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Blackjack Alternatives: Which Other Card Games to Play at Casinos


When it comes to card games that are played in casinos, blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most popular and enjoyable choices around. It’s easy to learn and play for anyone who is interested in card games.

However, there is a whole world of other exciting games that lie just beyond blackjack, each of which offers unique gameplay experiences. This range of alternative card games also caters to a wide range of preferences as well as skill levels.

If you’re wondering what kind of different card games can compare to the popularity and simplicity of blackjack, you’ll discover the best options below, which have distinct features and reasons why they’re well worth trying your hand at.


One of the other most well-known card games around is baccarat, which can rival blackjack for its elegance as well as its simplicity. The game itself is thought to have originated somewhere in the region of Italy in the 1400s, but this has been widely contested as the French also claim that they invented the game. Despite its unknown origins, the game has been a favorite since its inception.

The name baccarat itself is thought to come from the word baccara, which translates loosely to mean nothing or zero. This is apt since the game is played with all of the royal face cards, or court cards, and 10s having a rating of zero. The game of baccarat is one known for drawing in high rollers since it has very straightforward rules and the opportunities to win are quite good, which makes up the ante during games rather exciting. The game revolves around betting on either the Player or the Banker or that there will be a Tie between the two. The main game objective is to reach a total of nine, or as close to nine as possible.

You could easily do this with two cards or with five cards, depending on what you are dealt. If you exclude the tie when you’re betting, then the Banker is a good choice since it wins on average about 51% of the time. Overall, this is a great game for those who prefer to trust in the good fortunes of Mister or Lady Luck, over needing to have precise skill sets or knowledge of the cards.

Casino War

This incredibly simple card game never fails to draw patrons in to try their luck against the dealers. The game is said to be named after the popular children’s game of War, and its rules are incredibly easy. In fact, it’s possibly the easiest card game ever to master and play since it’s played entirely by the rule of chance.


The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s single card, and as such, players are also dealt a card. Whichever card is higher becomes the winning card of the game, and payouts are then made. Should the draw result in a tie between the player and the dealer, then the players can either surrender their hand or they can go to ‘War.’ If they go to ‘War,’ then the player has to double their bet, and they will receive a new card to show.

Three Card Poker

Another worthy contender for those who enjoy blackjack is Three Card Poker. This game is played at a much faster pace than regular poker since it contains elements of blackjack it as well. The aim of the game is to get players to make the best ranking hands possible in order to beat the dealer. There are two main ways to win.

The first is to have a better hand than the one that the dealer holds. The second way to win is to place side bets on the strength of the card hands dealt. The fairly easy game rules and quick hands being played make it a good change of pace for those who are used to playing traditional blackjack.

Pai Gow

The poker game known as Pai Gow is both similar and very different from the game of poker as it stands. It first originated from the Chinese game of dominos, which bears the same name.

Players in the game receive seven cards, and with these seven cards, they need to create two separate poker hands – one of two cards and one of five cards. This gives regular blackjack players a chance to create some masterful winning combinations, while challenging skills that poker players have honed to create different strategies. This need to create two strong hands simultaneously is one that never fails to challenge card players. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s dual card hands of five cards and two cards simultaneously.


The game of Yablon, also known as Acey-Deucy or as Red Dog at some online casinos, is an easy-to-learn card game that offers players the chance to embark on a wild gambling ride. The game begins with several standard decks of cards and is played with upward of three players. Players are shown two cards by the dealer.


The main aim of the game, once the first two cards’ values have been revealed, is to place a bet on the value of the third unknown card that is yet to be dealt. Wagers are made on precisely where the undealt card will fall between the values shown by the first two cards. The fact this combines elements found in both blackjack and poker makes it a favorite pastime at online casinos like Treasure Mile for those who are seeking something less traditional when it comes to card games.

So, while blackjack remains one of the most popular card games at casinos worldwide, there is also a huge variety of equally enticing and alternative card games that offer uniquely exhilarating gameplay opportunities. Whether you choose to dabble and learn the rules of baccarat, Three Card Poker, or Pai Gow Poker, you’re certain to enjoy hours of entertainment value.

By taking the chance to experience new card games, you’re expanding your options next time you decide to visit the casino floor.

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