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HERE’S What Happened to Hidrent Shark Tank Update (2023)

Dave Heimbuch, a marketing and tech sales expert, created a handyman service which he calls Hidrent Shark Tank Update after a conversation he had with the firefighters in his family.

He jumped on Shark Tank during the 6th episode of Season 13, hoping to make a deal with the Hidrent Shark Tank Update  to help boost their revenue. Hidrent had a massive growth after being presented on the show and received great reviews from their customers.

As of 2022, it is currently famous for its efficiency throughout the major cities of the country, like Austin, Tampa, Dallas, Toledo, and Phoenix.

Hidrent Shark Tank Update

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What is Hidrent Shark Tank Update?

If you’re struggling to fix your pipes or assemble the new furniture you purchased, Hidrent Shark Tank Update is the app for you. It helps you find a handyperson to help you with any home repairs without any fuss and expense.

It is an app that allows you to link with trustworthy firefighters who are part-timers as handymen. These local firefighters do any sort of lifting, assembling, fixing, and cleaning needs that you may have.

It is a unique online service that is task-based and highly recommended for senior citizens. Customers are connected to off-duty firefighters with zero costs for signing up.

As firefighters earn $41,160 per year in the United States, as compared to $94,700 for the average person. This allows them to gain more assets by helping people.

It is beneficial for both the customer and firefighter as it increases the pay for Hidrent employees and helps customers finish their home repairing tasks.

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Company Name Hidrent
Entrepreneur David Heimbuch
Product Online service provider
Investment Asking For $300,000 for 8% in Hidrent Shark Tank Update
Final Deal $300,000 for 8% in Hidrent Shark Tank Update
Shark Lori Greiner and Roberts Herjavec
Episode 1307
Business Status Still in business

Who is The Founder of Hidrent?

Coming from Texas, David ‘Dave’ Heimbuch began his career in the digital and marketing scene. His first job was at a New York-based company in Chicago in ad tech startups. He has since played a significant role in prosperous startups like Shazam, YuMe, Photobucket, and Tapad.

Dave became a member of a family of firefighters after marriage and soon learned the virtues of their lives outside the station. His brother-in-law is a firefighter in Cincinnati, and he had a vivid discussion with him that would change the course of his life.

Dave learned through this conversation that a lot of off-duty firefighters earn their keep by doing part-time jobs in other people’s houses around the town.

To make extra money, the firefighters did household or menial tasks for people, but when he asked them why they don’t advertise more for better marketing, they said they justified it by saying it wasn’t their forte.

This is where Dave steps in and helps firefighters by creating an online platform to bridge the gap between people in need of help and firefighters to earn extra income.

He believed his entire career was leading up to this, and he was confident in his marketing expertise. The new knowledge he acquired about firefighters led to him diving in headfirst and creating the business.

He had faith that this service would open a good opportunity for the community as a whole. He prioritized work and its completion with no hassle.

Hidrent Before Shark Tank

The desire to connect people and firefighters with one Hidrent Shark Tank Update app that can solve any handyman issues was burning in the heart of David Heimbuch. He built the initial product in 2018 with a local Dallas agency in Texas.

Much was regretted after Dave became a perfectionist regarding the location of the developer. He chose a local one when he could have had good and cheaper deals with offshore developers in Ukraine or India.

He realized they were in need of a product that functioned, and it did not have to be perfect. They simply needed a fit for marketing reasons; however, Dave spent too much already trying to develop it, and there were no savings left to adjust for the market.

After several loans and credit card openings, Dave and his company joined the Capital Factory, and upon selection, they entered an accelerator plan.

Through funding and campaigns, they raised $50k in the year 2019 and $75 in 2020. They saw a huge revenue boost during 2020 with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They charged different services at different costs but a minimum of $72 is paid by the customer per hour of services. And from this, $60 is taken by the firefighter while the rest goes to the company.

More people were staying home more because of it, and they needed work done in their homes. Furthermore, quarantine made people notice the things they probably hadn’t before, and an eagerness to fix and modify their houses grew increasingly.

With this going on, Hidrent Shark Tank Update also experienced an increase in Dave’s business income. However, they were still in need of media attention. They utilized platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor. etc., and captured audiences ranging from senior citizens, stay-at-home mothers, and single women.

Over time, they understood the trick to have a target audience, and their ad costs have been decreasing. However, they needed to earn more investors, so David went ahead and introduced Hidrent Shark Tank Update on Shark Tank.

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How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Hidrent Shark Tank Update?

David Heimbuch entered the Shark Tank scene seeking a figure of $300,000 for 8 percent equity in the company he built.

He brought in a person dressed in clothes that resembled an elderly woman. The old woman was in need of a trustworthy helper for the chores she needed to complete.

A firefighter then swoops in and saves her from distress. Dave then explains to the Sharks how Hidrent Shark Tank Update works by walking them through reserving a job using the app.

The user has to download the app and go through a three-step configuration. He explains how the user should first define what project in their home requires taking care of.

The second step is to locate the nearest off-duty firefighters and notify them about their new task. Lastly, the app will directly connect the user to the firefighter.

Dave also mentions how he began with a background in digital marketing. He got along with his newfound family after marrying into the house of firefighters and had a lightbulb moment when speaking with his brother-in-law.

Dave used an app to book an appointment with a contractor, and the idea of being able to book a handyperson when in need of help came up.

The mind of genius marketing went to work after considering how firefighters have time on their hands and can earn more than their daily wage.

He then proceeds to ask the Sharks which one of them would like to add more fuel to the fire. They all loved the concept that Dave displayed.

However, Nirav says local business is tough to do because there are more than 260,000 neighborhoods to tend to and Hidrent Shark Tank Update can barely catch up.

He tells Dave that he’s out and justifies it by saying he knows how the local business works, and he didn’t want to be a part of it.

With Mark Cuban, he had strong opinions about digital ads and how he doesn’t believe a person can control their destiny with the help of digital ads spendings. Marks states his way out of the deal.

Kevin also says he’s out because it’s a “longer slog” despite the brilliant idea. On the other hand, Robert takes the stand to compliment the idea by saying senior citizens and women will love the product. For a 20% stake, he offers $300,000.

From the beginning of Hidrent Shark Tank Update, its sales were $850,000, and this piqued Lori’s interest. She, too, went in, along with Robert’s contribution, asking for 35% of the $300,000 Dave sought.

Dave counters and protects his initial 8%, but Robert argues that it is not enough for the two Sharks.

Lori offers shifts to $300,000 if 33% can be given to both sharks. Dave takes the Queen of QVC’s deal along with Roberts Herjavec and walks away fulfilled.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner & Roberts Herjavec agreed to invest $300,000 for a combined 33% stake in Hidrent Shark Tank Update.

What Happened to Hidrent After Shark Tank?

Hidrent gained a lot of publicity after its feature in the Shark Tank episode. The app became a viral sensation because of the duo deal between Lori and Roberts. There were ads and content creators that helped make Hidrent Shark Tank Update the official firefighter in the local areas.

Due to the influence of Lori, who had experience in marketing and campaigns, the app was promoted intensely by the company.

After the end of the Hidrent Shark Tank Update episode on Shark Tank, the empty employee lots were filled in by many firefighters. It was also observed that new services were added to their list of tasks that their employees could perform.

These include shifting furniture, installing lights, TV wall mounting, hanging holiday lights, and more.

Lori mentioned in the episode how she wanted to change the name. However, it did not happen even though people anticipated it.

It still went by the old name ‘Hidrent.’ The charges did not change either with $72 per hour and a sum of $60 as payment to the fire-fighting employee.

Hidrent Update

Hidrent seed the deal with excellent clients after the show ended. Publication companies, including CBS, Yahoo!, Fox, CNBC, and Finance, included the company in their programs, helping Hidrent Shark Tank Update gain the attention it needed.

Its networth shot up to approximately 1.5 million US dollars, and along with social media camping, they aim to earn up to 2 million this year.

They gained a lot of audiences and employees that soon had competitors on their hands. They came into competition with names like Atlas Van Lines, Liberty Movers, U. Santini, BulbGuy Lightning, and Brouwer Relocation Inc.

Hidrent Shark Tank Update is convenient for customers due to its list of the variety of services it offers on the website, along with the service costs aside. The website is thoroughly clear on what every activity is, so people do not misunderstand.

Is Hidrent Shark Tank Update Still in Business?

Hidrent is currently still in business and has been blooming since its feature on Shark Tank. David Heimbuch’s masterpiece was voted upon and won a spot in the 20 best companies to work for in the areas of Dallas or Fort Worth.

The business achieves its goal every day by helping people and helping everyone involved in it. Firefighters who provide service are doing good, and so are the people receiving the services.

All over the internet, it receives evaluations, and Hidrent Shark Tank Update procures highly positive reviews, with a large number of clients that appreciate every service provided and its genuinity.

The community is prospering due to Hidrent’s services. They are increasingly earning more as their assets are also increasing. Its annual net worth is assumed to be around $500,000 in the year 2022.