial efficiency. It does so by developing applications to optimize their procedures and predictive maintenance. The UK-based company has been providing these AI technology-based solutions in the last five years.

The company gives helpful insights to industries to help them save maintenance costs by predicting and explaining equipment failure to reduce downtime. They also have an application for quality control that detects, predicts, and explains product quality issues. The information gathered allows industries to answer the problem before shipping out the products!

Conundrum Industrial Limited has created top-notch AI applications that provide relevant solutions needed by modern industries for cost-effective operations. These solutions help industries refine their control production and automation system. This definitely makes them a major competitor in the market.

C3  AI Competitors Conudrum

4. Flutura

As a known industrial AI company, Flutura offers advanced AI solutions to identify important operational outcomes. They serve industries of chemicals, heavy engineering, energy, and manufacturing industries.

Flutura pioneered Cerebra, a platform that provides important business insights through integration of  machine learning and principle-based models. It addresses quality and supply chain function issues while also enhancing production efficiency and reliability.

The company’s main goal is to provide skilled industrial engineers with the latest AI solutions to empower them. This helps them address engineering problems through AI technology and data science.

Flutura mostly serves the product manufacturing, machinery, and energy transition industries. Clients gather real-time insights from the company in the form of an assessment, prognostic support, and remote diagnostic for an efficient operation.

With the company’s ability to provide solutions to clients for cost reduction and profit generation through interpreting machine signals, Futura can be a C3 AI competitor in the market as it attracts more clients from other industries.

C3 AI Competitors Flutura

5. Presenso

The AI pioneer, Presenso, is widely recognized for formulating AI-technology based predictive maintenance software that uses signals from sensors to address errors that may affect production. Issues that were undetectable before can now be addressed thanks to the company’s state-of-the-art solution. The Israeli company has recently been acquired by the Swedish company, SKF, to provide modern solutions.

Presenso’s software assesses sensor behaviors through its proprietary adaptive algorithms. It assures that the machine works properly and learns automatically from it. The software can similarly detect and report any changes in the machine.

The company has served multiple industries by providing them with definite predictive asset management solutions and real-time asset failure information to avoid any major damage. Presenso also has applications that address maintenance issues automatically and inform the operator.

Their software does not require a data scientist. To reduce downtime, SKF plans to develop advanced AI software with its high quality tools.

C3 AI Competitors Presenso

6. Hypersonix

Hypersonix’s cutting-edge system of actionable intelligence allows enterprises to generate more profit while avoiding harmful decisions. The reputable AI company also has a top-notch enterprise AI platform that provides solutions for commerce, customer and supply chain intelligence, inventory optimization, growth, and sales predictability.

The company’s AI platform can process large amounts of real-time data rapidly which allows the system to send proactive notifications to clients. This helps them create quick relevant solutions to errors detected.

Despite not offering support to deploy enterprise AI applications, Hypersonix’s platform definitely answers the demands of its clients. This makes them an emerging major competitor of C3 AI in the market.

C3 AI Competitors Hypersonix

7. Dataiku

Established in 2013, Dataiku is one of the recognized AI and machine learning companies known for delivering revolutionary AI applications. In 2016, they were able to operate across the USA. Three years later, Capital G joined Dataiku as an investor and operated with them to offer sophisticated AI solutions.

In 2014, Dataiku launched Data Science Studio (DSS) software which allows users to create business applications through a predictive modeling feature. To make the software more efficient and useful, Dataiku later added more features for the enterprises.

With the software’s ability to turn raw data into valuable analytics, clients rely heavily on their AI-powered platform for its efficient data visualization. Users can now also access a full online version of this platform to gather important insights.

C3 AI Competitors Dataiku

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8. Databricks

Databricks is a well-funded company with a great history of developing sophisticated AI solutions and software. As one of the most reliable enterprise AI cloud data platforms, clients trust them to arrange complex data science projects with machine learning and AI.

Databricks uses MLFlow, DeltaLake, Apache Spark, and Koalas to formulate efficient enterprise solutions. Their AI platform can also perform several tasks. The Data Lake house platform merges most reliable data lakes and warehouses to control client analytics and AI use cases.

The company is always ready to address business demands ranging from data analysis to other modern solutions. Interested clients can find the needed solutions by Industry, Role, Use cases, and professional services. Therefore, Databricks can be one of the top enterprise AI platforms worldwide.

C3 AI Competitors Databricks

9. DataRobot

DataRobot helps clients prepare data for machine learning and AI applications. The company claims to make data science more accessible by providing reliable support. DataRobot also offers end-to-end automation to develop AI applications in a business enterprise.

Their AI platform can work on-premise and on other cloud platforms. It can also automate the expansion of time series and machine learning models. Users can access the platform as a fully managed service that allows them to observe, install, and control production machine learning models.

DataRobot helps clients reach excellent levels of transparency and collaboration for growth through relevant support and training. It becomes a rival to C3 AI as a major enterprise platform.

C3 AI Competitors DataRobot


As one of the leading providers of enterprise AI solutions, is an AI cloud platform that supports automation to perform machine-learning tasks efficiently. Its focus on democratizing AI has allowed it to develop Driverless AI for Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML).

The platform is known to offer businesses a whole set of data science capabilities, and automatic feature engineering capability, which leaves clients impressed. If required by the dataset, the feature can navigate through a set of algorithms to build and include new features!’s Driverless AI includes remarkable features like model validation, tuning, selection, and deployment. These features may take time for other enterprise AI solution providers to compete with!

C3AI Competitors