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HERE’S What Happened to Ralph Lauren Paints (2023 update)

While you think of purchasing the economy house paint, you may have come across the Ralph Lauren paint. These paints somehow pose a more classic and rich color than any other paints.

But some are still confused about the question of discontinued Ralph Lauren paint color. Let us introspect on this aspect.

Ralph Lauren Paints and its History

Sometimes you may wonder whether you should buy such designer and expensive paint. But looking forth to the quality and industry reputation it all feels worth it.

Especially the innovative track record makes this paint company reach its zenith within no time.

The paint was introduced in 1996 by Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation. Initially, it offered interior latex paint that provided exciting textural applications.

From the beginning, the company revolutionized the home finishing industry by bringing up diverse lifestyle concepts. 

If we talk about the collection, it consists of fashion bath products, fashion bedding products, wall coverings, decorative hardware, paint, and many more.

But, to answer the question of who owns Ralph Lauren paints, it would simply be the ICI group. They are the world’s leading coating manufacturer, consisting of 60 manufacturing sites with more than 19000 employees in 25 countries.

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What Makes the Brand Unique?

The Ralph Lauren paint color describes the fact that they are not just selling the paint, but they are selling the transformation. No one knows it better than this brand does.

One of the fantastic ways you can make your room stand out is to apply an assortment of colors. However, the choice of permanence and tradition to choose the latest color trends with Ralph Lauren can instantly change the outcome to be the best.

But there is no doubt that the availability of Ralph Lauren paints has been pared back. Previously this paint used to be available at the home depot store.

But, it is no longer carried there. Besides, if you want to purchase the paint, you have to do it from any Ralph Lauren Home Store.

The Charm Factor of Metallic Paints

The different paint treatments of Ralph Lauren can enthrall the onlooker with just a single look.

The distinct paint treatment offered by the famous paint company makes it possible with the help of Regent Metallics. It brings us to the question: does Ralph Lauren still make metallic paint?

Initially, disc treatment did not look like metal as soon as one paints it. However, enough metallic flecks present in the paint mixture offer a luminous and subtle glow.

This concept by Ralph Lauren provided a predominant color. Along with that, the glow comes secondary.

Ralph Lauren has discontinued its service of making metallic paints since 2016. If you want metallic paints for your beautiful walls, you can look for the original manufacturer, PPG.

They do manufacture metallic paints with a new label called metallic tones. The formulation of such paint happens to be seen as that of the Ralph Lauren color.

Ralph Lauren’s Paint Palette

There is something about the paint that makes it stand out. Lauren generally maintains the core sets of style palettes.

The permanence and longevity of the company made it the top-most paint company in the world. The pallets and the color found today at the Ralph Lauren paint had been there for several years.

It is one of the fantastic ways one can make their room stand out. Not only the color, but the company did also offer a unique paint treatment. The luminous and sucking blue on the paint can make any dull room look at its best.

Did you know that suede was one of the specialty finishes of Ralph Lauren paint? It is a finish that is more than just a matte finish. It somehow replicates the texture of the hand-brushed suede.

One of the unique aspects of the company is the carefully chosen paint palette in Limited quantity. Unlike any huge paint manufacturer, you will not get any and every color under the sun in this company.

It is one of the values of going with any designer paint company. They would steer you towards a particular vision.

The color is however broken down into the broad categories of country estate color, bright topical type color, and moody urban color.

Let us know more about these colors in detail from the under-mentioned Ralph Lauren paint color explanation.

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1. Country Estate

This category consists of colors including naturals, whitewash, and thoroughbreds. It is this palette that made the company famous.

As you choose the palette, you will get a feeling of a graceful country mansion consisting of rustic fire please and hunting dogs.

Along with that, you will also feel the wife of a vintage convertible part on the front portion of your old mansion.

Who would not like to have such a feeling? However, most of the colors in this palette of Ralph Lauren consist of neutral colors.

But you can occasionally find greens, blues, and deep red in this category. The best part is that you can select the extensive muted color as one of your field colors. Next, you can enliven and bridal up things with the touch of brighter color.

Especially if you are choosing the ceiling color, you can go for white. But if you want to skip the white for your ceiling, you can simply take your wall color.

As you advance the same color with any lighter hue, you can get a color that would shine with your wall color. Besides, it can avoid making your color look overwhelming.

2. Moody Urban

The color from this particular palette is dedicated to the sophisticated urban pied-a-terre. They have a very neutral color in the lowest range of light intensity. Depending on the perspective, you can notice the color to be dark or rich.

Des particular palette consists of colors including deep deep reds, stormy grays, darker neutrals, and the muted earth color.

3. Bright Tropical Delights

You can accentuate the bright accent color to bring up the positivity of the room. The Ralph Lauren paint does not bring out the vibrant color. Instead, you can choose from a few of the bright colors that they have.

For instance, the color named Island Brights invokes the vision of a tropical space. It consists mainly of greens, blues, aqua, and turquoise.

Ralph Lauren Paint’s Color Scheme

The Ralph Lauren paint color consists of the following assortments:

  • Modern Light

This collection features 28 peaceful and light colors that can help anyone rejuvenate their room.

  • Urban Loft

It consists of a modern palette with 60 sophisticated shades that are reminiscent of a city landscape.

  • Vintage Masters

The luxurious palette consists of 176 colors inspired by the world’s master painters’ painterly hues.

  • Island Brights

This palette consists of vivid sun-drenched colors that can conjure the joyful spirit of any tropical getaway.

  • Naturals

The 72 earthen hues in this palette somehow inspire the elegant and raw beauty of the natural world.

  • Whitewash

It is a perfect pallet with 60 time-honored shades in tone and depth.

  • Thoroughbred

The 72 rich colors are inspired by the classic hues of any ancestral home.

Ralph Lauren: The Dominant Color in the Military

If you walk around any military base you can notice a ‘coyote brown’ shade. This dull and yellow-brown shade of color can also be seen on the uniforms of sailors, soldiers, marines, and airmen.

With such popularity, one can ask the question: where did this color come into existence?

And the answer is: Ralph Lauren paints. Next time, someone makes fun of the uniform that you are wearing and you can claim sartorial superiority.

After all, you must be proud that you are wearing a Ralph Lauren color. Though the color does not continue now. But it can be custom mixed.

If there is anyone who wants to paint the house with the original coyote color, then they must look for the Ralph Lauren color.

Benefits of Using the Color

As you choose Wells Lauren for your home finishing, you will receive these advantages.

  • Colour that will stick

Ralph Lauren is known for its consistency. They do not change their color more often. Due to this reason, if you are looking for a specific paint color from their last collection, it will be easy for you to choose any color.

If they have to bring out any new collection, then they would come out with a completely different collection following a specific color scheme.

The best part of their color is the neutral pallets. The wide variety of neutral shades present in their color palette offers the user a feeling of class and sophistication. Along with that, you can also choose some refreshing colors in deep and bright hues.

Unfortunately, the company does not have every color of the rainbow. But they do have different collections. Choosing Ralph Lauren would make your home feel beautiful in every aspect.

  • Unique Finish

Ralph Lauren is known to produce a calm and classy color palette. These include unique and high-quality finishes. The suede finish appears to be like the matte finish. But in reality, it is different.

Rather than providing a basic look, the color would give uniqueness to the walls of your house. Some of the metallic colors bring out the finish in a different light.

  • Specific Collection

The Ralph Lauren paint focuses on the collection that it has developed over the years. Even today, the company continues its tradition. The collection of paint would let you stir your imagination.

You would have an array of color schemes for the beautiful walls of your room. Instead of having any mismatched, you can retrieve the advantages of this expensive brand of paint.

Does Ralph Lauren still make Paints?

Unfortunately, Ralph Lauren does not have any paint name under the brand name. For several years the company has contracted diverse paint manufacturers who manufactured and sold paints under the name of Ralph Lauren.

However, in early 2017 the company decided to completely exit its paint business. My perfect Color Company can still produce the Ralph Lauren color while using its different paint schemes.

Hence the customers of Ralph Lauren are directly linked to the My Perfect Colour Company for several colors of Ralph Lauren paints.