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Can You Make Money Betting On Your Favorite Teams?


For many fans, there’s nothing better than seeing their favorite team or athlete win. And if that fan is also into sports betting, the temptation to bet on their favorite’s success seems quite logical. After all, in case of a win, the moral satisfaction will be reinforced by financial gain. But is it worth giving in to emotions or better to keep a cool head? In this article, we’ll explore various aspects of betting on favorite teams, and if you’re unsure where to place your bets, then download and install AndroidでのMelbet. This mobile application offers reliable bookmaker services with great betting opportunities.

Who Do We Consider A “Favorite Team”?

First and foremost, let’s define who fans typically choose as their favorite. Most often, it’s:

  • The national team they support out of patriotic reasons.
  • A club from their hometown that they’ve been rooting for since childhood.
  • A team that has been the object of their devotion since their youth, possibly even from abroad.
  • A team featuring the fan’s idol.
  • In rare cases – a team where a childhood friend or former classmate plays.

Many experienced bettors advise against betting on favorite teams, fearing that the fan will be swayed by excessive emotions and overestimate their favorite’s chances.

Insider Information Advantages

However, betting on your favorite team also has its advantages, the main one being access to insider information. Let’s imagine a situation where a bettor is not just a fan but a fervent supporter of their club. In this case, they likely have friends and acquaintances closely associated with the team who can share exclusive information.

For example, information about a player falling ill or experiencing personal issues and not being able to perform at their peak. Or, conversely, a player being motivated by recent happy events. Perhaps someone has had a falling out with the coach and might not take to the field.


This data is unlikely to be available to the general public or bookmakers, giving the fan-bettor an advantage over the market. And if the player has a personal acquaintance within the team or coaching staff, the volume of insider information could be even greater.

Significant Dates And Additional Motivation

Another important factor in betting on your favorite team is significant dates in the club’s history. Typically, on such days, the team will give its all, striving for victory:

· Club anniversaries (50, 100, 150 years, etc.).

· Birthdays of the head coach or key players.

· Round dates from the day of winning trophies or other important events.

· Dates of the home stadium’s opening.

Dedicated fans are well-informed about these dates and can intelligently use the team’s additional motivation for betting.

Moreover, fans often have better knowledge of the coaching staff’s tactical preferences game plans to be used against specific opponents considering personnel issues. They also understand where the team’s main focus lies in terms of tournaments and where the team might conserve energy. All this information is valuable for analyzing the pre-match situation.

Is It Worth Betting On Favorites?

Considering all the factors mentioned above, a logical question arises: is it worth betting on your favorite team at all? The answer depends on the player’s motivation and experience.

For an amateur bettor who plays solely for pleasure and extra excitement, betting on their idols’ success is entirely justified. The opportunity to enjoy the game with a beer in hand while anticipating their victory for a potential win is already a vivid experience.

However, for experienced players who view betting as a means of earning money, emotions should take a back seat. Whether the favorite team is playing or not, the bet should be made only after careful analysis of all available information and calculations.

In this case, having insider data and deep knowledge of their club’s habits can be an advantage. But only if the bettor can set aside their feelings and make maximum rational, fact-based predictions.


In conclusion, betting on favorite teams is a territory of heightened control over one’s own emotions. Here, there’s a fine line between using additional knowledge to one’s advantage and falling into the mental trap of mindless fanatical gambling.