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Is Gotham Garage STILL in Business? Here’s What Happened (2023)

When you see a business named ‘Gotham Garage’, you would automatically assume that it’s something cool and worth checking out. 

And you would be absolutely right! 

For those who don’t know, Gotham Garage is an automotive customization shop. Netflix admirers would recognize the name from the popular reality show called ‘Car Masters: Rust to Riches’ which features the day-to-day exploits of the Gotham Garage team in the automobile industry. 

Netflix released 4 seasons of the show before going radio silent. 

This provoked many loyal fans to finally raise an important question – is Gotham Garage still in business in 2023?

Fortunately, Gotham Garage is still alive and kicking. While there is no official announcement from Netflix about a Season 5 renewal, it’s likely the show starring the brains behind the business will continue in 2024 because of its immense success. 

That was the short answer. For those who are interested, we have a longer one too. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the world of convertible cars in the City of Gotham! 

What is Gotham Garage?

We are sorry to disappoint you, but Gotham Garage isn’t exactly based in Gotham. That would technically not be possible as Gotham is fictional but Gotham Garage is very much real. 

Gotham Garage is a vehicle customization shop based in California. The business is particularly popular for its creative flair and tendency to take on big challenges and unbelievable customization projects. 

One of the most entrancing qualities of Gotham Garage is how the crew manages to purchase rundown vehicles and convert them into specialized, high-value masterpieces. 

Because of the team’s innate talent, coupled with the owner, Mark Towle’s never-ending ambitions, Gotham Garage became an interesting source of entertainment for millions of viewers around the world, presented in the form of Car Masters

The business managed to attract the attention of Netflix, which is not known for promoting car-based reality shows when compared to giants like the History and Discovery channels. 

Like all reality shows, however, Car Masters wasn’t immune to criticism. While some fans pointed out the glaring discrepancies and repetitive nature of the show, others took to accusing the lead mechanics of being mere actors pretending to work on cars.

Nevertheless, the show continued to be a hit on Netflix since its launch in 2018. However, there is still no news about a potential renewal for Season 5.  

So, what is the current status of Gotham Garage? Let’s find out. 

What Happened to Gotham Garage? 

Gotham Garage remained in the spotlight till last year when Season 4 of Car Masters took Netflix by storm. While not all the reviews were positive, most fans agreed that the element of entertainment superseded everything else. 

The crew’s ability to take up challenging projects and deliver magnificently is something that all viewers admire. Arguably the most noteworthy of their projects appeared in Season 3 – the famous concept car and bike duo, which they managed to sell in Season 4 with a decent profit margin. 

Despite a huge viewership and a loyal fan following, Netflix still hasn’t announced a new season for the show.  Many viewers have turned to the internet to get answers to some coveted questions like – is Gotham Garage bankrupt or shut down

Let’s find out. 

Will Gotham Garage Remain Operational Without a Season 5 of Car Masters?

Yes, Gotham Garage will likely still be in business, even if they don’t renew for another season of Car Masters on Netflix. 

That is because the business has already gained a lot of popularity as well as the support of the convertible automobile industry. There are no signs of bankruptcy, as Gotham Garage continues to take on new customization projects while keeping its fans in the loop.

For example, the company recently started a new project a week ago. The social media handles of the business keep the fans up to date by providing them with details of each step of the customization progress. 

Seeing the large fan following of Gotham Garage, it’s safe to assume that the business will continue to thrive for years to come.

Even after becoming famous, the mechanics still continue to take on challenging projects instead of making their jobs easier and working on simpler vehicles. With such commitment, fans are bound to remain interested in what the automobile wizards have up their sleeves. 

Inside The Genius Mind of Mak Towle – The Brains Behind Gotham Garage 

Arguably the most intriguing and entertaining asset to Car Masters is Gotham Garage’s owner – Mark Towle. A charismatic figure, Towle became the central component of the show’s creative flair. He was always the one to take on the most challenging projects.

Moreover, the show also depicts Towle as a smart businessman with a sharp entrepreneurial mindset. 

But his abilities aren’t the only things that keep him in the limelight. Mark Towle has a rich and interesting history as well. 

When you read about him, you’ll naturally want to know more about his life and passion for cars. 

The enigmatic personality is currently at the highest point of his career. But there was a time when Mark Towle had to suffer through the worst ordeal imaginable. 

A lawsuit for one of his creations. 

Mark Towle vs. Warner Bros & DC Comics – A Courtroom Sensation 

Towle had always been a bold creator. Many of his customized cars appeared in several films and shows, like Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Gearz

So, it’s not surprising that Towle attempted to recreate many pop culture masterpieces back in the day. 

One of them, unfortunately for the eccentric inventor, was the Batmobile

At the beginning of his eclectic career, Towle had been creating and selling copies of the Batmobile to interested clientele. He managed to create a pretty good depiction of the George Barris original Batmobile as well as the 1989 version of Tim Burton’s film. 

He reportedly sold each model for around $90,000.  

Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived. Both DC Comics and Warner Bros filed a lawsuit against Towle for copyright infringement, as he replicated something that was protected by a trademark. 

Towle’s attorney tried to argue that trademarking features and designs of automobiles could restrict and exploit the creative freedom of car manufacturers. However, the judge ruled against Towle, who had to pay damages and discontinue his innovations. 

So, if you were wondering how Towle came up with the name ‘Gotham Garage’, you should be able to form a connection with this story. 

Gotham Garage: Controversies and Fan Reactions 

Despite the massive popularity of Gotham Garage, the crew wasn’t completely immune to online scrutiny and criticisms. 

One of the potential reasons why the show is still not officially renewed could be the many questions that fans were asking following the release of Season 4.

In this section, we will uncover the fan reactions and controversies that surround the popular car customization and restoration show. 

Is Gotham Garage Completely Scripted?

We all know that reality shows aren’t completely real. But many fans have complained that Gotham Garage is as far from reality as it could be. 

Viewers have pointed out multiple discrepancies in the show’s presentation of the overall customization process.

Firstly, many people find it weird that the show provides little to no details about negotiation practices. There is no information about the buyer. The show also does not provide any post-buying details to viewers. 

Moreover, many car enthusiasts have pointed out that the show always quotes inflated prices that are far from the estimated real value. 

Finally, after the release of Season 4, many fans pointed out that the show always followed the same script – the crew needed to make a desperate big sale to save the garage, they find a customer at the last minute, and sell at a significant profit. 

All of these inconsistencies, fans claim, make the show less interesting and look heavily scripted, which is why they lost a chunk of viewership in 2022. 

Are The Mechanics Actually Actors? 

Many fans have pointed out that many of the mechanics starring in Car Masters have appeared in other films and television shows as well. This has raised questions about the legitimacy of the projects and skills displayed in the show. 

While Mark Towle is a passionate automobile enthusiast, Car Masters wasn’t his first rodeo. He had already appeared on America’s Most Wanted and The Today Show before he became the star of his own story on Netflix. 

Similarly, Constance Nunes, the standout female mechanic of the crew, is a popular model, having worked in many fashion brands like Wrangler and Jockey

Many fans noticed that Constance seemed perfectly unperturbed by the demanding tasks of restoring vehicles. She appeared to be completely at ease with perfect makeup and painted nails, even after hours of grinding on the restored vehicle. 

But despite the many questions raised about Constance’s abilities, fans will be pleased to know that her credentials as a mechanic are completely legitimate. She is a humble personality with experience in major brands like BMW and Ford. 

Constance stated that her role in a male-dominated sector is the result of her privileged upbringing and that other women find it harder to make space in the industry, outlining her humble and introspective nature. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s no reason why Netflix shouldn’t invite the Gotham Garage team back for a Season 5 of the show. 

With a loyal fan following and the undeniable support of the car community, Gotham Garage and Mark Towle are still going strong.

While the journey hasn’t been without its bump, the future of the automobile wizards appears to be quite bright.