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What Happened to Cheer Detergent? (And WHY It Died Out!)

If there’s one thing we can all agree to hate, it’s doing laundry. Of course, some tools just make it easier. Personally, buying new clothes and disposing of the dirty ones would be much more preferable. 

However, that is not economically sustainable and so we are stuck with trying to wash our clothes. Unfortunate. 

What’s not unfortunate, however, is that there are tools that make the job easier – a good laundry detergent, for instance. 

The clean, fresh, colorful, and vibrant aroma of freshly washed clothes is hard to achieve. Normally, if you don’t use the right detergent, you will need to deal with a nasty, pungent smell. 

And that is why people have their own favorite brand of detergent laundry powder. You have Tide, Surf Excel, and whatnot.

But there’s one name that constantly finds itself on thousands of Google Searches every day – the Cheer Laundry Detergent. 

Despite having a large number of competitors, Cheer never truly lost its hold in the market. After rebranding its products, the company half-disappeared off the face of retail chains and online platforms.

Nowadays, it’s wicked difficult to get Cheer detergents from a nearby store, especially if you are looking for the powdered product. 

Because of such inactivity, people from all over the world are raising a synchronous query on the internet – is Cheer laundry detergent still in business?

Now, now, laundry-hating folk, it’s time to stop bothering Monsieur Google. We have answers to all your questions. Let’s pick them apart one by one.

What is Cheer Laundry? What Do They Sell?

Cheer laundry detergents are massively popular in the United States and Canada. The company had its inception in the year 1950.

To maintain that level of consistent business for over 7 decades and still not disappear completely is an achievement in itself. 

The product underwent a slight rebranding in 1952, which is when it really established itself in the market.

It had some highly distinctive and desirable properties, particularly the blue granules of the detergent which paved way for the popular nickname – Blue Cheer.

Also, we’re not going to tell if you Blue Cheer, the 1960s rock band, drew inspiration from a laundry detergent’s nickname. Open to interpretation. 

The fact is that Cheer had a lot of qualities that attracted the general market. They were the first brand to develop a detergent that worked with waters of all temperatures.

They also have minimized color fading during laundry, something that the modern market appreciated. 

Cheer detergents also left a pleasant smell upon washing. Many customers even began to associate the smell with some unpleasant memories, such as of their exes, making it difficult for them to use the detergent. Nevertheless, they still did, for the sake of dirty laundry. 

After nearly half a century of domination, Cheer is slowly collapsing behind other competitors like Tide. But to start in the 1950s and go strong for so long is a great feat. 

What amplifies their accomplishment is that people are still actively trying to buy Cheer products, even if it is not as easily available as it once was. 

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Who Sells Cheer Detergent? Where Can I Buy Cheer Detergent?

Now we know that Cheer became a tad inactive after their supposed rebranding. But many people are still asking – is Cheer detergent discontinued completely? 

The answer is no. The product is still available in many retail stores as well as some e-commerce platforms. 

However, there is a slight difference in what Cheer is putting out in the market nowadays. It was once a premium line of detergents, launching a wide variety of products specializing in different areas. 

The result was that the products were a bit more expensive as well. Cheer also competed directly with Tide, with the latter since becoming the more premium alternative between the two of them.  

In 2016, the transition took place. Cheer detergent lagged behind other competitors and rebranded itself into a budget product.

Tide Plus Colorguard, available in most major stores today, replaced Cheer as the top premium option in the market. 

Now, you’ll find “Cheer Colorguard” and “Cheer Brightclean” on online stores and retail shops, which are the rebranded versions of your beloved detergent company. 

But there’s still one important question left – where to buy Cheer detergent?

Tons of old fans and loyalists are still looking for the veteran detergent. Even though they are having difficulty trying to find it, nothing is impossible. 

Cheer no longer operates on its official website, which they have shut down completely. But they are still available in some Walmart stores and other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, with the latter even selling Cheer detergent powders. 

Cheer Detergent – Meet the Manufacturers

To figure out why Cheer settled into an average position in the market even when it used to be on top, we need to know more about the founders and manufacturers of the brand. 

Procter & Gamble founded the Cheer line of detergent products in 1937. The company is since looking after the production and manufacturing needs of the brand. 

While Cheer is not the top, a premium alternative that it once used to be, the downfall is likely not affecting the founders too much.

The reason is that Procter & Gamble also manufactures Tide, the most dominant detergent around the globe today. 

But that’s not all, Procter & Gamble practically owns a monopoly in the United States when it comes to selling liquid laundry detergents, having access to over 60% of the market by themselves. 

Today, Tide accounts for about 30% of the total market in terms of liquid detergent sales. Cheer, on the other hand, does not have a flattering number. Nevertheless, it’s ultimately Procter & Gamble profiting off of both brands. 

The owners also bear responsibility for some smaller brands including Ariel and Downey. As you can imagine, the gradual but steep downfall of Cheer didn’t affect them much, as the second top competitor was Tide – one of their own. 

So, what happened to Procter & Gamble – are they still good? Yep, they’re doing just fine, earning billions every year from their multiple brands.

In 2020, the company recorded a whopping annual net income of $13.03 billion. Amazing what a pile of dirty clothes can do for the right person!

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Why Did Cheer Detergent Go Silent?

For a brand that’s been around since the 1950s, it’s surprising to see that Cheer’s fabulous and highly popular line of detergents has dissolved in the market. 

There must be a reason behind why the brand is so inactive today, right? 

At least the brand still exists. Even if the products are hard to find, and a lot of detergents are discontinued, the Cheer loyalists still have a lot of options to choose from. 

Nevertheless, all roads lead back to the same tricky question. What transpired that forced Procter & Gamble to virtually shut down the brand? Let’s find out. 

The original fact is that Cheer detergent didn’t discontinue. In 2016, when customers started raising questions, the company made it clear that they are just doing a little bit of rebranding and reorganization. 

What this implied is that the product underwent several changes, including its packaging, pricing, and many more.

The representatives of Procter & Gamble, however, ensured enraged customers that they won’t be changing the odor, formula, or general application of their products. 

And thus began the wait. People expected Cheer to bounce back and take its place back on the throne for months. However, the rebuttal didn’t come.

The company didn’t go completely extinct. Customers could still purchase some products from local stores and online platforms. 

However, the diversification of the product took a huge hit. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find Cheer’s powdered detergents in some areas.

Many customers had to shift to different brands because of the unavailability of Cheer’s detergent line. 

The brand’s net revenue plummeted. While Cheer’s laundry detergents used to be one of the most popular options in their niche once, today they don’t even contribute a fraction of what they used to in the market.

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Procter & Gamble Remained Unaffected

Even though Cheer fell as a brand, the founders of the company – Procter & Gamble – didn’t seem to mind the steep downgrade. 

It would have been easier to care if they had lost their dominance in the market. But what actually happened was that Tide took Cheer’s place at the top. It became the dominant, premium detergent on a global scale. 

To put things into perspective, Tide took Procter & Gamble to new heights internationally, making it their number one brand.

When that happened, the company didn’t feel the need to invest in rebranding Cheer completely. 

After all, why would you spend money on fixing one brand if the other one, operating in the same niche, is providing better results? 

That really explains the gradual downfall of Cheer. Even though the brand served the company well for more than five decades, it had already reached its summit.

Procter & Gamble recognized the greater benefit of letting Tide overtake it. The decision paid off.

Cheer Detergent – What People Say

So that was the tale of how Cheer detergent came down from the top of the laundry detergent market. 

It still exists, but not on the same scale. But if so many customers are still scrolling around the internet, wanting to purchase Cheer products for their laundry uses, we need to understand what people say about Cheer detergent

So without further ado, let’s talk reviews! 

Cheer’s liquid laundry detergent scored an impressive 4.6 stars on Influenster. Most people associate a pleasant smell with the product, which is unheard of when talking about detergents. 

Another thing that impressed millions of customers was how effective Cheer’s detergents are at washing dirty clothes without getting any color off the garments.

Many people also marveled at how easy it was to get dirt, grime, and stains off their clothing items. 

The good thing is that the reviews following Cheer’s infamous rebranding have been quite positive as well. There are no outstanding changes in the product’s performance. 

However, some reviewers do feel that the quality of the product was downgraded a bit.

Some even reported a bad smell after they washed their clothes using the new line of Cheer’s liquid detergent. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Cheer Detergent safe? 

Cheer’s liquid detergent is completely safe. They use the same ingredients and chemicals that other detergents would generally use. 

Moreover, they offer both HE and non-HE alternatives so that the customers can use them according to their requirements.

How good is Cheer Detergent?

In terms of customer reviews and scientific analysis, Cheer detergent used to be one of the top alternatives in the market.

After the supposed rebranding, however, it is more of a budget product. However, it is still a better option than most cheap detergents within a similar price range.

Are Tide and Cheer the same?

Although manufactured by the same company, Tide and Cheer are not the same. They offer different products but operate in the same industry.

In terms of differentiation, Tide is the more premium option while Cheer is the budget alternative.

Final Thoughts

Cheer Detergent was America’s number 1 choice till a few years ago. It is a testimony to how good their products were that customers are still trying to search for them.

Thankfully, the original brand is not completely shut down yet. Customers can still get their products through e-commerce platforms like Amazon, albeit after some hassle and difficulty. 

We hope that you find the best detergent for your clothes. Happy laundry!