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Top 15 Chewy Competitors & Alternatives [2023]

Pets are playful and they can play an important role in keeping stress, depression, and anxiety at bay. Cats, dogs, and birds are some common pets that people love to bring at home.

If properly trained, pets can behave intelligently and become new family members.  People often forget that pets have different needs than humans.

They require different foods, toys, and supplements. If you have a pet, you should get the required supplies to keep your pooch, cat, and other pets healthy. 

Chewy is the best e-commerce platform to find products created specifically for pets. It is a one-stop destination to find products that aren’t easily available at local pet shops! 

Chewy Overview

It is an American e-commerce platform that sells pet food and other products pets need to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Ryan Cohen and Michael Day founded this company in 2011 as “Mr. Chewy” and PetSmart acquired it in 2017.

Its IPO came in 2019 and this firm raised $1 billion from that initial public offering! 

Chew is one of the fastest-growing pet e-commerce platforms. Its revenue increased from $205 million in 2014 to $423 million in 2015. It was grossing about $2 billion by 2017 and it was the largest retailer of pet products at that time. 

When the co-founder Ryan Cohen was planning to take the company public, he received offers from PetSmart and Petco for the merger.

PetSmart offers an all-cash offer and allowed the company to operate as a separate entity. They chose PetSmart’s offer and it became the largest acquisition of its kind when the merger was completed. 

This company has become the largest e-commerce platform for pet products. It has 9 offices in the USA and it aims to expand globally to deliver high-quality pet products. This online retailer had made $4.847 billion in 2020 and its net sales increased by 24% in 2021.

The company made $8.89 billion in 2021 and therefore it is the top pet product retailer in the USA.Chewy competes with many other companies that sell similar products.

Continue reading to find out which are the best Chew competitors and alternatives in 2022!

Top Chew Competitors 

We have carefully assessed the annual revenue and increase in sales to pick the top Chewy competitors. The listed companies are the most profitable Chewy competitors based on their product range, service quality, and revenue. 

1. Petco 

Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States 

Founder(s): Walter Evans

Year Founded: 1965

Petco is one of the leading pet products suppliers in the USA. This company operates from San Diego and San Antonio, but it has established over 1,500 Petco stores across the nation. 

This firm was established in 1965. It used to provide veterinary supplies over mail orders. Since demands for quality pet supplies were high, Petco developed the supply chain to deliver pet products to buyers’ homes. 

The Thomas H. Lee Company and the Spectrum Group, Inc. acquired Petco in 1988. Since it was growing rapidly, it went public in 1994, and then it was sold twice before holding the IPO in 2021.  

As mentioned earlier, Petco has tried to acquire the Chewy store. Its offer was not as good as its competitor offered. Therefore, Chewy never became a part of this company. Petco has earned $5.8 billion in the financial year 2021 and its profits are increasing year after year.

It can snatch many customers from Chewy with slightly better marketing tactics and services! 

Chewy Competitors Petco

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2. PetSmart

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, United States 

Founder(s): Jim Dougherty

Year Founded: 1987

Even though PetSmart has acquired Chewy, both companies run their businesses separately. There are rumors that PetSmart might sell Chewy shares to improve its stores and be the market leader. 

This company has always been one of the leading pet products suppliers in the USA. It manages a chain of pet superstores to deliver products customers order online.

Even though many regular e-commerce platforms sell pet products, PetSmart has played an important in sourcing and delivering top-quality pet supplies. 

Customers visit PetSmart stores to buy pet food, medications, toys, beds, and other pet accessories. This store features all sorts of pet items a typical pet owner plans to buy. Therefore, it has become the first choice of millions of pet owners across the USA. 

This company mainly competes with Petco and it has grossed lesser than its arch-rival. Petco has earned $5.3 Billion and the company management will try its best to get those figures in double digits soon.

Chewy Competitors Pet Smart

3. Pet Supplies Plus

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, Livonia, Michigan, U.S. 

Founder(s): Jack Berry, Harry Shallop

Year Founded: 1988

Pet Supplies Plus is a major pet food retailer in the USA. This firm was established in 1988 by Jack Berry and Harry Shallop in Redford, Michigan. It became the third-largest pet food supplier by 2005 and then it started expanding. 

Pet Supplies Plus quickly established many franchises in the southern and northeastern states during the 90s. There were over 560 Pet Supplies Plus stores in 36 states of the USA in 2021. 

This firm now operates as a retailer and franchiser of pet services. It provides pet treats, foods, accessories, clothing, and toys. You can check this company’s e-commerce platform to find the latest products for cats, dogs, birds, fish, and reptiles. 

If you are visiting a land-based store, you should also check the limited livestock departments. It provides in-store grooming facilities and self-service dog cleaning facilities. Therefore, thousands of pet owners choose this store over online stores for their pets’ needs.

This company has made $2 billion in 2021 and it can generate more revenue through new franchises. 

Chewy Competitors Pet Supplies Plus

4. Blue Buffalo

Headquarters: Wilton, Connecticut, United States 

Founder(S): Bill Bishop 

Year Founded: 2003

Bill Bishop had established this company in 2003 with his sons to honor their pet Blue. They were pretty concerned about their dog’s food when he got cancer. They decided to produce healthier and nutrition-rich food for their pooch and other pets. 

This company has grown rapidly and become a major pet food supplier in the USA. The Blue Buffalo team carefully chooses pet foods that keep furry pets healthy and help them grow perfectly.

This company collaborates with seasoned vets to understand what type of nutrition various dog and cat breeds need to stay healthy. This company promises and delivers treats prepared from the highest quality meat.

That’s why pets crave more food, even when they are full. This company does not blend wheat, corn, soy, and artificial flavors to make its foods delicious.

It supplies only top-quality pet food and that’s why it became a reliable pet food brand in the USA! 

Chewy Competitors Blue Buffalo

5. Pet Valu 

Headquarters: Markham, Canada 

Founder(s): Geoffrey Holt

Year Founded: 1976

Pet Valu is a Canadian pet store that operates over 600 locations across 35 North American states. This company provides high-quality pet products to keep pets active, happy, and healthy.

It has served pet parents for more than 40 years and became a renowned brand for quality pet supplies.  This company’s stores are available in all the major North American cities.

You can buy treats, pet food, toys, and Animal Care Experts at those stores. This company’s experts offer free support to find the best products for different pet breeds. 

Pet Valu collaborates with local business owners and allows them to use its brand name to grow the business. Thus, it has become the largest small format pet product retailer in the world. 

This company has also run many fundraising programs to help strays. It encouraged people to adopt more pets and provide them with a better life.

This company has made over $998 million in the fiscal year 2021 and it expects to generate over $870 million in FY 2022. 

Chewy Competitors Pet Valu

6. PetMeds

Headquarters: Delray Beach, Florida, U.S 

Founder(s): Marc Puleo

Year Founded: 1996

As the name suggests, PetMeds is an online pharmacy where pet parents can find and buy all sorts of pet medications.

This online pharmacy provides both prescription and non-prescription medicines for a variety of pets. This company also provides nutritional supplements to improve pets’ health. 

It is not a major competitor to Chewy because this firm mainly competes with vets. This platform sells prescription drugs written by vets. You have to put the drug’s details and buy it in the required quantity. 

Many veterinarians sell pet medications at stores. PetMeds claims to offer the same drugs at more affordable prices. Therefore, it became a famous online pet store for pet nutrition and medications. 

Marc Puleo founded this company in 1996. He was an anesthesiologist at that time and he started a mail-order business to sell prescriptions along with pet accessories. 

Since the human prescriptions market was pretty competitive, Puleo focused on pet prescriptions to grow his business. It worked and PetMeds grew exponentially to become the leading online pet medicine seller.

It has grossed $309 million in 2021 and that’s pretty amazing because it only sells supplements and medications! 

Chewy Competitors PetMeds

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7. Pet Supermarket

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA 

Founder(s): Charlie Anderson

Year Founded: 1973

What if you could visit a supermarket that only sells pet stuff? That would make shopping so easy because you will find everything your loyal pet needs. Pet Supermarket is such a platform where you can buy food, treat, clothing, toys, and other supplies.

It offers products produced for cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, and other pets. This pet store sources high-quality products from more than 2,500 brands. It has served pet owners for more than 40 years and delivered quality supplies through its online and land-based stores. 

Pet Supermarket stores are located across 200 locations. Along with selling all the pet supplies, those stores offer pet grooming, self-washing, VIP pet treatment, and adoption services. 

It is an exciting place to take your cat or dog. Your furry friend will be surrounded by pet-loving people and get the best possible care there!

Although it is not confirmed, experts believe Pet Supermarket earns around $450 million annually. Thus, it becomes one of the leading pet supply providers in the USA. 

Chewy Competitors Pet Supermarket

8. Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Headquarters: Topeka, Kansas, United States 

Founder(s): Burton Hill

Year Founded: 1907

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is one of the oldest cat and dog nutrition product manufacturers. This brand has been selling pet supplements and high-quality pet foods since 1948. It does not provide food for other pets, such as birds, fish, reptiles, etc. 

It uses scientific methods to develop the best quality foods for our furry friends. Dr. Morris had developed the first special food to save a German Shepherd and thus he got the idea of helping other pets. 

This company’s official website helps pet parents find the right food for pets according to their age, breed, and habits. It ensures that you do not feed something harmful to your pooch.

It sources products from the most trusted pet food brands to keep your cats and dogs healthy.

That’s how Hill’s Pet became a major supplier of scientifically prepared dog and cat food in the USA. People trust this company and recommend its products.

Therefore, its annual revenue grew to $427 million only by selling cat and dog foods!  

Chewy Competitors Hill's Pet Nutrition

9. Wellness Pet Company

Headquarters: Tewksbury, Massachusetts, United States 

Founder(S): Jim Scott, Jr.

Year Founded: 1990

The Wellness Pet Company is a group of companies that produce and sell pet foods across the USA. Wellness Natural Pet Food, Whimzees, Old Mother Hubbard, Eagle Park, Sojos, and Holistic Select are brands that make WellPet a major pet food supplier in the USA. 

This company is operated by a group of people, who have dedicated their lives to making this world a better place for all the animals.

Its brands consistently search for new ingredient blends that can make treats and pet foods more nutritious and delicious.  

This company’s products are easily accessible in popular pet stores. It has over 400 employees and it has gained over $235 million in 2021!

Therefore, it is a major competitor to all the pet food producers in the USA. 

Chewy Competitors Wellness Pet Company

10. Petsense

Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Founder(s): Jim Dougherty

Year Founded: 2005

Petsense is a rapidly growing pet products retail company in the USA. It provides top-quality pet products at very competitive prices.

This company has a long list of products specifically for cats and dogs. So, if you have cats or dogs at home, you must check this online retailer. 

Along with providing high-quality dog treats, foods, and cat supplies, Petsense also provides pet care professionals and services. This company offers services designed to improve your furry friend’s well-being.   

Jim Dougherty founded this company in 2005 to deliver top-quality pet products. He remained the company’s CEO for 9 years and then retired.

The new CEO aims to add more products and promote more high-quality pet supplies to make Petsense a major player in the retail industry! 

This company has made $167 million in revenue and its annual income is growing consistently for the past few years. It is not a major Chewy competitor, but a renowned platform for buying pet products online! 

Chewy Competitors Petsense

11. Petland

Headquarters: Chillicothe, Ohio, United States

Founder(s): Ed Kunzelman

Year Founded: 1967

Petland is one of the USA’s most popular pet store franchisors and operators. This company was established in 1967 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Since pet owners admired product quality, Petland became a famous brand in the nearby regions.

It had stores in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio when the firm started expanding. Petland is currently operating more than 131 stores across the globe.

This company has established or franchised 63 stores in the USA. The remaining pet stores are located in Canada, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and El Salvador. 

Petland could have been one of the top 3 pet product retailers in the USA if it wasn’t affected by the 2008 financial crisis. This firm had over 230 stores and it was selling products worth $300,000,000. 

Petland had to close many stores due to financial issues and then it started recovering. Today, this company sells all kinds of products for all kinds of pets. You can use its user-friendly web portal to discover the latest supplies and buy them at affordable prices.

This company makes around $127 million annually and it can grow its income with more innovative products. 

Chewy Competitors Petland

12. Hollywood Feed 

Headquarters: Memphis Tennessee, USA 

Founder(S): Jean McGhee

Year Founded: 1951

Jean and Shawn McGree had started Hollywood feed as a small store to feed loyal pets. It was located on Hollywood Street and therefore it got that name. The founder initially brought grain feeds and treats for both small and large pets.

It started gaining popularity for high-quality pet products and then many other people invested in the small business. 

Today, Hollywood Feed provides food and supplies for cats and dogs. You will find several variants in pet supplies and this platform sells that stuff at more affordable prices than other stores.

It was started as a single-store business in Memphis and today this company has over 100 stores across the USA. This company’s ownership has changed but new owners did not change the name.

They wanted to dedicate the success of this pet store franchise to its founders and they did it effectively. This company makes $100-$140 million annually and therefore it’s a major Chewy competitor in many states. 

Chewy Competitors Hollywood Feed

13. PetSafe 

Headquarters: Knoxville, Tennessee, United States 

Founder(s): Randy Boyd

Year Founded: 1991

PetSafe has emerged as a reliable manufacturer and distributor of electronic pet products. It mainly focuses on pet training products that make pet parents’ life easier.

This company comes with innovative solutions for all your pet’s training needs. Fences, leashes, Harness, water fountains, treat dispensers, etc. are the top-selling products from this brand. 

Unlike Chewy, PetSafe delivers solutions that help pet owners improve their furry friend’s behavior. You get the most cutting-edge technology to monitor the pet’s movements and keep him comfortable. 

This company is entertaining clients across 52 countries and it won’t stop expanding. PetSafe uses its official website and other e-commerce platforms to promote and sell its products.

According to available reports, this company has made over $58 million in 2021 by selling electronic pet training products. Its profit will increase significantly as more pet owners switch to cutting-edge pet products! 

Chewy Competitors Petsafe

14. Woof Gang Bakery 

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida, United States

Founder(S): Paul Allen

Year Founded: 2007

That’s a unique name for a pet product company and probably that’s the reason behind Woof Gang Bakery’s success. This company was founded by Paul Allen in 2007.

He had 10 years of experience in franchising when he established this firm. It was introduced as the Neighborhood Pet Store. 

Today, this company has become one of the most famous retailers of pet supplies, pet foods, and grooming services in North America.

This company currently operates over 200 locations. Some of those locations are under development. All stores are designed to be a one-stop solution for all pet demands. 

You can use the official website to find nearby stores, buy pet products, and schedule a grooming appointment for your pooch.

This company has gained numerous positive reviews from modern pet owners, who seek quality services at affordable prices.

It is making around $74 million annually and it may expand rapidly to generate more profit. 

Chewy Competitors Woof Gang Bakery

15. Central Garden & Pet

Headquarters: Walnut Creek, California, United States 

Founder(S): Bill Brown

Year Founded: 1980

Central Garden & Pet is one of the leading garden and pet product suppliers in the USA. This company was established in 1980 to help clients develop pet-friendly exteriors.

It served numerous pet owners till now and gained a reputation as a reliable pet product supplier. This company provides some innovative solutions for the special needs of cats and dogs.

This company sources pet food only from some trusted brands that use the highest quality ingredients. It assures you that your pooch will get healthier and happier with every bite of its treats. 

Besides, you get some innovative ways of developing and maintaining pet-friendly lawns, gardens, and community areas. This firm is following an innovative path to serve pet parents who demand a safer environment for their loving furry friends.

It delivers what they demand and therefore it is one of the most profitable pet product suppliers in the USA. 

Chewy Competitors Central Garden and Pet