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Top 10 Sodexo Competitors and Alternatives [2023]

Being a French food services and facilities management company, Sodexo serves 100 million customers every day! It has 412,000 employees in 50 countries.

This company’s revenue had reached a whopping €22.0 billion in 2020 and its market capitalization was €15.8 billion. 

This French company serves private corporations, schools, government agencies, hospitals and clinics, military bases, assisted-living facilities, and prisons.

Sodexo generates 47% of its revenue from North America and 38% from Europe. Its 15% revenue comes from the remaining regions. 

Pierre Bellon had founded this company in 1966 in Marseille, France. It first served schools, restaurants, and hospitals.

It succeeded in the local market and international expansion continued in the 70s. This company first went to Belgium, then Africa, and then it served in the Middle East. 

Sodexo expanded its services to North and South America after its IPO on the Paris Bourse in 1983. It established new branches in South Africa, Japan, and Russia during this period.

This company acquired other companies and collaborated with other firms as it continued to expand. Today, Sodexo is the second-largest French employer and it’s also featured on the Fortune Global 500 list.

An issue was raised regarding the company’s previous name (Sodexho Alliance). It was tough to pronounce in certain languages. The name was changed to Sodexo in the company’s annual general meeting in 2008. 

Sodexo currently provides a variety of foodservice operations, such as catering, staff restaurants, executive dining, meal delivery, vending, and integrated facilities management solutions. 

As revealed on the official website, Sodexo’s cash flow has been quite positive. 6.4 billion euro liquidity and 1.7 debt ratio, this company has experienced remarkable improvement after 2021. This trend will continue in Fiscal 2022.

Sodexo is currently focusing on client satisfaction, client retention, operational excellence, growth opportunity, and employee engagement.

It is all set to meet the growing needs of consumers. It will have a positive impact on Sodexo’s performance in markets across the globe! 

Sodexo is indeed a major player, but it is competing against some big names. The following 10 companies are giving tough competition to Sodexo! 

Check out the top 10 Competitors of Sodexo below:

1. Aramark Corporation

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Founder(s): Davre Davidson

Year Founded: 1959

It is a U.S.-based foodservice and facilities company that also offers uniforms to clients in various industries. This company serves clients from business, education, healthcare, leisure industries, and prisons. 

Aramark’s business is mainly spread in the USA and Canada, but it also serves in 20 other countries that include the UK, South Korea, Germany, Chile, Philippines, Spain, and Ireland.

It became the 27th largest employer among the Fortune 500 companies in 2018.  Aramark’s annual revenue was 16.227 billion dollars in 2019. It had experienced a 2.27% increase in 2018, but then its annual revenue has been declining.

This company made $12.83 B in 2020 with a 20.94% decline and then $12.096B with a 5.72 decline from the previous year. 

Sodexo’s annual revenue has also declined since 2019, but it is quite low in comparison to Aramark.

Both are major brands in the global food service market and both provide satisfying services. However, Sodexo wins the competition because of its global reach and diverse portfolio. 

Sodexo Competitors Aramark

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2. ABM Industries 

Headquarters: New York, USA

Founder(s): Morris Rosenberg

Year Founded: 1909

ABM Industries Inc. was founded by Morris Rosenberg in 1909. It was operating as a single-person window washing service at that time.

Today, it operates as one of the world’s leading facility management companies. It has become a multi-national firm with 350 offices across the globe. More than 130,000 employees are working for ABM to satisfy clients from various industries. 

This company offers facility services that include energy, electrical and lighting, HVAC and mechanical, facility engineering, parking and transportation, landscape and grounds, and janitorial services. 

ABM Industries was featured on the Fortune 500 list in 2016 for the first time. It bought the GCA services group in 2017 and it completed the acquisition of Able Services in 2021.

Experts believe that this acquisition will significantly improve ABM’s technical and engineering services. 

ABM is offering much better services than before. Thus, it is giving tough competition to Sodexo in the global facilities services market. 

Sodexo Competitors ABM Industries

3. ISS A/S (International Service System)

Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark


Year Founded: 1901

This company was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1901. It was a small security firm where 20 night watchmen worked to provide security. It entered the cleaning business after 33 years and then started expanding its reach and service portfolio. 

Today, ISS offers cleaning, food and workplace services, security, Covid-19 solutions, reopening services, and technical support.

This company has employed more than 400,000 employees in various countries across North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  

Serving actively for more than 100 years, ISS has transformed itself to meet the growing needs of clients. It serves clients from the aviation, banking, healthcare, tech, and manufacturing industries.

This company made headlines when it sourced numerous masks, donated food, and offered additional support to disinfect facilities during the pandemic. 

This company has always followed innovative tactics for growth. It introduced the OneISS strategy in 2020 to offer a platform for sustainable growth and consistent performance improvement. It helped this company in generating more cash. 

It has made the competition tough for Sodexo on the global stage. Better pricing, product quality, and customer service give ISS an edge over Sodexo!

Sodexo Competitors ISS A/S

4. Compass Group PLC

Headquarters: Chertsey, England, UK 

Founder(s): Jack Bateman

Year Founded: 1941

Supplying high-quality food since 1941, Compass Group plc is an England-based foodservice company. It is the market leader in the foodservice industry with a workforce of more than 500,000 employees. 

This company provides meals in offices, schools, factories, universities, major sports events, hospitals, mining camps, offshore oil platforms, cultural venues, and correctional facilities. It is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies and listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

Jack Bateman had established Factory Canteens Limited in 1941, which later became Bateman Catering. Grand Metropolitan had acquired Bateman Catering along with Midland Catering in 1967-68. It was later renamed Compass Group in 1987. 

This company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1988. Its subsidiary Eurest was launched in the USA in 1996. Today, it operates as a British multinational foodservice company in many countries across the globe. 

Compass Group plc had generated EURO 19.940 billion in 2020, which declined to 17.91 billion in 2021! It currently serves in 41 countries and still manages to give tough competition to Sodexo in terms of the revenue!

Sodexo Competitors Compass Group

5. FacilitySource/CBRE

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Founder(s): Bill Hayden

Year Founded: 2005

FaceilitySource is a facility management company acquired by CBRE Group in 2018. This company is offering facility management and management services to business organizations.

It serves businesses in banking, healthcare, retail, and logistic industries located in the USA and Canada. This company is known to offer innovative facility management solutions.

It provides comprehensive support to optimize and manage the client’s facility. This firm has developed cutting-edge CMMS software.

This software can organize facility management activities by managing work orders and service provider management. It constantly gathers information to optimize maintenance procedures seamlessly.  

Clients trust FacilitySource because it offers a cutting-edge solution for all their demands along with satisfying customer support and a network of reliable service providers.

Many facility management firms are competing against CBRE, but it has a strong grasp on the North American markets. 

Sodexo also serves in North America and generates huge revenue from its US-based and Canadian clients. Therefore, both Sodexo and CBRE Group Inc. are fierce rivals of other companies in this part of the world.  

Sodexo Competitors Facility Source/CBRE

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6. Dussmann Group

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founder(s): Peter Dussmann

Year Founded: 1963

It is a German multiservice provider. This company offers its services in 17 countries across the globe. This company was founded in 1963 and today it has more than 60,000 employees. It operates as the leading private multiservice provider in the world. 

This company provides over 70 individual services. Clients rely on Dussmann Group for services ranging from catering to technical management and cleaning to security.

It also serves clients for commercial property management! Clients can pick a package of services that meet their demands. Thus, Dussmann retains its customers by offering high-quality service at affordable prices. 

This company has acquired the Janus Group Vienna in March 2021. The Janus Group is the leading cleaning and disinfection service provider in Austria and other countries. This merger helped Dussmann in improving its expertise in the healthcare cleaning industry.  

Being the leading German integrated facility management company, the Dussmann Group has positioned itself as a global competitor to Sodexo and other companies in the FM industry. 

Sodexo Competitors Dussmann

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7. MaintenX

Headquarters: Tampa Florida, USA 

Founder(s): Peter Dussmann

Year Founded: 1982

Promoted as a total facilities repair expert, MaintenX is a facility management company. It serves many restaurants, multi-site retailers, and all the Fortune 500 companies across the USA.

This company was founded 40 years ago and it has served most of the major businesses in North America. MaintenX has established a global network of top-skilled and well-experienced professionals to provide flawless services.

This company provides plumbing, air conditioning, heating, roofing, and corrective maintenance services. Being a licensed contractor, MaintenX promises top-quality work for the smooth functioning of the client’s business.  

Unlike Sodexo, MaintenX only focuses on facility maintenance and management services. That’s why it is not a major competitor.

It guarantees the best support for all FM services and many clients have praised this company for its work quality. It has made $87.23 million in sales in 2021. That’s why it is on this list as a major Sodexo rival in the USA.  

Sodexo Competitors Maintenx

8. Atalian Servest Group Ltd.

Headquarters: Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 8GB, United Kingdom 

Founder(s): TFN Group

Year Founded: 1944

Atalian Servest serves as a one-stop destination for all the facilities needs of the client. This company offers catering, cleaning, technical, security, and various other services.

It allows clients to customize the service package as per demands to save extra bucks and get the best support. 

This company hires industry experts to staff and lead employees to guarantee industry-leading support. Its well-trained staff is always equipped with the latest equipment and techniques to deliver satisfying work. 

Atalian Servest currently employs over 23,000 professionals, who are providing their services at 7,000 client sites across the United Kingdom.

Now, this company is aiming to expand its operations across the globe and entertain more clients seeking top-notch facility management solutions. 

Sodexo Competitors Atalian Servest group

9. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

Headquarters: Aon Center Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Founder(s): Richard Winstanley

Year Founded: 1783

Using cutting-edge digital technologies to satisfy clients’ needs, JLL offers flexible and reliable solutions for all facility maintenance-related needs.

This company works to improve the client’s purchasing power, transparency, and reduce operating costs. JLL’s subsidiary company Corrigo offers automation services so that the client can manage facilities operations seamlessly. 

It is one of the oldest facilities management companies in the world. It was founded in 1783 when Jones Lang Wootton and LaSalle Partners collaborated to expand their operations beyond the UK. 

JLL is on a mission to drive operational excellence by taking advantage of industry-leading technologies. This company also provides smart building solutions.

Clients rely on this company to develop engineering and operational tactics for their businesses. It is a major competitor of Sodexo in Europe and many other countries across the globe. 

Sodexo Competitors Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

10. TrueSource

Headquarters: Islandia, NY 11749, United States

Founder(s): Edward Igushev

Year Founded: 1982

TrueSource is another trusted facilities management company that offers rapid support for all facilities management needs of the client.

It provides seasoned professionals to organize flooring, glass, doors, emergency preparedness, and other needs of a business. It uses the latest devices and techniques to get a real-time update on the progress of the client’s projects. 

This company is currently serving as a single outsource partner for many businesses. Clients hire TrueSource and OnPoint Group for their material handling and facility demands. It provides support for jobs from door to dock maintenance. 

This company claims to offer the most skilled workforce for any required job. Businesses contact TrueSource for complete or bespoke solutions and this company delivers what clients demand. That’s why it has served and retained many customers for the last 40 years. 

Sodexo Competitors TrueSource