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Top 10 Rackspace Competitors & Alternatives (2023 update)

Cloud native approach has emerged as a better alternative to the traditional development approach. You use cloud computing to create and operate scalable applications.

Those apps will run effortlessly in dynamic environments, including private, public, ad hybrid clouds. Many clients choose this new approach because it is cost-effective, scalable, and adaptable.

Automation, improved customer experience, serverless platforms, reusability, and compatibility with the 5G technology make cloud-native solutions pretty feasible.  

Some companies make the transition to cloud technology much easier for clients. Rackspace Technology delivers cutting-edge cloud native solutions and it also trains your teams to manage new solutions more efficiently.  

Rackspace Overview

Rackspace Technology is one of the leading cloud computing companies. Its founders were seasoned application developers. They faced troubles with hosting their applications intended for end-users. 

Many hosting companies did not know how to host those apps and some did not want to host those apps.

It was an unnecessary distraction for developers and the founders could not find a company to outsource the hosting work. 

Rackspace founders knew that they would have to develop a platform that could meet the hosting demands of other users.

Thus, they launched Rackspace Technology in 1998. While competitor hosts were focused on technology, Rackspace established a Fanatical Support team to offer instant support. 

Now, Rackspace Technology serves numerous clients as a multi-cloud solutions expert. It provides cutting-edge technologies, data security, and multi-cloud environments to help clients grow their businesses faster.

Many clients rely on this firm for their cloud computing needs, deliver better solutions, and improve efficiency.

What Features Make Rackspace Technology One of the Leading Cloud Computing Companies?

Rackspace offers solutions to help clients work smarter and faster. It got sophisticated solutions to keep clients ahead of what’s next!

This company assigns a team of experts to assess clients’ business challenges. It designs and crafts scalable technology solutions to resolve issues clients are facing today. 

The following features make Rackspace Technologies a perfect pick for clients:

  • Public cloud scalability for web apps that experience unpredictable or heavy traffic! 
  • Edge computing solution for apps that demand low latency.
  • Deploying important business apps on the client’s private cloud to offer better control and security. 
  • Multicloud security solution for data apps. 
  • Capable of managing, updating, and deploying apps on multi-cloud infrastructure. 

This firm has helped many clients establish new revenue streams. They operate more efficiently and deliver an impressive customer experience.

That’s why Rackspace has become the first choice of many businesses in various industries. 

Rackspace Revenue

Rackspace Technology has made over $3 billion in the fiscal year 2021. Its revenue has increased by 11% in comparison to the revenue generated in 2020. This company has got many new customers. 

Most of the clients are using this company’s multi-cloud services, cross-platform solutions, and apps to deliver satisfying solutions.

Therefore, this firm is growing pretty rapidly and it can become the leading cloud computing service provider with that growth rate! 

Rackspace Technology Competitors and Alternatives

Top Rackspace competitors include the following companies:

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Founder(s): Amazon

Year Founded: 2006

AWS offers on-demand cloud computing platforms along with APIs to businesses, governments, and individuals.

It charges users on a pay-as-you-go basis and that’s why many users choose this firm. Users can access distributed computing solutions along with tools through this platform. 

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud allows users to access a virtual collection of computers. They can access that cluster of computers online to speed up the computing process. Virtual computers offered by AWS work as perfectly as real computers work. 

Users get CPUs, GPUs, local memory, SSD storage, preferable operating system, pre-loaded tools, and applications, all those attributes of real PCs are available at AWS’s virtual computers. 

AWS is currently offering more than 200 products and cloud computing services. Users rely on this platform for storage, database, networking, application services, analytics, app deployment, management, and many other services. 

This Amazon subsidiary has earned over $62 billion in 2021. Its cloud services have contributed majorly to generating that huge revenue.

Therefore, experts consider it the leading cloud service providing firm in the world. 

Rackspace Competitors Amazon Web Services

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2. DigitalOcean

Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States 

Founder(s): Moisey Uretsky, Jeff Carr, Ben Uretsky, Alec Hartman, Mitch Wainer

Year Founded: 2011

DigitalOcean is a US-based company offering a well-curated cloud platform for all developers. This cloud infrastructure provider has established data centers across the globe.

It serves developers, small and medium-size businesses, and startups for their cloud infrastructure demands. 

This company organizes Hacktoberfest in October every year. It is a one-month-long fest in which many developers work on open-source projects.

It has collaborated with software companies, such as, GitHub, Intel, Twilio, DeepSource, and AppWrite. 

DigitalOcean offers a broad range of services. It follows the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to support developers. Clients also use Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for networking, computing, storage, and database solutions. 

DigitalOcean clients can access e-commerce, CMS, developer tools, web application frameworks, and cutting-edge tools to accelerate the development process.

Developers, who seek comprehensive support to create cloud-based platforms and apps, trust this company! This company has made $428.6 million in the fiscal year 2021. Its revenue is growing 35% year over year.

The gross profit was over $258.0 million and it can generate a lot more by meeting the growing cloud computing needs of businesses across the globe. 

Rackspace Competitors Digital Ocean


3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States 

Founder(s): Google

Year Founded: 2008

Google is offering GCP to deliver a set of cloud computing services. Those services use the same infrastructure used by Google to provide its end-user products.

Users rely on GCP to access several modular cloud services, such as data storage, computing, machine learning, and data analytics. It also provides tools to take advantage of the offered solutions.

Just like other companies in this field, Google Cloud Platform offers infrastructure as a service, serverless computing solutions, and platform as a service.

It began in 2008 when Google launched its App Engine. It was a platform for building and hosting web apps. 

Developers have used the Google-managed data centers as the company’s initial cloud computing platform. The general population could access those cloud computing solutions by late 2011. 

Google has consistently included more cloud services to make GCP a one-stop cloud computing platform.

It has earned $19.2 billion through its Cloud Platform and the revenue is growing because most developers choose Google over its competitors. 

Rackspace Competitors Google Cloud Platform

4. Azure

Headquarters: Redmond, WA, United States 

Founder(s): Microsoft

Year Founded: 2010

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform offered by the company for application management. It uses the company’s managed data centers to deliver reliable cloud computing services. 

Azure offers a platform as a service, software as a service, and infrastructure as a service. Many developers choose this cloud computing platform because it supports a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and tools. 

Microsoft announced Azure in 2008 and it was called “Project Red Dog” inside the firm. It was launched in 2010 with the Windows Azure name and later it became Microsoft Azure in 2014.

This cloud computing platform now uses large-scale virtualization to offer over 600 services. 

Computer, storage, mobile, identity, communication, data management, media, messaging, machine learning, and many other services are offered through the Microsoft Azure platform. 

Over 85% of all Fortune 500 companies use Azure for their cloud computing needs. 715 million users are Microsoft Azure directory and the company has earned over $49.9 billion through this platform!  

Rackspace Competitors Azure

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5. Salesforce

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States 

Founder(s): Marc Benioff, Frank Dominguez, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff

Year Founded: 1999

Salesforce is another US-based software firm that offers cloud-based solutions. This company is known across the globe for its sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tool and applications.

Salesforce applications are developed to increase sales, and provide better customer services, analytics, marketing automation, and app development solutions. 

Marc Benioff founded Salesforce in 1999 along with Dave Moellenhoff, Parker Harris, and Frank Dominguez. It operated as a software as a service company after securing initial funding from Halsey Minor and Larry Ellison. 

This company mainly focuses on developing top-end customer management tools and technologies. Its other products help clients develop apps, visualize data, and source data from external sources, and it also offers training programs. 

This firm claims to be a market leader in cloud computing. It provides apps for the all-around growth of the business.

All the offered cloud solutions operate on a well-connected platform and use the same customer data. 

Rackspace Competitors Salesforce

6. Citrix Systems

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States 

Founder(s): Ed Iacobucci 

Year Founded: 1989

Citrix Systems has emerged as a major cloud computing solution provider. It offers the application and desktop virtualization, server, software as a service, networking, and cloud computing solutions.  

More than 400,000 business organizations and individual clients are using Citrix products across the globe. It serves approximately 99% of the Fortune 100 companies and about 98% of all the Fortune 500 companies. 

Ed Iacobucci founded this firm in 1989 in Richardson, Texas. It was initially creating remote access tools for Microsoft OS.

The company has licensed source code for the leading operating system provider and it is the leading Microsoft partner since its inception. 

Citrix became the leading client technology provider in the 90s by facilitating purpose-built devices to access remote resources and servers. Today, this firm offers numerous application and desktop virtualization products. 

This company’s cloud and networking solutions have drawn many renowned clients. Therefore, it is one of the most profit-making cloud service providers in the world. 

Rackspace Competitors Citrix

7. SAP

Headquarters: Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Founder(s): Dietmar Hopp, Claus Wellenreuther, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner, Klaus Tschira

Year Founded: 1972

It is the leading German software firm that builds and distributes ERP software to manage customer relations and business operations. This company has become the world’s most reliable ERP software vendor due to its cutting-edge tools. 

It started acquiring cloud-based product selling companies in 2012. It collaborated with IBM to sell cloud-based services. HPE and Microsoft are SAP’s renowned partners.

This firm works with some of the world’s leading cloud computing solution providers to offer all sorts of cloud computing solutions. 

This firm earns billions of dollars every year by offering advanced software and cloud computing solutions. Therefore, it is a major competitor to RackSpace Technology and other companies in this field. 

Rackspace Competitors SAP

8. Workday

Headquarters: Pleasanton, California, United States

Founder(s): Dave Duffield, Aneel Bhusri

Year Founded: 2005

Workday offers cloud-based human capital management, financial management, and student information systems tools. This company’s IPO was launched in 2012 and it gained a $9.5 billion investment. 

This firm has established data centers across the globe. It offers primary computing infrastructure platforms through AWS. This collaboration is helping Workday expand its services rapidly. 

Workday started developing Insight Apps and related products after acquiring the Identified startup. Its first AI-based products were introduced in 2014 and today, it has many such solutions. 

The company entered the platform as a service market in 2017. Its platform was available for developers, third-party tools, and partners.

Now, customers use Workday’s platform to create custom apps and extensions. This firm has made $5.14 billion in 2021 and a large chunk of that income comes from cloud-based services! 

Rackspace Competitors Workday

9. VMware

Headquarters: Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto, California, United States

Founder(s): Mendel Rosenblum, Edouard Bugnion, Diane Greene, Ellen Wang, Scott Devine 

Year Founded: 1998

This American firm specializes in virtualization technology and cloud computing solutions. It is the first cloud computing company to virtualize the x86 architecture. This firm’s desktop tool operates on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

VMware ESXi is an enterprise software hypervisor that requires server hardware to operate efficiently. It does not require any operating system to function properly.

Broadcom Inc. may soon acquire VMware to increase its cloud computing capabilities and cover a much larger market. 

This company has made $11.767 billion in 2021 and Broadcom may acquire it for $61billion. It will be the biggest tech acquisition if the deal completes in 2022! 

Rackspace Competitors VMware

10. Adobe Creative Cloud

Headquarters: San Jose, California, United States

Founder (S): Adobe Inc.

Year Founded: 2013

Adobe is the market leader when it comes to developing software and technology for content creation and distribution. Adobe Creative Cloud is a dedicated cloud computing platform for those applications. 

Adobe has launched this platform to deliver cloud-based services for the creative sector. Its software as a service model allows users to seamlessly access and exploit features of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Users get a series of apps and services to access a wide range of software for video editing, graphic design, web development, mobile apps, and photography.

Adobe took most of its major services to the cloud and now users from all over the world can access those services. 

Adobe Inc. has gained 9.55 billion U.S. dollars by offering cloud-based services through its Adobe Creative Cloud.

That revenue can increase significantly if Adobe promotes its cloud-based solutions to all creative users across the globe! 

Rackspace Competitors Adobe Creative Cloud