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TOP 10 Equinix Competitors and Alternatives in 2023 [Full Guide]

Equinix is the leading digital infrastructure company in the world. It interconnects the world’s leading business organizations in the manufacturing, finance, retail, healthcare, government, and education sectors.

This company has 240 data centers located across 27 countries. It is the leading provider of colocation data centers!

Equinix was established in Silicon Valley in 1998. It offered multitenant data centers to organizations, which could not afford expensive hardware, servers, computers, and real estate to establish their own.

The data center was marketed as a neutral place shared by competing networks. Today, many companies and businesses use services offered by Equinix to provide the best services without facing downtime.

What Services Does Equinix Provide to Its Clients?

Being the world’s best digital infrastructure company, Equinix provides a variety of services and solutions. It offers data centers in the Americas, Europe-Middle East, and the Asia Pacific regions.

It also provides Colocation data centers and data center services across the globe.

  • Equinix has developed remarkable interconnectivity solutions to link clients with the global network.
  • Equinix Fabric offers on-demand global interconnection.
  • Equinix Internet Exchange covers most markets, and most peers, and promises better traffic.
  • Equinix metro connect can link clients to multiple data centers located in the same city.

This company is offering quick-to-provision internet access, dark fiber benefits, and more services. Modern businesses demand those services in order to emerge as market leaders with better connectivity and solutions.

Equinix has designed the best cloud services, automotive connectivity solutions, managed IT delivery solutions, payments services, and more.

Check Equinix’s services and solutions to assess the level of support this company has to offer.

It promises and delivers what clients demand. That’s how this company outperforms businesses offering the same services and solutions.

Using Green Energy to Power Data Centers

Greenpeace had criticized Equinix that its companies do not operate in an environment-friendly way. While most web and technology companies ignore such criticisms, Equinix decided to power all data center platforms with renewable energy.

This company is trying its best to reduce its carbon footprints and use clean and renewable energy as much as possible.

Equinix is powering its North American data centers from clean energy produced in Texas and Oklahoma’s wind farms. It became one of 17 Green Power Partners in 2019 and that shows the company’s commitment to switching to renewable energy sources as soon as possible.

Equinix’s International Business Exchanges

This company has spent over $25 billion to establish a cutting-edge data center platform. Its data centers are referred to as International Business Exchanges (IBX).

This firm has also introduced a data center infrastructure management platform, known as IBX SmartView.

Its data centers help business enterprises and internet service providers to seamlessly exchange the internet traffic by using a global peering tool.

Equinix has consistently improved its services to meet the growing connectivity needs of businesses across the globe. Its revenue increased by 11% in 2021. It has earned $6.64 billion by serving more than 4,000 customers across the globe.

This company improves millions of people’s life by providing top-class data centers and interconnectivity solutions to the leading business organizations.

It is not the only service provider in this field, but it is the best in the market!

Top 10 Equinix Competitors and Alternatives

Equinix competes with the following competitors:

1. Digital Reality

Being a real estate investment trust, Digital Reality competes with the world’s leading data center colocation service providers. This trust has acquired several carrier-neutral data centers to offer peering and colocation services.

It has established over 290 data centers in 24 countries and 6 continents. This firm had 34.5 million square feet of space across the globe that it frequently rents to clients along with other facilities.

Its largest operating facilities are located in Dallas, Northern Virginia, New York, Chicago, London, and Silicon Valley.

Digital Reality has 509 MW of data center IT capacity, which is much larger than Equinix’s 166MW capacity. This company is expanding rapidly across North America and Asia Pacific region.

This company is rapidly interconnecting its data centers with carrier-neutral fiber links. It is alluring to more clients seeking top-notch solutions.

This trust has reported record bookings in 2021. It has generated $4.428 billion in 2021, which is significantly better than the previous year.

Equinix Competitors Digital Realty

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2. China Telecom

This firm runs more than 450 on-net data centers in Mainland China and more than 180 data centers across the world. This Chinese telecommunication company was recently listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

It has more than 362.49 million subscribers in China. Thus, it becomes the 2nd largest wireless carrier in the country!

This company provides clients with professional IDC service teams. That enables China Telecom to deliver top-quality services across the world. It has successfully maintained network stability and delivered safer and more reliable IDC services.

Since China Telecom provides many services and solutions, its revenue from data center colocation services is not available. The company has reported double-digit growth during the last year. Therefore, it is emerging as a tough competitor for Equinix!

Equinix Competitors China Telecom

3. NTT Global Data Centers

This company’s data centers are located across North America, Asia, and Europe. It runs globally interconnected data centers with a network of regional data centers in Singapore, London, Virginia, and Tokyo.

This firm is expanding consistently to provide better capacity and network connectivity all over the globe. This company has become one of the largest data center colocation services providers. Its service area expanded across 20 countries.

Being a neutral operator, this company provides access to several cloud service providers, internet exchanges, and telecom networks.

NTT Global’s data center facilities cover over 2.5 million sq. ft and it has a capacity of 220. Its revenue increased by 4.51% in 2021 because this company grossed $21.795B that year! 

Equinix Competitors NTT Global Data Centers

4. CyrusOne

Being one of the top-rated colocation service providers, CyrusOne operates more than 60 data centers. Its carrier-neutral data centers are located across the Americas and Europe.

It has consistently expanded through Digital Gateway Markets to deliver solutions that align with different clients’ specific business and growth demands.

CyrusOne’s data centers have been established to provide colocation services designed specifically for hyperscale and edge applications.

Its services help business organizations follow flawless data strategies. They get powerful, scalable, and flexible solutions to grow the business by delivering better services than competitors.

This company empowers the leading enterprises for digital innovation. Clients get ultra-low latency connectivity to ensure their web apps perform exceptionally well. It assures customers get quicker solutions without spending a lot of time and money. 

The company’s latest financial report shows that it has earned $1.20 billion in the fiscal year 2021. That’s a significant improvement in revenue in comparison to 2020s $1.03 Billion.

Equinix Competitors Cyrus One

5. Cyxtera

This company delivers best-in-class colocation and peering services by using intelligent automation and cutting-edge connectivity. It has established over 60 data centers across 29 locations. It helps enterprises scale faster by satisfying customer demands. 

This company claims to be the market leader in the retail colocation space! It guarantees the best security features, performance, and reliability.

It serves as a partner and delivers tailored and flexible solutions to meet the client’s specific needs.

Its platform is carrier-neutral and API-driven to be ready to meet the future demands of clients. This company’s ecosystem includes over 1000 networks and more than 182 cloud on-ramps.

It has maintained a thriving ecosystem of technically advanced service providers. This firm promises quick access to computing power.

It can improve capacity whenever required to meet the client’s growing needs. You get reliable, top-performing, and cost-effective colocation services to grow the business.

This firm has reported $703.7 annual revenue by the end of the fiscal year 2021 and it predicts to earn $730-$760 in 2022. It’s the company’s 2nd year as a publically traded company and therefore it’s performing quite well in the market.

Equinix Competitors Cyxtera

6. Telehouse

It is a US-based colocation service provider. Telehouse has established carrier-neutral data centers in many prominent locations. It also operates international internet exchanges and delivers disaster recovery and managed IT solutions.

Telehouse launched the New York international internet exchange point in 1996. It still operates as the most heavily trafficked peering exchange in the state. The credit for establishing Los Angles Internet Exchange point also goes to this company.

Telehouse is KDDI’s sister company and it began the expansion of the colocation services business in 2008. It has served numerous business organizations seeking better connectivity for global expansion.

Telehouse has established a great relationship with over 600 global partners that help this firm deliver the best colocation solutions.

It currently owns and operates 48 data centers and provides several other services along with KDDI. Telehouse has served businesses across the globe for 30 years and it aims to be a tough competitor in the future.

Equinix Competitors Telehouse

7. Flexential

This company provides colocation, cloud, and connectivity solutions along with disaster recovery solutions, managed IT services, and other professional solutions.

This company helps clients in improving their ability to compete with major players in the industry.

This company is providing 40 highly-redundant data centers along with 13,000+ cross-connects and 7 cloud nodes. It has more than 1,000 dedicated employees who ensure the company delivers its promise of 100% uptime.

Flexential mainly targets the US market. However, it is also trying to expand across the Asia Pacific, South American, and European regions to establish more data centers and serve more clients.

This company is making $100-$500 million annually and it aims to increase its profit significantly with the establishment of new facilities.

Although colocation services are the main source of revenue for this firm, it has added more services to provide a complete suite of solutions associated with data centers and connectivity. 

Equinix Competitors Flexential

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8. Sungard Availability Services

This company provides IT production and recovery services. These services have been planned to meet clients’ operational needs.

It promises clients that they can decrease costs by having better control and improving the availability of its services. Clients can choose between top-performing single-site or dual-location colocation services for their business demands.

This company’s interconnect services help clients safely access the internet and hyperscalers without worrying about online threats. Sungard AS’s data centers offer 24-7 support and management so that your applications can run flawlessly.

Well-connected servers, flexible security solutions, hardened data, and backup facilities make Sungard one of the most reliable colocation service providers in the world.

This firm guarantees fast and uninterrupted connectivity to numerous cloud computing services. Besides, clients can pick services their enterprise demands to cut unnecessary costs and gain a competitive edge over rivals.

This company has earned $2.8 billion in 2021 and revenue from colocation services has played an important role in improving that annual income.

9. QTS Realty

Quality Technology Services (QTS) was founded in 2003 when Chad Williams bought a data center in Kansas. It now owns and runs 28 carrier-neutral data centers in North America and Northern Amsterdam.

Many renowned business enterprises use QTS Realty’s colocation services to operate their business more cost-effectively.

World Finance Magazine has recognized QTS Realty as the most sustainable company in 2019-20. This firm is committed to quickly switching to renewable energy sources to reduce its environmental footprints.

Many business organizations chose QTS Realty due to its efforts to maintain data centers operating in an environment-friendly way.

Besides, this firm provides the best connectivity solutions and uptime to keep customers connected to their favorite apps. This firm has made $0.56 billion in 2021 and it has a 3% market share in serviced regions.

Equinix Competitors QTS Realty

10. Colt

This London-based technology company is one of the most trusted providers of hyperscale colocation services. It runs 26 data centers across the globe, but it mainly focuses on the European market.

It now aims to cover the key APAC markets by establishing new data centers in the Asia Pacific region. It has recently started constructing a hyperscale build site in Japan. It will have more than 45 MW capacity and later Colt plans to establish more such facilities.

This company has grossed $53 million during the last year and its revenue can significantly improve with the establishment of high-capacity data center facilities in the APAC region.

Even though it won’t be as popular as Equinix is, this firm can attract numerous new businesses from the new region.

Equinix Competitors Colt