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Most Incredible Real Land-Based Casinos


There are certainly some amazing land-based casinos out there. You’ve probably seen a few yourself, and no doubt don’t need any explanations as to why casinos are impressive. But what if we told you that there’s a whole world of amazing, unique casinos you’ve never heard of? We’re talking about casinos that are so amazing that they’ll make you question reality. Plus, of course, all casinos on this list are functional. Except for one, technically. Meaning that, as you like, you can actually play casino games.

Here are some of the most unusual, bizarre casinos that actually exist. If you’re the adventurous type, you can even visit them yourself.

Desert Cove Hotel, Australia

First on our list is the Desert Cove Hotel in Australia. Well, we say Australia, but what we mean is the literal middle of nowhere. Australia is known for its vast, endless stretches of scorching wasteland, and most humans dare not travel into these regions for obvious reasons. Why would anyone, given that there is nothing for hundreds of miles in any direction?

Though, if you are lost in the desert, you can at least hope to stumble upon the Desert Cave Hotel. As the name suggests, this is a casino and hotel built entirely underground. This isn’t to say that the Desert Cove Hotel isn’t luxurious; it certainly is. Even if all the walls are entirely natural rock, you can still kick back in the evenings and catch some reality TV on your personal big-screen TV.

What can you expect in the way of gambling at Desert Cave Hotel? Well, there are 15 poker tables, a selection of slots, and plenty of other games. So, all in all, it’s pretty decent. If all of this sounds amazing, keep in mind that it isn’t wise to leave the venue during the day. Simply put, you’ll probably get severe sunburn and suffer dehydration within an hour.

Rivers Casino, Chicago

If you know anything about gambling history, you’ll know that many regions in the world fought bitter regulatory battles to allow casino games. The same is true for Chicago, and if you aren’t already aware, the rule is that casinos in Chicago must operate on water. Thus, many casinos in the area are on riverboats. A fair idea and a good way to keep gambling venues regulated.


But along comes the Rivers Casino. The founders of the venue came up with the idea that, as anyone logically will tell you, a venue doesn’t necessarily have to float to operate on water. Yes, the Rivers Casino is built on water, specifically aiming to skirt the regulatory laws of the area. To be fair, the Rivers Casino has come a long way since it was originally just a wooden casino floating on the water. Today, the venue takes advantage of the restriction, offering a truly unique experience. Most windows look out onto a river, providing views that few other venues can match.

Esperanza Base, Trinity Peninsula

From a beautiful casino on a river to a casino that you’ll probably never want to visit in real life. We’re going to the furthest reaches of the planet for this one, and if you’re not keen on freezing to death, you might just want to stick to Grand Eagle casino instead. The Trinity Peninsula sits at the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, meaning that it’s about as far north as you’ll find any civilisation. At the Trinity Peninsula you’ll find the Esperanza Base, a research station that acts as home to various scientists and other researchers. These are the people who, as you can guess, spend their time gathering information about what is essentially one of the most hostile environments on earth.

But you don’t think scientists just spend all their time researching, do you? Yes, there is a casino here. A small, communal casino is available for recreational use, allowing the hard-working scientists to kick back and enjoy a few games. Plus, believe it or not, the casino is open to the public. Yes, stating that the public may visit is more of a joke than anything, but the reality is that if you’re wandering around in freezing temperatures, and happen up this casino, you may walk on in and play a few games.

Boeing 777-200, The Sky

The Antarctic too mild for you? Then how about a casino that flies at around 35,000 feet? Known as the Casino Jet Lounge, Boeing 777-200 is a literal flying casino. What can you expect in the way of gambling? Well, sadly, the Casino Jet Lounge is perhaps the most disappointing on this list, offering only a single blackjack table. Don’t worry though, you can always have the plane interior customised how you like. Just speak to your personal Boeing customisation specialist.


Yes, the Casino Jet Lounge is meant for the wealthiest in the world, so you probably won’t be experiencing it yourself. Though, if you were to ever find yourself in a private flying casino, you can expect holographic displays, lights that automatically change hues depending on natural lighting, and much more.

We hate to burst any bubbles, but if you were planning to buy a Casino Jet Lounge, you’ll have to wait. Although Boeing 777-200 does exist, it is currently the only one in the world. It turns out that even if you are cruising at 35,000 feet, regulations still apply. So, sadly, the Casino Jet Lounge isn’t leaving the ground for the time being.

Shipwreck Park, Florida

This last one is a bit of a cheat, but we put it on the list anyway. In Shipwreck Park, Florida, there is an entire casino tanker underwater, complete with slots, tables, and luxury dining experiences. The catch is, sadly, that the Lady Luck tanker is entirely submerged.

Shipwreck Park is a scuba diving attraction. So, technically, you can visit the casino, and can perhaps even bet on a few rounds of Roulette. Assuming, of course, you’re comfortable with doing so in scuba gear. No, Lady Luck isn’t an operational casino, and only serves as something to look at while you’re diving. A shame, really, since an underwater casino isn’t a bad idea.