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High 5 Casino Detailed Overview of the Sweepstakes Gaming World


High 5 Casino stands at the forefront of social and sweepstakes casinos in the United States. Distinguished by its innovative approach, it rivals top real money casino platforms in terms of both variety and quality of software. What sets High 5 Casino apart is its distinctive sweepstakes model, enabling its availability in nearly every state across the US, with exceptions only in Washington, Michigan, Nevada, and Idaho.

As a social casino, High 5 allows users to engage in casino-style games online without any cost, offering participants the exciting prospect of redeeming virtual coins for tangible cash prizes. This combination of social gaming and sweepstakes elements contributes to High 5 Casino’s appeal and accessibility in the US market.

Games at High 5 Casino

High 5 Sweepstakes Casino boasts an impressive array of 800 games on its menu, a remarkable feat for a social casino. This extensive selection includes live dealer games, adding a dynamic and interactive element to the gaming experience. While the sheer quantity of games is notable, it’s important to delve deeper to understand the full selection of titles.

Slot Games

The extensive collection of 800 games at High 5 Casino is predominantly composed of slots, constituting the majority of the selection. Notably, the slot variety is both deep and diverse, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

High 5 Casino incorporates games from renowned software providers, with notable names such as Pragmatic Play contributing to the rich and varied selection. The inclusion of sweepstakes versions of classic slots, like Big Bass Hold & Spinner, adds a unique touch.

Within the slots catalog, there is a robust offering of modern and creatively designed 3D games, jackpot slots, and those featuring valuable bonus games. The well-designed menu, complete with a search bar, proves to be a practical feature, especially given the abundance of games available. This thoughtful design enhances user experience and facilitates easy navigation through the extensive catalog.

Table Games

Perhaps because High 5 has such great live dealer options, there is a surprising lack of traditional virtual table games. That even goes for the most common games, like blackjack and roulette. Basically, this is an area we think High 5 could work on to improve their overall platform. It would also be nice to see games like keno and bingo.

Live Dealer Games

One of High 5’s most remarkable features is its venture into live dealer games, an aspect not widely adopted in the realm of social casinos thus far.


The live dealer section at High 5 Casino encompasses a total of 17 tables, offering multiple variations of blackjack and roulette, as well as Casino Hold’em and various baccarat tables. This addition of live dealer games is a notable step forward for social casinos, adding a new layer of interactive and authentic gaming experiences.

The technology supporting these live dealer games mirrors the visual appeal and functionality found in real-money casinos. While the production value may be slightly smaller, with computer-generated backgrounds rather than actual casino settings, the overall performance and gameplay are commendable. This foray into live dealer games at High 5 Casino provides a glimpse into the potential future of social casinos, showcasing a trend toward more immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

The Difference between Game Coins and Sweeps Coins

Game Coins are specifically used for playing games and cannot be exchanged for prizes. On the other hand, sweep coins serve a dual purpose. They can be obtained for free through the welcome bonus, daily login bonus, the Refer a Friend offer and other promotions. Sweep coins are also often provided as a bonus when you purchase Game Coin packages. The crucial distinction is that Sweeps Coins, unlike Game Coins, can be redeemed for prizes, including gift cards and cash.

Bonuses at High 5 Casino

Bonuses play a significant role in both attracting players and maintaining engagement at High 5, aligning with the prevalent trend in social casinos.

High 5 operates with two types of virtual currencies, namely Game Coins and Sweeps Coins, and players can acquire both through various free bonus offerings. The availability of these free bonuses serves as a means for players to participate in games without direct monetary investment.

Additionally, High 5 introduces special promotional symbols known as Diamonds, each unlocking different bonuses. The details of these bonuses and how they contribute to the overall gaming experience will be further explored in the upcoming section.

Welcome Bonus

High 5 Casino provides a modest allocation of Coins and Diamonds as a welcome bonus when you sign up: 250 Game Coins, 5 Sweeps Coins, and 600 Diamonds. This serves as an ideal illustration of a preferred welcome bonus approach, offering a comprehensive introduction to the platform without the need for an initial purchase.

If you choose to make coin purchases later on, additional bonuses await you as part of the rewarding experience on the platform.

Purchase Bonus

High 5 Casino offers the option to purchase Game Coin packages, allowing users to replenish or augment their free supply. When opting for these purchases, users typically receive additional free Sweeps Coins as a bonus. The packages are available at various price points, commencing from as low as $2, providing 10 Game Coins and 2 free Sweeps Coins. The range extends up to a $1,000 package, which includes 5,000 Game Coins and 1,005 Sweeps Coins. Some of these packages also include Diamonds as part of the bonus offerings.

Daily Log-in and Loyalty Bonuses

High 5 Casino offers various ongoing bonuses and promotions designed to reward players who return to the platform. Among these features is a daily login bonus, providing 0.50 Sweeps Coins and the Bonus Harvest, which replenishes every four hours. The Bonus Harvest rewards players with 10 Game Coins and 15 Diamonds, offering a consistent incentive for regular engagement.

Diamonds at High 5 Casino serve as a convenient gateway to bonus games and free spins, enhancing the likelihood of winning more Sweeps Coins. Players can strategically utilize Diamonds to activate Game Boost on Demand during gameplay in Sweepstakes mode. This functionality resembles the concept found in traditional real-money casinos, where players can pay a premium to directly access lucrative bonus games instead of waiting for scatter symbols.


The introduction of Diamonds adds a playful and innovative dimension to the overall High 5 experience, contributing to the uniqueness of the platform within the social casino landscape.

Payment Methods at High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino offers a commendable range of banking methods for users looking to purchase Game Coin packages. The available options include Credit Card / Debit Card, Online Banking, PayPal and Skrill.

The inclusion of multiple banking methods sets High 5 apart, as it goes beyond the common practice of only allowing bank cards. Notably, having both Skrill and PayPal as options is particularly impressive, as some platforms limit users to just one e-wallet.

How to Redeem Prizes at High 5 Casino

At High 5 Casino, games can be played in two distinct modes, utilizing either Game Coins or Sweeps Coins. Both types of coins can be obtained through various free methods. When you sign up, you receive free Game Coins, and there’s also a regular top-up every four hours. Additionally, you have the option to purchase additional Game Coins if desired. Sweep coins, however, cannot be bought and are only received as part of free bonuses.

To check your Sweeps Coins balance and the redeemable Sweeps Coins you’ve won (as opposed to those received for free), you can navigate to the main menu. If you wish to redeem Sweeps Coins for prizes, a blue REDEEM button is available. A minimum of 100 Sweeps Coins is required for cash prize redemption, while 50 Sweeps Coins are needed for gift card requests. Gift cards are sent to your email address, while cash prizes can be transferred to your bank account or via e-wallet. Assuming your account is verified, you should receive your prize within a couple of days.


High 5 Casino stands out as one of the most robust social sweeps casinos, offering compelling reasons for consideration. Notably, features like live dealer games and live chat support set it apart from the majority of other sweepstakes sites. The platform excels in the realm of slots, with an impressive range complemented by excellent overall software and site design. The introduction of Diamond bonuses adds a novel and exciting dimension.