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Tips on How you Make a Dragon Roll Sushi and Tools you Must Have


It is an inside-out sushi filled with a nori sheet wrapping around the ingredients. You will need a cucumber and shrimp tempura inside the dragon sushi roll. When you slice the sushi roll, it will look like the scales of a dragon, which you must achieve when you prepare a dragon sushi roll.

When it is hard to find grilled eel, especially when you have to make it home, you can substitute shrimp tempura. You must get some tools and ingredients to make your dragon roll sushi. If you like to achieve sushi bar quality when you are making it at home, then these items are what you need to have.

Sushi Mat

A sushi mat is a makisu, best used for rolling sushi. A bamboo mat helps you tightly roll the rice, nori, and fillings to make a compact and uniform roll. Before you start, you must wrap your sushi mat in plastic wrap to avoid rice from sticking to it, and it will be easier for you to clean later on. When you roll, you must apply gentle but firm pressure to ensure your dragon roll is tight and will stay intact when sliced but not too tight where the ingredients are squished.


One of the most complex parts of making a dragon roll at home is to look for the best ripe avocado. It would help if you found the perfect avocado for easy use, where you can see the ones with darker skin.


You will know when the avocado is ready to eat and when it is soft when you touch it.

Shrimp tempura

Shrimp tempura is mainstream, and you can get it at any grocery store in the seafood section. Frozen shrimp tempura adds crunchiness to sushi rolls, making them the best dragon rolls at home. While doing the prep work, you must only pop them in the oven for 20 minutes or more.


It would help to get a half Nori sheet to make a dragon sushi roll. When you have enough nori, you can cut down the filling slowly. When it is your first time doing it, you must keep practicing to get the best ratio of rolling the sushi.


You will find many cucumbers, but the best thing you can get is Japanese cucumbers because they are slender and long, making it easier to put in a sushi roll. They have fewer seeds, which is best for sushi rolls. But when it is hard to look for Japanese cucumbers, you can use Persian cucumbers. They are the same, and they are the best substitutes that you can use. When you use English cucumbers, you must cut them in half length and remove the seeds using your spoon because they absorb too much water when you put them inside the rolls.

Unagi Sauce

You can only use a few spoonfuls of unagi sauce to flavor your dragon roll. You can make it from scratch when you don’t have a bottle of unagi from your local grocery store.


Making an ingredient from scratch is best for making Unadon or Yaki Onigiri. It will be the best condiment for you to always have in your fridge.

Use a Sharp Knife

Using a sharp knife is essential for slicing your dragon roll sushi precisely. The main goal is to cut the sushi without crushing it, preserving the shape of the roll and presentation. This is how you will achieve a clean and smooth cut. These steps are essential for an aesthetic look where every slice makes a beautiful layer.

The dish’s beauty depends not only on its taste but also on its presentation. Whether planning a dinner party or treating yourself, you must pair it with the right sides and focus on plating that turns a meal into the best experience.