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Leveraging VPN For Protection Against Cyberattacks While Streaming Putlocker Alternatives

Image3Video streaming has become popular with the millennials, but Gen Z has taken it to another level; the volume of online traffic video streamers create allows cybercriminals to devise new methods to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to streamers’ sensitive information. The rate at which people video stream requires improved cybersecurity resilience; one popular streaming service that gained wide acceptance was Putlocker.

What is Putlocker?

As a popular online streaming service, Putlocker enabled users to watch high-quality video content before the website stopped operation in 2016 in the U.K. When Putlocker was at its peak, millions of streamers used it worldwide; Putlocker was one of the most frequented sites on the Internet.

The legal or illegality of Putlocker depends on the part of the world you are in when you use it. Putlocker allowed people to watch copyrighted content for free but didn’t have distribution rights to them.

The closure of Putlocker makes it impossible to access the original site. However, alternative sites have emerged under the same name, meaning you can still technically stream video content from sites having “Putlocker” in their domain names.

Some of Putlocker’s alternatives include:


● UpMovies – a newly rebranded version of the most well-known Putlocker alternative, 123movies, with one of the best film and TV series libraries and a sleek, intuitive interface that allows you to see veritable information on video quality and episode quantities.

● SolarMovie – free, fast, and has everything it needs to become your favorite Putlocker alternative. Solarmovie now provides the best experience possible by accessing the site’s extensive catalog of movies and series.

● Crackle – a video-on-demand service to watch Putlocker movies and TV series, and a well-known site for free entertainment.

● Popcornflix – provides a quick and straightforward answer to all of your video streaming requirements, with an attractive interface and a diverse assortment of films and television shows globally; as a well-optimized site for mobile devices, it is a good option for streaming on the go.

Cyberattacks and geo-restriction are two critical issues video streamers encounter with “Putlocker.” Users can, however, leverage VPN to overcome these issues.

How Does VPN Enable Users to Stream Putlocker Safely?

To connect to the internet and carry out any online activity, such as streaming, your internet service provider (ISP) must assign an internet protocol (IP) address to your device; anyone who accesses your IP address can monitor and track your online activities. However, a VPN will ensure you are secure, and no one can intrude on your privacy when you browse the web.

The ways a VPN enhances the protection, security, and privacy of Putlocker video streamers include:


● Hiding IP address – Your ISP can monitor and trace your video streaming activities on the internet; hackers and other third parties who are desirous of accessing your sensitive information can do so if they have your IP address; a VPN will mask your original IP address and assign a new IP address to your device from one of the VPN service provider’s servers. If anyone tries to track the IP address you browse with, the individual will end up at the server where the IP originates.

● Multifactor authentication – Hackers deploy the brute force attack to crack passwords, notwithstanding the nature; a VPN verifies anyone who tries to access your network through biometric authentication, such as facial recognition, eye scan, and fingerprint, apart from the password; multifactor authentication is proactive and makes it almost impossible for hackers to access your network.

● Log encryption – A hacker can accidentally access your IP address and lay hands on your sensitive information; however, if you have subscribed to a VPN, it will be a wasted effort because your VPN will encrypt your log and render it gibberish, useless, and worthless to the hacker.

● Killswitch – A sudden downtime may occur even with your VPN; hackers can leverage the period to compromise some documents or files; the killswitch feature of your VPN ensures that you can abort some preselected files, ensuring no compromises.

● Tunneling – Any time video streamers connect to a VPN to send data and stream online with the internet, the procedure they use is known as tunneling. VPN tunneling enables the secure transfer of data between your devices and the network, even if they use an insecure medium such as public Wi-Fi, ultimately ensuring your privacy. VPN tunneling screens data by modifying it into a different pattern.

Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

Since copyright laws vary with countries, a video streamer in a particular region may not have access to certain movies; Putlocker alternatives, such as Crackle, only support video streamers in the USA and its territories for now; to access Crackle, you will need to connect to a USA VPN server. The USA VPN allows you to bypass the geo-restriction on Crackle if you are streaming from another geographical location.


For millennials and Gen Z, video streaming has become fashionable; streamers must take the potent risk from cybercriminals seriously; any time you connect to the internet, there are prying eyes watching for entry points to access your network. VPN helps to protect you from hackers and bypass geo-restrictions some countries placed on streaming Putlocker and the alternatives.