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What Happened to Havana Joe Shoes? (HINT: They’re Still Alive!)

If you’re an avid admirer of everyday boots and shoes, you must definitely be a Panama Jack fan. 


Maybe it’s because you cannot locate the company anymore. That’s right; once upon a time, the name Panama Jack rang a deep bell in the minds of footwear enthusiasts.

To understand their story better, one question is important – where is Panama Jack brand from? 

The brand has its roots in Spain. Although they always appealed to the patriotism of their local customers, they didn’t stop in their home country. They expanded elsewhere and soon became a global name across the seven seas. 

Their line of products was not only comfortable but unique in a non-flashy sort of way as well. 

But questions started floating around when one day, the original Panama Jack Shoes Website closed down suddenly. The global market was flabbergasted. After all, the company was doing really well. 

They had a happy set of customers, the profits were good, and there was no indication of an impending bankruptcy or loss of sales.

The abrupt closure affected millions of people who had been serving their part as Panama Jack loyalists for years. 

So what happened – did Panama Jack discontinue? Unfortunately yes; but there’s a good reason for that, which we’ll come to later. 

For now, you can take solace in the fact that there are still multiple platforms where you can browse and purchase your favorite kicks from Panama Jack. 

So who’s ready to find out about the interesting and mysterious history of the once-global shoe company? 

Is Panama Jack Shoes Still in Business?

Fortunately, the Panama Jack shoe company still exists, but not under the banner which you might be familiar with. 

Today, you might be knowing the old and reliable shoe brand with another name – Havana Joe Shoes. 

Wait – so when did they change their name, and why didn’t you get to know about that? 

Firstly, it was all over the news at that time. So if you didn’t hear about it, you should start reading more newspapers regularly. 

Secondly, the Panama Jack company had to legally change its name to Havana Joe Shoes Company due to copyright reasons.

They did so because they also wanted to expand their market and export their products out of Spain. 

So, did the company shut down its operations, or are they still around? The question is of immense importance, especially for the hundreds of thousands of fans who are still searching for the whereabouts of the company on their internet browsers. 

Fortunately, we have the answer. It might not be the one that you are looking for, but it’s at least good to have some closure and a definitive conclusion about an obsession. 

The answer is that no, Panama Jack did not disappear entirely.

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Where is Panama Jack Now?

Firstly, the fact that they changed their name to Havana Joe to export globally failed magnificently. 

The basic target was to continue their operations, just under the tag of Havana Joe. However, there is no Havana Joe shoes official website on the internet today.

What does that tell us? That the business is no longer operational, at least under its adopted name. 

That edges us closer to the ultimate question – were Havana Joe shoes discontinued? Unfortunately, yes. It’s hard to find stores or online platforms selling under the Havana Joe banner nowadays. 

It’d be easier, on the other hand, to get a shoe from Panama Jack, especially if you are a Spaniard. So, is Panama Jack a good brand, perhaps better than Havana Joe? 

That was a trick question, because both the brands are the same, just operating under different names because of copyright issues. 

The thing is, Panama Jack soon realized that they are better off operating just in Spain. That would allow them to tap into the local market and appeal to the patriotism and nationalism of the local consumers. 

They did so successfully. The official website of Panama Jack is still up and running, selling a variety of shoes, accessories, and so on.

The distinguishable logo and brand of the company make it easier for loyalists to recognize reliable shoe manufacturers. 

Is Havana Joe Shoes Still in Business?

As we mentioned, Panama Jack had to change their name to Havana Joe because it wanted to export internationally without facing any copyright issues. 

While the plan was good and ambitious, it didn’t work out on the global level. They did sell quite a few pairs and gained plaudits from around the world.

But later, they realized it was in their best interests to remain a primarily local brand and operate from Spain. 

So, the Havana Joe brand is nothing more than a distant memory for now. The company retreated to its original name – Panama Jack – and continued operating in Spain, this time targeting the local market as its primary source of revenue. 

Can I Still Buy From Panama Jack?

If you are from Spain, you can easily get your hands on any of the original and reliable shoes manufactured by Panama Jack. 

However, the task becomes a little trickier if you are from abroad. For exportation, Panama Jack had launched the Havana Joe shoe company. However, that venture failed and they reverted to selling locally. 

So what about international buyers? 

Don’t worry – you won’t have to pay a fortune on shipping and customs. While Havana Joe Shoes do not sell officially anymore, they did exist at some point. 

That means their shoes are still in circulation on the internet. So even if you do not find shoes under their banner officially, you can still get your hands on your favorite pairs if you are lucky. 

For that, you can visit the official store of Panama Jack (which might include extra shipping charges), AmazonDesertCart, and so on.

You can also try and get an authentic and vintage pair off of platforms like eBay. That will save you a lot of money, and additional charges, as well as give you a unique product. 

So whether you are a local buyer or an international one, you can still get your favorite Panama Jack shoes.

Even if it’s not selling under the name of Havana Joe, we assure you that the manufacturers are the same, as well as the quality of products. 

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From Panama Jack to Havana Joe and Back to Square One

To understand the global acclaim of Panama Jack, we must understand the interesting and mysterious journey of the company. So when was Panama Jack started? 

It all started in 1973, with a small dream and a big ambition. Anthony Vincent came up with the idea of establishing a footwear brand in Spain. He started his workshop in the city of Elche at just 32 years young. 

He set up his first factory at a very young age, and called it “La Casita”. In English, the term translates to “The Small House”, probably a symbolic reflection of the tiny size of the factory when compared to giant outlets. 

Even though the company had its inception in 1973, it took around 16 more years for them to launch its first product in the footwear category. The adventure thus began in the year 1989. 

Their first product in this category was a pair of comfortable, everyday boots. The product had the name of the company inscribed on its surface, something that served as a symbol of inauguration for the brand. 

The company then ran its first advertising campaign in 1990, appearing in print for the first time since it started existing on paper.

All the magazines and newspapers carried the name Panama Jack on their front pages. 

The Rise of a New Brand

Since then, the company only spiraled upwards. By manufacturing good-looking and comfortable shoes, they introduced a new line of footwear in Spain. 

Earlier, the country had no local players in this category. They either had to rely on international brands or go to cheap stores that sold unreliable and faulty products. 

So when Panama Jack came into existence, many people were glad that a Spaniard had finally set up their manufacturing unit in the country itself. 

And that is a unique selling point that Panama Jack uses to this day. Their entire operation, from the extraction of raw materials to their production, is based in Spain itself.

By doing this, they are appealing to the nationalism of the masses. 

The Name Change

After establishing a good name in their home country, Panama Jack wanted to go global. But if they operated on an international level, they would be struck with a copyright claim. 

The most probable reason for this must be the existence of a similar brand operating under the same banner. 

Thus, Panama Jack had to change their name to Havana Joe Shoes Company when they planned on raking in profits through exports. Wait – who is Havana Joe?

Speaking out of context, there’s one person with the same name who is a fairly renowned marketing expert. 

But in the context of Panama Jack, Havana Joe might just be a random name change. Or there might be a deep significance to the name which we are ignorant about. Either way, it isn’t public knowledge. 

Soon after the name change, Panama Jack realized that their primary market is waiting back home in Spain.

Thus, they abandoned the “Havana Joe” project and reverted to their original methods – operating through and on their mainland. 

The company still operates today. They are still selling their products under the name of Panama Jack as opposed to Havana Joe.

For international buyers who are still looking for the revival of Havana Joe, it is not likely. You should turn to other platforms like eBay.

Are The Shoes Worth Buying? 

If you have read the entire article, you are going to buy the shoes. But even so, if you still haven’t made up your mind, we’ll help you decide. 

We know it’s a lot of effort if you try and find your favorite pair, even more so if you want to purchase them. Thus, it becomes even more prominent for us to understand if we need such shoes. 

To be objective, it’s only fair that we use the reviews of reputed platforms like Trustpilot to give our verdict. 

The customer review site has rated Panama Jack shoes as something that is “bad for business”, both for the company as well as the people.

Most reviewers agree on one common statement – that the quality of Panama Jack shoes has degraded over time. 

The soles of the company’s footwear, especially the sandals, seem to wear out quicker than average. This is a problem that a lot of customers are facing at present. 

Even today, the quality, comfort, and design of the shoes are generally well-liked. The brand, however, falls short in terms of reliability because of its weak soles. After some simple and short walking, the soles start disintegrating. 

Another issue branches out of the “sole problem”. Many people reported that the customer service of the company refused to listen to their grievances over the phone. 

All this does make us question whether Panama Jack is the same friendly, locally beloved footwear company that it once was. 


Panama Jack had an interesting journey. They briefly changed their name to Havana Joe to export internationally but closed off that venture pretty soon. 

Today, they still sell locally, much to the appreciation of hundreds of admirers and loyalists from Spain and around the world.