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What Spectators Can Expect at Wimbledon for the Championship

The Wimbledon Tennis Championship is still quite a few months away. It is set to kick off on the 1st of July 2024 and ends on the 14th of the same month. The prestigious event will showcase 675 tennis matches in total from both men’s and women’s singles and doubles divisions. If you want to spectate, visit the Wimbledon Grounds to be immersed in the festivities.

For those who are new to Wimbledon, then you’re in for a treat. Prepare to witness intense matches across all courts and fun recreations in between. Here’s everything you can expect at Wimbledon during the 2-week long tennis championship as a spectator:

Everything About the Grounds at Wimbledon

All 675 matches are hosted at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, commonly known as ‘the Grounds’. It’s a wide grassy space with tennis courts hosting multiple matches simultaneously throughout the tournament and everyone can walk around. There are 18 Championship grass courts on the premises where the events are taking place.

The Grounds can accommodate picnics in certain areas but be aware of prohibited items like hard-sided containers and vacuum flasks. Facilities for visitors with disabilities are available within the premises to ensure an inclusive experience. In the spirit of the game, spectators are urged to maintain a quiet atmosphere. If you’re feeling the excitement of engaging in activities like placing a Wimbledon sportsbet, the Grounds is the perfect setting.

Spectator Etiquette at Wimbledon

Mobile devices must be kept silent at all times while watching Tennis championship matches. Spectators are also expected to remain quiet during the event. You cannot leave the court until changes end or during breaks between matches. Please remain seated and quiet until you’re allowed. The courts are also non-smoking zones, so refrain from using cigarettes or vaping.


This strict policy imposed among spectators is part of tennis championship traditions in Wimbledon. It’s mostly inspired to observe silence because all events are broadcast live on television and streaming services. Maintaining a prim and proper ambience while the cameras are rolling helps avoid distractions for the athletes and other viewers alike.

Alcohol is Allowed Within the Grounds

Alcoholic drinks like wine and beer are allowed in Wimbledon. You can bring plastic/cardboard cups to the tennis matches as a spectator. Other drinking vessels like cups and mugs are not allowed within courts. Uncorked bottles of wine are also permitted, so you can drink as you wish. However, cans of beer are limited only to two. Strong alcoholic beverages like spirits and fortified wines are not allowed.

Restaurants and Cafes are Available in Wimbledon Grounds

If you want to inquire about food and drink arrangements at Wimbledon, rest assured that there are restaurants and cafes. You can bring your food if you have to, but there is a large selection of dishes among different stores. There’s food and drinks to fit all kinds of diet plans if you have to observe a strict diet.


Hard-sided containers, vacuum flasks, and hard-drinking vessels are also prohibited in these areas. To maintain a clean environment, it’s advisable to use disposable utensils for food consumption. If you choose to bring your food, have it wrapped in paper for proper disposal in designated bins within the Grounds afterwards.

Information Desks can Accommodate All Inquiries

Seek assistance from information desks available at various points in Wimbledon. They can help with all inquiries, like details of tennis matches so you can plan your Wimbledon Sportsbet wagers as the tournament approaches and finally kicks off.

These amenities are designed to enhance your overall Wimbledon еxpеriеncе and provide both sustenance and guidance. Enjoy your time at Wimblеdon and whеrе dining and information seamlessly blend with the excitement of world-class tеnnis.