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HERE’S What Happened to Gulfstream Motorhomes (2023 update)

Some people don’t appreciate an anchor in their lives. They want to constantly move around and explore the beautiful world. 

If you’re always on the move, from countryside to countryside, it might be difficult for you to spend a lot of money on accommodation.

The modern market, however, has the perfect solution for that problem.

All you need is a Recreational Vehicle or an RV. You might remember Gulfstream Motorhomes, one of the most reliable names in the RV industry.

The Gulfstream RV construction process was always phenomenal, from the design to affordability and convenience. 

But you might be wondering, is it fulfilling to live inside a trainer, a recreational vehicle? 

That’s right, an RV is a mobile home on four wheels with living quarters, space for a kitchen, lounging, and so on. For many people, that’s the stuff of dreams.

Sure, a nice bungalow or a home would give you some stability. 

But as Morgan Freeman once said, “some birds aren’t meant to be caged,” and for them, RVs can be a coveted soul-mate.

But if you’re looking to get an RV, you cannot treat it like a regular car. It needs to be perfect.

After all, would you settle for anything less than your house of dreams? 

About Gulfstream Motorhomes 

Gulf Stream, a company founded in 1971, is now the leading manufacturer and producer of full-range RV products in the United States. 

The Shea family initially started in Nappanee, Indiana, where the company focused on the housing industry under the mantle of Fairmont Homes.

Jim Shea, the family patriarch and the founder of the company, built the empire from ground zero. 

He also involved his sons in the company, successfully turning it into a family business. In 1983, Shea had a wild idea.

He turned the operations of the company in the opposite direction and started focusing on trailers and recreational vehicles. 

That’s how Gulf Stream Coach, the brand that we know today, came into existence.

They launched the first RV, the Foxfire Travel Trailer, into the market and announced their arrival into the industry in style. 

Since then, the company managed to produce and sell more than 300,000 RVs. Apart from that, they consistently employed more than 1,500 workers in their factories across the country. 

Is Gulfstream Motorhomes Still in Business? 

In 2022, several decades after the historic inauguration of Gulfstream Incorporated, the company is still going strong.

It is the leading manufacturer in the RV industry across the United States and Canada. 

The propriety construction techniques and facilities that the company uses sets them apart from the other competitors. As of now, they have factories spreading over Etna Green and Goshen. 

In terms of size, revenue, and scale, financial experts consider Gulfstream Motor to be the largest private-owned full-line producer of motorhomes in any North American region, a proud accomplishment. 

Out of the 100+ models that are circulating the market today, the Gulfstream Motorhomes Class A model is the most distinguishable.

The premium model features exciting floor plans, good automobile features, and plenty of space. 

You can find their flagship Class A models on several second-hand trading platforms as well, making them highly accessible to the public looking for affordable solutions. 

Even in the second-hand market, the vehicle can go for anything between $75,000 and $100,000. That is a clear indication of how successful Gulfstream Motorhomes are, even in the present day.

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Shea Family’s Role in the Company 

We already discussed that the Shea family founded the company, all the way back in 1971. But we’re in 2022 now.

That essentially implies that the company celebrated its Golden Jubilee last year. 

If that’s the case, who owns Gulfstream RV now? Fortunately, the answer is still the same. Gulfstream Motorhomes remained a family-oriented business.

After Jim Shea’s exemplary vision, his sons took over the business and expanded it further. 

Earlier, the business did not demand involvement from the family to a large extent.

They just had to look at the superficial operations, manage the expenses, and leave the work for the factories and employees. 

However, from the 1990s onwards, the business started scaling positively.

There was so much demand for their products that the family had to go all in, allowing the sons of the Shea family to get some first-hand, practical experience. 

And that was good for them, as it allowed the company to grow stronger and have better leadership.

Even in 2022, the Shea family plays a huge role in the overall operations and workings of the company. 

At one point, a lot of people had a common question – who bought the Gulfstream RV Empire? The answer is simple – nobody, it still remains a family-oriented company to this day.

Dan Shea, son of Jim Shea, is now at the helm of operations, serving as the President of Gulfstream Motorhomes.

If anything, he is more involved than his father in the day-to-day affairs of the company.

For instance, Dan personally makes rounds to different campgrounds to have conversations and interactive sessions with owners of different RV brands.

He collects valuable inputs and feedback from there, using the information to further the progress of his company. 

At this point, Gulfstream Coach is synonymous with the Shea family.

It’s only right that the members of the family continue to look after and handle the overall operations of the company without external interference. 

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Who Manufactures Gulfstream RVs? 

When you think of a big company selling its flagship products, you wonder if they are the actual manufacturers.

Some of the top brands often assign the responsibility of manufacturing and producing to subsidiary companies and factories.

The abovementioned fact is truer in the case of automobiles and recreational vehicles.

In such a case, an interesting question arises – where are Gulfstream Motorhomes built, and who is responsible for manufacturing them? 

Of course, the customers would prefer that the brand associated with the product manufactures them as well.

It would mean more reliable service and better accountability for the company officials. 

Fortunately for RV enthusiasts, Gulfstream Coach is responsible for its own products.

Their immense factories in Goshen and Etna Green have all the facilities to accommodate the production of hundreds of RVs. 

The company strives to take into account the complaints and feedback of their customer to design and improve their products progressively.

As such, it only makes sense that they are responsible for producing their own products.

The 1,500 employees associated with the company’s factories take good care of the process, from the start to the finish.

A tour of their facility might be something of a dream for RV enthusiasts who want to learn more about how their homes come into existence. 

Gulfstream Motorhomes’ Performance in 2022 

Gulfstream Coach offers various propriety characteristics that attract a large number of buyers. But the RV industry is not a safe space for anyone, with tough competitors piling in from all directions. 

Brands like Newmar, Fun Town RV, and Blue Bird Corp are all well-established companies that can outperform Gulfstream on separate occasions. 

In such a climate, it’s important to assess the financial performance of the company, especially in the modern market.

The value of monetary success becomes even more prominent when you take into account the age of Gulfstream, now more than 50 years old. 

Fortunately, the company is doing well for itself, amassing a projected revenue of almost $400 million in the past year, a gigantic amount for a company of this size. 

 The revenue and marketing models of the company are straightforward as well. They go after experienced and serious RV buyers.

Although they do have social media platforms for marketing, they mainly engage through word of mouth and the reach of their established brand. 

Perhaps if they try and adopt the newer techniques of market acquisition, their business would bloom even bigger. 

Are Gulfstream Coach RVs Good for Permanent Residence? 

Mainly, Gulfstream Coach specializes in developing RVs that are perfect for camping during different seasons.

However, if you need a recreational vehicle where you can live permanently, you could certainly trust Gulfstream Coach. 

Firstly, all the RVs that Gulfstream Coach develops are suitable for living through all four seasons. 

For instance, during hot and prickly summers, you will have a fully-functional air conditioning system to keep you cool and calm throughout the day. 

Similarly, during snowy and chilly winters, you can simply turn on the electrical heating that comes in models like the Sedona Fifth Wheel to live cozily and comfortably. 

The best for living permanently, especially concerning the changing weather, are the models with laminated walls.

These models use the “built a better way” construction method, where the company launches structural enhancements to make the RV stronger and better. 

The spacing and room for accommodation in their RVs are also suitable for permanent residents. However, this holds true only if you are a single person.

The space will likely become too cluttered if another person joins in on the adventure. 

Gulfstream Motorhomes Reviews – The Ground Reality of the Industry Giant 

Another great way to judge a company’s future, apart from looking at its financial records, is to see what people have to say about its services. 

Fortunately, we have a wide database of customer reviews and feedback that can help us paint a better picture of how the company works on the surface level. 

From an Employee’s Point of View: 

The internal well-being of the company is as important as its financial success.

For a logistics and operations-oriented company like Gulfstream Coach, the presence of a satisfied, content team of employees is vital. 

So, is Gulfstream a good company for employment opportunities? Let’s find out. 

As per the reviews on Glassdoor, the general consensus is that Gulfstream Motorhomes is a decent place with good working conditions.

The pay is slightly lower when compared to similar competitors, but the flexible vacation and leave policies make up for that. 

The major setback, however, is that the management tends to display favoritism when it comes to promotion and other employee-oriented opportunities.

This is something that a lot of ex-employees complained about and warrants an investigation from the CEO. 

Apart from that, some employees complained that there is little room for growth once you are an employee at the company, but that’s understandable considering the company has a fixed hierarchy.

The frequent lay-offs are something that the company needs to look into as well. 

From the Customers’ Point of View:

The opinion of the customers is more divided. As per the reviews on Consumer Affairs, the performance, design, and accommodation of the RVs are excellent. 

However, some people reported various functional issues like cabinet doors not opening properly, plumbing problems, leaking roofs, and so on. 

However, some of these purchases might be second-hand, so the exact nature of the reviews remains untested. 

In short, the average customer consensus is that Gulfstream’s RVs are one of the bests that they tried, and this came from several veteran campers. 

Final Thoughts 

Gulfstream Coach is cementing its position in the RV industry, giving even the recent competitors a tough time. 

If they continue to progress forward, the company will grow even further with the Shea family at its helm.