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Discovering Hidden Details: Can you find out who owns a PO box?

Post office boxes, or PO boxes for short, offer privacy and convenience for receiving mail. But sometimes, curiosity strikes, and we wonder who exactly is behind that PO box number. Keep reading if you want to know how to find a PO box owner!

How to find a PO Box Owner

People might choose a PO box over a traditional address for various reasons. Businesses often use them for professional correspondence, while individuals might value the added privacy or security they offer. Regardless of the reason, the veil of anonymity surrounding PO boxes can spark our natural curiosity. We might be curious about who’s receiving packages from exotic locations, the sender behind handwritten letters, or the organization’s identity using a specific box number. Is it a local business, a traveling artist, or perhaps a celebrity seeking anonymity? Can you find out who owns a PO box? Yes, you can!

While PO box privacy is protected by law, you can use specific methods to uncover the owner’s identity, each with limitations and ethical considerations.

Here’s how to look up the box owner:

1. Public Records:

● Business Filings: For businesses operating through a PO box, you might find clues in public records like business licenses or incorporation documents. These documents often list the registered agent’s address, which could be the PO box itself, revealing the business name and potentially the owner’s name.


● Property Records: If the PO box is associated with a property, searching public property records might reveal the owner’s name and address. However, this method only works if the PO box is linked to a specific property.

2. Social Media:

● Online Presence: Many businesses and individuals list their PO box addresses on social media profiles or websites. Searching for the PO box number online might lead you to the owner’s social media presence, potentially revealing their identity.

3. Mail Forwarding Services:

● Change of Address Requests: If the PO box owner has filed a change of address request with the postal service, the forwarding address might provide a clue about their identity. However, accessing this information typically requires a legal reason.

4. Private Investigation Services:

● Professional Expertise: Consider hiring a private investigator to help track down the PO box owner in certain situations. This option is costly and should only be used for legitimate purposes.

5. PO Box Owner Lookup Services:

● Address Lookup Services: You can find the owner of a PO box using address lookup services like Radaris, Spokeo, Smarty, and others.

Is It Ethical to Find the Owner of the Post Office Box?

Before embarking on any quest to identify a PO box owner, it’s crucial to consider the ethical implications. Accessing someone’s personal information without their consent can violate privacy and should only be done for legitimate reasons. Always ask yourself:

● Is my reason for wanting to know justified?

● Have I exhausted all other avenues before resorting to more intrusive methods?

● Am I respecting the individual’s right to privacy?


It’s also important to know the legal boundaries surrounding PO box information. Sometimes, more than simply knowing someone’s PO box number is needed to access their personal information. However, using illegal methods or misrepresenting your intentions to obtain information can have legal consequences.

While uncovering the identity behind a PO box can be a fascinating undertaking, it’s crucial to approach it with responsibility and respect for privacy. By considering the ethical and legal implications, you can ensure your quest for information remains within the bounds of propriety and avoids infringing on anyone’s right to privacy. Remember, sometimes the most intriguing aspects of life are best left as intriguing mysteries, adding a touch of serendipity to our everyday encounters.

Beyond the Box

Instead of focusing solely on the PO box owner, consider exploring alternative avenues for gathering information.

If you’re curious about who’s sending mail to the PO box, try researching the sender’s name or organization. This might lead you to their website, social media presence, or other public information that can shed light on their connection to the PO box owner.

Analyze the surrounding clues related to the PO box. Is it located in a business district or a residential area? Are there any nearby businesses or organizations that might use a PO box? This context can help you narrow down your search and make informed deductions.


Finding the owner of a PO box can be challenging due to privacy regulations and postal service policies. However, there are legitimate methods and online tools available that can assist in this process. It’s important to respect individuals’ privacy and use these resources responsibly, ensuring you have a valid reason for seeking this information. Whether you’re trying to reconnect with an old friend, verify a business address, or for any other legitimate purpose, following the appropriate steps and using authorized channels will help you navigate this task effectively and ethically. Always prioritize privacy and data protection when attempting to find the owner of a PO box, and refrain from engaging in any unauthorized or intrusive activities.

Now you know how to find a PO box owner! Good luck with your discovery!