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HERE’S What Happened to Newport News Clothing (2023 update)

Clothing catalogs – a respite for those who simply cannot devote their entire days to deciding what they should wear on a Sunday or a Monday.

In many ways, a catalog can help you plan your outfits effectively, especially if you want a cost-effective solution.

Of course, there are high-end fashion catalogs that don’t care about the money you’d need to spend on the outfits they feature.

But some, like Newport News Clothing catalogs, try to balance style and affordability. 

If you’re one of the old followers of the old Spiegel clothing catalog and wondering what happened to the once-popular brand, you’re in the right place.

We have all the answers for you. 

What is Newport News Clothing?

Named after the fairly underrated city on the far side of Virginia, Newport News Clothing was once a popular brand that was popular for its unique and fashionable catalogs. 

We can date the early operations of the company as far back as 1973 when the company had its inception under the flattering brand name of Avon.

From there on, business was relatively smooth. After some years of operation, Spiegel acquired the brand. 

The company’s mail-based catalog had a distinctive method to capture the market. They focused on releasing fashionable outfits which would not demand a lot of money from the customers. 

At that time, all the fashion catalogs focused only on expensive fits, so Newport News Clothing stood out from the competition handsomely. 

The company mainly used to launch fashion catalogs in a magazine-like format, something that could attract fashion enthusiasts within the younger communities.

Newport News Clothing, because of its distinctive solution and services, has a huge fan base. 

Therefore, many people were surprised when the company disappeared off the face of Earth a while back.

Fashion enthusiasts, who are looking for affordable outfit ideas are still echoing the same question over and over again – what happened to Spiegel and Newport News?

Let’s find out. 

What Happened to Newport News Clothing? 

Newport News Clothing had hundreds of thousands of subscribers. They used to mail their catalogs to loyal customers who had been around for decades. 

But the company faltered twice between 2000 and 2010. A stumble of two years within the decade crippled Newport News Clothing forever.

While they had been going strong for a while, they finally disappeared and shut off their operations in the late 2010s. 

But why? Unfortunately, the audience does not have an official message from Newport News Clothing’s official website.

Part of the reason for that is that the company did not have any legitimate website of its own. 

That’s a bummer, especially for loyal customers who are still looking for their favorite Newport News catalog online on their computers. 

While we cannot exactly revive the Newport Clothing brand, what we can do is give you a proper closure.

We’ll tell you the real truth behind why Newport News Clothing shut down, their last social media presence being recorded in 2017. 

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The Successful Years 

Newport News Clothing catalogs initially served under the banner of Avon Clothing Inc., n industry giant at that time. 

With Avon’s name at the helm, the Newport clothing brand ran successfully for years. It became a hit, especially among lower and upper-middle-class consumers. With that catalog, people could now plan fashionable outfits at affordable rates. 

Over the years, Newport News catalogs amassed thousands of followers, each subscribing to their services through a mail-based channel.

The profits of the company, therefore, soared positively. 

Then after some years of steady business, Spiegel, Inc. acquired the clothing line of Newport News. Fortunately, the business did not dip at this point. Instead, it soared higher than ever. 

Spiegel, Inc., is a leading retailer in the apparel industry. Apart from their primary Spiegel catalogs, the company also owns several subsidiary catalogs such as Newport News and Eddie Bauer. 

Apart from their catalogs, Spiegel also runs a chain of retail stores that feature mostly casual and sports apparel for both genders.

Moreover, the company also operates in the home furnishing industry. 

With Spiegel leading the vanguard, Newport News Clothing managed to release several fashion catalogs for people wanting to don sporty and casual outfits.

Because Spiegel was releasing their line of affordable clothing products, the relationship worked harmoniously. 

All good things, however, come to an abrupt halt. And that is what happened to Newport News as the new century dawned on the horizon. Between 2000 and 2010, the company declared bankruptcy twice. 

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The Tragedy That Followed 

In 1997, Spiegel and Newport News Clothing, in a combined business relationship, were hosting about a million subscribers.

These loyalists got the monthly catalog produced by Newport News Clothing, featuring the trendy and affordable outfits at that time. 

In just three years, however, the company spiraled downwards at a rapid pace. 

There is no official explanation of what happened. Perhaps they miscalculated their prices or were not alert while conducting their tax returns.

Whatever the case, Newport News Clothing did not sell enough catalogs to sustain its business model. 

In 2003, they took their first hit. The Spiegel Group, which owned the Newport News Catalogues, officially filed for bankruptcy, for protection under Chapter 11

While we don’t know what happened that made the situation get out of hand, there is clear speculation that points fingers at the company’s trusting nature. 

As per Robert Miller, the president of Financo Restructuring Group, the primary culprit behind the bankruptcy was the company’s engagement with the credit card business, and not the sale of catalogs or other retail-based products. 

The default rate of Spiegel was as high as 17-20% of their credit card receivables, an unusually high amount.

Because of the sad state of affairs, the company was publicly recorded to be $1.71 billion in debt. 

Their demand for protection under Chapter 11, however, meant that they would continue with their cataloging and retailing.

Spiegel was ready to fight, and they reportedly had the financial backing for it, courtesy of an investor. 

But even so, Spiegel tried to sell Newport News Inc. to another company the subsequent year, a move that eventually broke down after some tough negotiations.

From there on, Spiegel’s path looked rather bleak and dreary. 

The Final Blow 

While Spiegel and Newport News Clothing stumbled back on their feet, they suffered another huge blow in 2011. The company filed for bankruptcy yet again, the second time in eight years. 

The financial record of the company was already broken.

When they filed for bankruptcy, the company also had to settle the claims of various angry customers, who were still deemed to be obliged for their subscription, even as the company went under. 

This seemed to be the final straw for Newport News Clothing and its once-popular catalogs. The company never fully recovered from two successive bankruptcy filings. 

After their recent tussle with the customers, they lost a huge share of their market as well. People felt betrayed, and rightly so. 

It’s not to say that the company was trying to take advantage of its loyal customers. It was simply too chaotic for them to handle everything at once.

As a result, innocent customers were stuck in the crossfire. 

The company did try to crawl back to life, but it eventually faded into nothingness. There are no official records of the company shutting down. 

They simply vanished without a trace, their last social media post coming in 2017. 

Is Newport News Clothing Still in Business?

Unfortunately, Newport News Clothing is nowhere to be found in 2022, their last known presence being five years ago. 

You cannot subscribe to their catalogs anymore, although they never officially shut down their operations.

Because they did not have a website, you won’t be able to navigate and look for their services either. 

If you’re a Newport News Clothing loyalist, the only thing that you can do is wait and hope that the company makes a reappearance, with a restructured brand strategy and more financial backing. 

The Intertwined History of Newport News Clothing and Spiegel 

The popular Newport News catalogs were founded by Avon in 1973. Being a leader in the fashion industry, Avon needed to up their game to capture the market.

They needed an inviting catalog that could entice the masses. 

With Newport News Clothing, they achieved just that.

After several years of successful business with catalogs, the company decided that it was time to part ways, especially considering Avon’s clothing business had decreased significantly over the years. 

After devoting a lot of time to brand restructuring, Avon decided that it needed to stop venturing into unfamiliar territories and instead stick to cosmetics.

As such, they decided to sell all their clothing-related subsidiaries, including Newport News catalogs. 

Now that the catalog division was up for sale, several former managers made an investment group together and completed the acquisition in 1987, giving it the name – New Hampton Inc. 

Finally, Spiegel swooped in and purchased the company in 1993.

They had an agreement with the old representatives that they could keep Avon’s name in the catalogs for a decade after the acquisition.

However, even with several years left in the arrangement, Spiegel decided to give the catalogs their brand. And thus came the name – Newport News Clothing. 

The initial business years of the catalog company with its parent company, Spiegel, were great.

Business soared, and hundreds of thousands of customers waited in a queue to get their monthly subscriptions to Newport News fashion catalogs. 

Then, the company, through bad credit-based decisions, suffered two successive bankruptcy filings within a short span. That crippled both Spiegel and Newport News Clothing. 

While the company tried to restructure its brand positioning several times, its marketing moves, which involved strategies like releasing a new, thicker magazine for fashion enthusiasts, failed to impress the consumers. 

Pretty soon, Newport News Clothing was just a memory for fashion enthusiasts, who once devoted their evenings to sifting through the pages of their beloved catalogs. 

Newport News Clothing’s Early Demise – Our Opinion 

There is still a lot of doubt and uncertainty surrounding what caused the early death of Newport News’ clothing brand. 

However, it’s fair to assume that Newport News Clothing did not lose its merit over its years of operation.

Instead, it was the bad business decisions made by Spiegel that led to the collapse of the company. 

Spiegel, one of the biggest names in the apparel industry, earned most of its income through credit.

However, in the 2000s, their credit score became abysmal as they dealt some very wrong cards. 

As the situation of their credit debt and defaults grew worse, Spiegel’s solutions became more desperate.

They started to become a subprime lender by themselves, forced to offer credit to consumers belonging to lower or middle-class families. 

Such consumers were not financially sound enough to repay the credit lent to them, and many did not even qualify for Visa or MasterCard.

Ultimately, that proved to be a huge blow for both Spiegel and Newport News Clothing. 

Their business model, primarily their revenue model, was not strong enough to survive the modern market.

Surprisingly, though, there was no drastic decrease in the number of subscriptions that Spiegel recorded annually. At least not before the first bankruptcy. 

After that, though, everything that could go wrong for Newport News Clothing went wrong. 

The company could not survive the repetitive blows.