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How to Protect Your Rental Property

Image1Even if you’re just renting a property, security should be a top priority. Rentals often have security measures already in place by the landlords, but it’s best to take extra steps to ensure that your space, including the people and things in it, is safe. Here are some tips on how to protect your rental:

Get Insured

No matter how many safety precautions you might take, there will still be a risk of unfortunate events happening. While these could be beyond your control, you can still protect yourself by getting tenant insurance.

This type of insurance works on top of landlord insurance and covers your space and belongings. When taking out this policy, be sure to ask your agent about the specific tenant insurance coverage you’ll get to ensure you’re adequately safeguarded.

Install a Security System

With today’s technology, you can install a security system without drilling holes or altering structures in your rental. There are wireless and stick-on security features available, along with free-standing sirens.

Plus, you can manage and monitor everything using your phone!

Secure Your Windows

Many people remember to secure their doors, but they often forget to reinforce another entryway to their space–the windows. Your windows will often come with a lock that prevents them from being opened from the outside, but there’s no stopping burglars from breaking them.


You can add sensors that can get triggered whenever your windows are tampered with, and you can change up the locks to something more robust instead of the standard ones that came with the apartment.

Invest in a Safe

A tough safe can deter thieves from getting all of your valuables. Invest in one and transfer things like cash, jewelry, firearms, heirlooms, and important documents aside. With the right safe, your belongings may even be protected from fires and floods.

Do Regular Maintenance Checks

Regularly perform maintenance checks to ensure that every aspect of your rental is safe. Check for gas leaks, water problems, electrical issues, etc. to minimize the risk of any related accidents.

Meet Your Neighbours

The acquaintance of your neighbours isn’t just a social thing–these are people who you should be able to trust to keep your space protected, too, as you’re all living in the same area and want to uphold overall safety.


Strike up conversations with your neighbours or join your apartment building’s communities online. Being friends with your neighbours can be especially helpful when you have to go out of town and need someone to keep an eye on your place while you’re gone.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to protection, you should treat a rental the same way as you would an owned home. Adding the necessary safeguards–including insurance–will help to ensure that your investment is always protected.