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The Advantages of Using Metal Business Cards in Networking

Suppose you want to create a lasting impression on your business partners, associates, and existing and future clientele. In that case, you should act smart by issuing nicely printed and eye-catching metallic business cards. This is also emerging as a significant business tool to create customer loyalty.

The business cards are key to formulating a successful sales strategy and boosting public relations. If you approach a future customer, issuing this shiny business card can brighten your prospect of making him your client. According to LinkedIn, the global Metal Credit Cards market size was valued at USD 457.5 million in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 18.86% during the forecast period, reaching USD 1289.83 million by 2028.

Among the different modes of physical and digital cards, metallic cards are becoming popular as they give you multiple benefits, primarily the permanence status of such cards. This is because metal cards, unlike paper-made cards, cannot be damaged or soiled. They are permanent.

Metal cards have now emerged as a major tool for business networking. Compared to paper-based cards, metal cards hold much value as they can last permanently and also catch the eye of the receiver. It creates a good impression upon the receiver who wants to preserve it. This act can make you hope for a call or visit to your office.

Advantages of Metal Cards in Business Networking

Business operators are fast switching over to metal cards from traditional paper cards because it provides them multiple benefits.

We are listing below five such major advantages of metal business cards:


Attracts your prospective customers: Metal cards are eye-catching. This is the best alternative if you want to make your first impression the last one. To strengthen networking, you need to create a good and lasting impression. For this, nothing can be better than a metal card. The shiny cards can create an immediate positive impression.

The smart card proves you are a smart business player: A metal card can create a very good image around you, your company, and the products or services of your company. You are making a direct move to gain the confidence of your future clients. By moving smart, you are implying that your company also acts smart in the delivery of services.

The permanence of metal cards: Being metal-made, such cards are permanent. They are not easily damaged. Your client can keep such cards permanently and contact you whenever your services are needed. No receiver would like to destroy or throw such a nicely printed card on shiny metal bases in the bin. Besides, the receiver of such a card may also show this to others. This can immensely benefit you in your networking plan.

Smart Choice: Metal Business Cards prove you are not an outdated business person. Besides being a networking tool, these cards prove you are a business person who sails with the current. Using a paper card has become outdated. This is an old mode of networking. But the metal card is the latest networking method businesspeople are increasingly using. Due to this reason, when you are issuing a metal card, you are directly implying that you are moving with the times.


Better projection of your brands: Brands with colors embossed on steel or aluminum foil look very attractive. You can also give a one-liner to highlight the brands. As a result, it becomes a major means of advertisement for your products and services. You can nicely project your brands without speaking much vocally. The metal card can silently yet effectively speak about your products.

These are the major benefits of switching over to a metal card from a paper-made card. Paper cards are thrown into the bin by their receivers. As a result, your networking is impeded. However, a metal card’s permanence can widen your networking scope. If you are giving metal cards for networking purposes, you can be well-assured of getting trade queries. You can convert the leads much more easily into actual sales. This is a practical reason why you should use metal cards.


You can use different types of metallic cards to play smartly in business. They can include Full Metal Cards, Hybrid Metal Cards, and Veneer Metal Cards. You can customize them according to your own business needs. Being durable and involving costs higher than paper-made or digital cards, they carry the benefit of permanence. It is unlikely that anyone receiving a metal card from you will throw it away in the bin. Such cards also carry their value in creating an aura around your personality, company, and brand.