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The Complete Guide to Uninstalling Bloatware from Your Mac

Whether we like it or not, our Macs always come preinstalled with lots of bloatware and software we never use. That becomes a problem, and the only way to address it is to remove the bloatware as quickly as possible. Learning how to delete this software is not very difficult, and there are a few methods we can use to achieve that.

Removing System Apps

A good approach when it comes to uninstalling system apps is to restart the Mac and then press Command+R. It will trigger the recovery mode, and here you can go to Terminal/Utilities. Write “csrutil disable” in the terminal, and then press Return. What that does is it will disable the system integrity protection. Once you restart your Mac, they will allow you to remove system apps very fast.

Uninstalling Third-Party Apps

If you want to uninstall third party apps that come as bloatware, you can do that too. Choose the apps that you want to remove, go to Applications, and then move the app to Trash.


That will delete the app. Some third-party apps might have an uninstallation system, but not many of them do.

Using the Launchpad

Yes, you can remove bloatware via the Launchpad, and the process is actually very convenient. You can press and hold on any app, it will start moving, and then you can press Delete. You will be required to confirm, and if you do, then you will be good to go here. It’s a very fast and dependable method that works for most apps, and you will be extremely happy with the efficiency that it brings to the table.

Removing App Leftovers

The problem with bloatware is that it will leave a variety of files, and you will have to remove those manually. You will need to go to the Library folder from the Finder, and there, you will need to check the app name.


Then, you can remove any remaining files that will sometimes stay there even if you uninstalled the app yourself.

Using an Uninstaller

Most of the time, you will not have an uninstallation system for most of the apps. But some app developers do offer that, and in such a case, you just have to use it. There are also third-party uninstallers for Mac bloatware that you can find online. Ideally, you want to use an uninstaller or maybe a removal script to help eliminate all instances of an app. That will help save you time.

All these tips are very helpful if you want to uninstall bloatware from your Mac. It’s very important to remove stuff that you know you will never use, as it will just overload your computer with unnecessary content. Plus, most bloatware will also waste precious resources and stay active in the background. So, if there is a way to remove it like the ideas shown above, try to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Just keep the apps and stuff you really need while not having to deal with bloatware at all!