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HERE’S What Happened to Your Favorite Built Bars (2023 Update)

Fitness enthusiasts have two sides – wanting to stay as fit as possible and daydreaming about delicious delicacies that certainly aren’t healthy for them. 

Amid this grievous struggle, some holy people came up with the idea of making healthy eatables tasty. Earlier, “healthy” and “delicious” fell under the category of an oxymoron, unfit for use in a single sentence. 

But now, you can find low-calorie protein bars based on some of the most popular and beloved flavors from around the world. 

Built protein bars are one example of such a delicacy, offering a wholesome blend of taste and healthy ingredients. They weren’t extraordinarily popular among the masses.

But their products were delightful, offering a good, healthy substitute for whole meals. 

Even though the brand is relatively new, it had gained some loyal followers and supporters during its journey. So people suffered a nasty shock when the company went off the grid for a while. 

If you are one of those people wondering what happened to your favorite protein bar brand, let’s find out together. 

Built Brands – The Brainiacs Behind an Under-Construction Fitness Empire 

Built Brands™ is one of the largest growing producers and sellers of delicious protein bars and other fitness-related products. The brand focuses on giving a fine blend of natural and healthy ingredients without compromising the taste. 

Their original, most popular product is the Built Protein Bar, an energy-filled, protein-packed snack. It is healthy in a holistic sense, offering high fiber content and only a slight presence of sugar. 

The unique selling point of Built Brands™ is that they have their own manufacturing unit through which they can process their products and perfect their texture, taste, and quality. 

Ever since the inception of the company in 2018, Built Brands™ has come a long way, launching several other subsidiary chains like BuiltGO™ and Built Boost®. 

Earlier, the company produced Built Protein Bars in humble quarters with just enough machinery to do the job efficiently.

Now, however, after a couple of years of successful operations, their headquarters is stacked with creative elements, allowing the brand to continuously imbibe, incubate, and innovate. 

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How Much Did Built Bars Change After Rebranding? 

When people talk about the massive revamp that Built Brands™ underwent, they only talk about the new flavors they added to their already glorious lineup. But what they didn’t notice is how much the company grew on a holistic scale. 

Many people, for instance, don’t consider how difficult it is to launch a product with such a complex composition. The fact holds especially true if the company has a great market demand and requires high-end production facilities. 

So the question stands – where are Built Bars manufactured?

Before the revamp, Built had a relatively average manufacturing unit. Although it was their own, which allowed them to produce a large number of units at a time, there weren’t enough facilities. 

After the rebranding, however, they moved to a more sophisticated, state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Utah.

The entire facility stood at a handsome space spanning over 1850,000 square feet, equipped with modern machinery and automation. 

With this manufacturing unit, Built Bars managed its own propriety production chain.

The rebranding proved to be good for the employees at the manufacturing unit as well, with an indoor basketball court, soccer field, and other extravagant facilities available. 

The rebranding, therefore, was a major chapter in the company’s history. And for once, the change was good. 

Are Built Bars Discontinued? 

Built Brands™ had its inaugural ceremony back in 2018, not such a long time for a brand. So, it came as a surprise to many when they became heavily inactive during the first half of 2020. 

For months, the company closed off its operations, even remaining inactive on its social media handles. There was no official notice on why the company had suddenly disappeared off the face of Earth.

Turns out, they were not discontinuing their on-demand products. Instead, Built Bars underwent a major revamp during this period. The company decided that it was time to change its product lineup. 

They released a range of exciting new flavors that many customers were dying to try. But their initial announcement of parting ways with the old flavors did not get a good reception from some of the brand’s loyalist supporters. 

Finally, the CEO and co-founder of Built Brands announced that they have reconsidered their decision. He made it official that the company will still be serving its old flavors along with the new ones. 

The customers appreciated this gesture, especially because it’s rare for company representatives to consider their customers’ critiques against their business propositions. 

With the revamp, Built came back to the market, now stronger than ever. 

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Who is the Owner of Built Bars? 

Nick Greer, a seasoned entrepreneur, is the founder and owner of GreerCo, the organization which owns the majority of shares in Built Brands™, the parent company of Built Bars.

But he wasn’t alone in this venture, merely the primary facilitator. 

When a group of entrepreneurs joined together in 2018 to discuss the market opportunities in the fitness industry, they fashioned the idea of a candy-like protein bar.

Greer, of course, was the one who spearheaded this assembly, later funding the operations for the plans discussed.  

Of course, the competition was stiff. If they tried to invent a new product, they were only about twenty years too late. The first protein bar stormed the market in 1986, serving as a valuable source of protein and energy for athletes during that time. 

Over time, these bars became accessible to the general public as well, donning the popular name of Power Bars. But Greer’s vision was not so shortsighted.

He recognized that even modern protein bars lacked one crucial element – taste. 

Sure, companies from all over the world had tried to make their protein bars taste decent. But that’s about it. Greer didn’t want his product to be “decent”, he wanted it to be delicious.

And so, he tried to do something that nobody had attempted before. 

He developed a product that offered the health benefits and calorie count of protein bars but the taste of a chocolate-coated candy.

The unique characteristic of his product won over the market, and the company skyrocketed to success over its couple of years of operations. 

Greer, the founder of the company, rightly takes the credit for the explosive start of Built Bars’ projected ornamental career in the industry. 

About Nick Greer 

Sometimes, someone achieves so much that it’s only fair that we devote an entire section to him. Nick Greer, the co-founder, and CEO of GreerCo and Built Brands™ is the perfect example of such a figure. 

Even apart from establishing a brand in such a competitive industry, Greer’s history and other ventures are not invisible either. 

For starters, let’s just say he was born an entrepreneur. At just ten years of age, he started his first venture – selling baseball cards to the kids at school. He even started mowing his neighbors’ lawns. 

When he was a teenager, he sold firecrackers and fireworks to the kids in the neighborhood, perhaps the only venture his parents might disapprove of, considering the health hazard. 

Despite Greer’s enthusiasm for business and entrepreneurship, he didn’t let go of his spiritual side. People closest to him describe him as a helpful individual.

He even served as a volunteer for Church services and served an LDS mission in Romania. 

His educational timeline is no less impressive. He holds a Finance degree from Brigham Young University. It was during his tenure as a student at this University that he developed a deep ardor for basketball and football. 

Perhaps it was his fascination and enthusiasm for sports that made him venture into the fitness industry.

The fact becomes especially stronger when you consider that the primary market of protein bars consists of athletes, sportsmen, and so on. 

Greer also served briefly as an adjunct professor. During this period, he guided over 2,500 students and taught them about entrepreneurship.

His classes were enthusiastic and informative, allowing students to get first-hand knowledge of how to build a business. 

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Greer’s Venture into the Protein Bar Industry 

Greer’s strolled into the world of entrepreneurship in 2002, launching his first business. It was a tech-based marketing company that he called One-on-One Marketing.

His first venture was one of the fastest growing in Utah, capturing over 7,000 websites and domains. 

When the company reached the pinnacle of its success, Greer recognized that there is no further potential. He decided to invest elsewhere and sold his first company to a couple of groups dedicated to private equity.

He received a handsome sum in exchange. 

He used that to invest in GreerCo, his largest and most successful venture. It served as the parent company for many subsidiary brands, providing funds and business plans for them. 

One such subsidiary brand was Built Bars, his daring first steps into the fitness, and by extension, the protein bar industry. Initially, GreerCo was the owner and primary fundraiser for over two dozen subsidiary companies. 

However, with time, Greer decided to sell some of the ventures and keep the others, including Skipio and Built Brands, his most successful ventures.

Even out of the two, he related most with Built Bars, perhaps his most successful company since he started his entrepreneurial journey. 

And that is the story of how Greer, a seasoned and veteran entrepreneur, launched and positioned his brand in an already cluttered market. 

Are Built Bars Healthy? 

Built Bars contain an exceptional macronutrient profile, containing just around 130 to 180 calories in a single protein bar. After the rebrand, the protein content moved up to 18 grams, an impressive figure.

Apart from that, the high fiber and low sugar content are good for fitness enthusiasts as well. 

There is one common question that many have, though – are Built Bars Keto? Built protein bars do not have a complicated list of ingredients.

The presence of protein isolate and partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate is standard. 

In fact, all the ingredients mentioned officially on the pack make the product Keto, technically. So, as per the given information, we can assume that it’s safe to consume Built Bars if you’re on a Keto-centric diet. 

Built Bar Reviews – The Popular Opinions 

The most popular opinion when it comes to Built Bars’ reviews is that the products are delicious. Customers appreciate that they can purchase a “mix box” which contains a blend of their favorite flavors.

This is especially useful for new customers who want to experiment. 

The consensus is that the product is highly cost-effective. It also has a nice macronutrient profile. The one thing that people don’t like is the list of processed ingredients.

However, that is something that all protein bars share. So it’s not exactly a proper con. 

Another negative review comes when people ask a very important question – where to buy Built Bars? Unfortunately, the company only sells through its official website, which might not be a great marketing tactic. 

But their website has an easy interface and is convenient to navigate. So it’s not an issue that would turn away a lot of customers. 

Our Opinion – Is Built Bars Ever Going Out of Business?

The company certainly gave a nasty scare to its customer in 2020 when they disappeared for a couple of months.

But given how they have a handsome, propriety manufacturing unit, nice products to offer, and a solid customer base, it’s unlikely that Built Bars is going to crumble to competitive pressure. 

Either way, we hope that they stick around and continue to dazzle us with new flavors for a long time!