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How to Make an Extra Buck in Kentucky

Everyone could use additional cash, especially today, when most nations face robust financial difficulties. People get burdened with student loans, mortgages, health-related expenses, family obligations, etc. So, only some can say yes to supplemental revenue streams for people with some time. Below, we rattle off five avenues Kentuckians can explore to add more money to their coffers.


Everyone has some sort of skill. In today’s modern age, the Internet permits people from everywhere to put a few more coins in their pockets by exploiting something they are good at. Therefore, regardless of whether someone has a talent for writing, drawing, or even walking dogs, the Web will help pair them with parties needing their services. Even with people low on unique skills, the Internet has an ample supply of opportunities that anyone can do, like transcription, customer support, data entry, completing online surveys, and more.

Naturally, these do not pay as well as others demanding a refined skillset. Nonetheless, they are a non-labor-intensive way of making money, with many such openings up for grabs on sites like Fiverr,, and PeoplePerHour.

Become a Tourist Guide

Interacting with people daily is, undoubtedly, only for some. Nevertheless, getting involved in the tourist industry as a person promoting an area’s culture and history will contribute to its economy and allow those who take up this role to develop communication skills, meet a wide range of people, and stay informed about their residence. They will enjoy a flexible work schedule and many other enticing perks. Hence, this position is perfect for introverts trying to turn more extroverted.

Kentucky is such a terrific spot for guide opportunities because it features various forms of tourism. As likely everyone knows, the Bluegrass State has many historical landmarks, chiefly notable Civil War battlefields. Yet, leaving the past behind, the state is also famous for its multiple bourbon distilleries. Plus, it has a rich tradition of artisanal crafts, renowned caving sites like the Red River Gorge, a deep horse racing heritage, and it is home to several high-profile festivals, mainly the Forecastle Festival, Kentucky State Fair, the Kentucky Derby Festival, with these and others offering a taste of local cuisine and cultural activities. Per Indeed, tourist guides in the Louisville region make an hourly wage of $26, the national average, with those with three or more years of experience getting $32.

Try Sports Betting

Following the repeal of the 2018 Professional Amateurs and Sports Protection Act, US states could decide whether to legalize sports wagering to their citizens. Over thirty have done so, and Kentucky made this option available to residents in September 2023, when seven betting apps launched. In December of that year, the Kentucky wagering handle hit $264 million, showing that interest in this pastime among Kentuckians is high.


Without question, betting on sports is the gambling form that provides the best-winning odds if one takes a measured and professional approach to this activity, studying statistics and implementing analysis software. However, for those who want to take up a more thrill-inducing chance-based style of gambling, even though interactive gaming is still not offered by state-regulated operators, Kentucky online casinos based offshore deliver these services to the territory’s fans of slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and lottery-style choices.

Physical Labor Jobs

These are options for principally members of the male sex, as they require physical strength and the ability to work in varied conditions and are very labor intensive. We are sure that does not sound appealing to many Kentuckians.

That said, these opportunities are readily available. According to the USA Wage and Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, Laborers, Freight, Stock, and Material Movers are the most common jobs in Kentucky. Over sixty thousand people work in these positions, comprising 3.36% of the state’s workforce, getting paid a yearly average of $30,640.

Year on year, demand for labor workers is slowly growing in this part of the US, and so have their median salaries, showing a 26.34% growth in nine years. So, able-body males in Kentucky should be able to find full-time or part-time employment as laborers, freight, stock, and material movers.

Get a Part-Time Gig as a Retail Sales Associate

If you need to know a Retail Sales Associate, do not fret. It is a fancy title describing a person who aims to drive sales to a retail business by facilitating a positive customer experience. The job usually entails giving customers necessary information, helping them find products, and assisting them with point-of-sale transactions. In short, that kind of thing.


Few people know, but 26% of all Kentucky jobs get supported by the retail sector, the country’s largest employer. Kentucky’s retail sphere supports over six hundred thousand jobs via fifty-six establishments for a total GDP impact of $39 billion. The appeal of Retail Sales Associate jobs is they often come with flexible working hours, an option largely stemming from retailers looking to accommodate individuals seeking part-time employment. Now, these positions do not pay splendidly, with the average salary coming to $13 per hour. Still, they supply non-rigid schedules, they require little training, and there are many of them.