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HERE’S What Happened to Pat’s Cocktails After Bar Rescue [2023]

Ray Suruli, a millionaire of his time, bought Pat’s Cocktails in Los Angeles and worked hands-on with the business until it flourished. When Ray retired, he passed over the business to Jimmy, who he made the manager of Pat’s Cocktails. Unfortunately, Jimmy ran the business to the ground after he got married. 

Jon Taffer and his team at Bar Rescue came to liberate Ray’s business from the shackles of ignorance and neglect. The process wasn’t easy at all, and it was almost an impossible sight to think of Pat’s Cocktail running as a thriving bar. However, with the team effort of Bar Rescue, the success story of Pat’s Cocktail is an inspiration to many.

What is Pat’s Cocktails?

Pat’s Cocktails was a bar in Los Angeles later named “Pat’s Cocktails: A Mixology Bar.” The bar’s location was at a point where a vast crowd of young professionals passed by every day, but the bar was unwelcome, and the management was yet to tap into this potential market. They also showed no signs of improvement over the years.

The bar was actively hemorrhaging $4000 a month at its worst state. The employees of Pat’s Cocktails were frustrated and worried about their futures because of the instability of the bar.

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Who is The Founder of Pat’s Cocktails?

Decades ago, millionaire Ray Suruli bought Pat’s Cocktails and worked to the nines until he successfully quintupled his business. After the success of Pat’s Cocktails, Ray Suruli retired and left for a life of hunting in the wild, and he made Jimmy sit in the saddle while he was gone. 

With a new lady by his side, Jimmy completely ignored the bar’s management, so much so that the staff had to write to Bar Rescue as their last attempt at hope.

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Pat’s Cocktails Before Bar Rescue 

Ray Suruli left Pat’s Cocktails under the care of Jimmy when he turned 70 and retired from business. While still working here, Jimmy met Monique, whom he considered the love of his life, and decided to make her his wife.

Ray hardly came around the bar. The air conditioning was not working, all the toilets were clogged, and the bar smelled foul. Even the manager Jimmy had been outrightly neglectful of Pat’s Cocktails and focused all his attention on his wife. 

Jon Taffer visited Pat’s Cocktail, and the first thing that he noticed before anything else was that the bar was at the perfect location with a lot of the hustle and bustle around the bar. However, Pat’s Cocktails looked like it was already run down or closed.

The subsequent disappointment came when he entered the bar, and the unappealing décor was not a sight for sore eyes. Their first impression of Jimmy was uncomfortable. 

The space inside the bar is huge. It is almost 2000 square feet with a big bar. Jon noticed that the space wasn’t used to its potential right off the bat. The place was mostly empty, with many chairs and tables, all worn out. 

How was Pat’s Cocktails in Bar Rescue?

First, Jon Taffer sends three of his spies to test the waters. They ordered a few drinks and food, but the drinks were incomplete and tasted weird, while the food had to be self-served from a window of the neighboring building. 

As the three spies sat at the bar, the waitress, Vivian, checked all their IDs and even made a good conversation with them.

Vivian was working way above her pay grade as a waitress, bartender, and even managing the place all on her own while the manager, Jimmy, sat in the corner, having a drink with his wife. 

Since Jimmy was so busy involved with his wife and his drink, Jon decided to test his presence of mind and asked Vivian to give free drinks to all the customers. The customers even thanked Jimmy for the free drinks, but he seemed unbothered.

Jon figured that Jimmy had no idea that the drinks were free or even that the cash register did not receive one buck from the crowd making such loud noises.

When questioned about his outright ignorance by Jon, Jimmy defends himself by saying that he isn’t an observant person.

A frustrated Jon asked to meet with Jimmy and Ray’s owner the next day. With this confrontation, it is found that neither of the two called for Bar Rescue’s team, and it was the staff that asked for help.

When going through the bar’s inventory, Jon Taffer finds that the bar had not bought lemons for more than 6 months while still serving lemon juice/water in their menu. 

However, even with a blatant display of how the staff was discontented with the management, Ray seemed most indifferent. He was stingy with money and did not want to impart any more investment in the bar.

Jon also asked Monique to contribute to the bar rather than be a distraction for Jimmy, at which Jimmy got upset and asked Jon and his team to leave Pat’s Cocktail.

After much drama, Jon Taffer laid out the incompetence of the bar and its management and demanded to be shown some respect for his time and the staff who had asked for help. 

Everyone, including Jimmy, severely underperformed when they had to go through the stress test. Ray was also present during the test as an observer. At one point during the test, Vivian breaks under pressure and starts crying, and Jon has to run after her and convince her to come back in to finish the shift.

Surprisingly, Monique was the one who stepped up and solved many of the problems in the scuffle. At the end of the test, everyone agreed that Jimmy was the most incompetent, and the staff had no hope in the management whatsoever. 

The following day, much to the surprise of Jon and the staff at Pat’s Cocktails, Ray walks in with a basket full of lemons. He even set up the bar to make management easier for Jimmy and fixed the air conditioning.

As with the other bars, Jon brings in certified experts to help with the bar’s food and drinks. They decide to work on their presentation so that they can be more appealing to a younger crowd. 

A ticket system was also introduced wherein the customers had to pay in cash for the ticket and use the ticket to buy the food. They also brought in new bottles of liquor, which were smaller in size and were better for making accurate pours. They decided to focus on the food at the bar and create a smoke-themed menu for drinks to accompany the barbeque. 

Jon Taffer takes it upon himself to renovate the bar. The interiors were designed to be more modern looking and had a lot of open spaces. The food service area had a POS system with two workstations and complete menus for food and drinks. 

He even renamed the bar to “Pat’s Cocktails- A Mixology bar” The sign outside the bar was made more prominent and bolder so that people walking outside could see the bar was up and running. 

The bartenders seemed to be doing a great job on the relaunch day. However, the floor was heavily neglected to the point where a long line of customers waited outside the bar. It was now time for Jimmy to shine.

Jimmy took the wheel and turned the situation around with his underused management skills and had all the customers leave happy and satisfied with the food and drinks at the end of the relaunch night. Plus, Ray was also happy with how the night turned out.

What Happened to Pat’s Cocktails After Bar Rescue?

Their sales surged six weeks after the Bar Rescue episode with Pat’s Cocktails, and they had made a 39% increase in sales. Because of the revamp, they noticed that they were gaining many new customers daily.

After renaming pat’s cocktails to “Pat’s Cocktails – a Mixology Bar,” the place caught a lot of attention from the people. Next door, the barbeque serving food to the customers through a window was now a full-fledged kitchen.

They removed the entire window and were in place, creating a kitchen where the chefs could work freely, and the customers didn’t have to leave their drinks on the table to get the food.

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Is Pat’s Cocktails Still in Business?

Yes. “Pat’s Cocktails – a Mixology Bar” is still in business. However, customers of the bar see it as more of a sports bar than a mixology bar. Hence, a pool table is set in place, and people can also view live sports in the bar. Whatever the bar’s theme may be, it is doing better than it once was.