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Give Your Home a New Look with A Stunning Front Door That Calls for Attention


Your front entry door is the central point of your home’s appearance and curb appeal from the outside and a main point for visitors to what they can expect on the inside. As every home is distinct, our design experts are well-versed in popular front door styles and nuances.

To help you make an educated decision, we have assembled this guide to follow during front door replacement.

Modern Front Doors: Sleek and Striking

When your project calls for clean lines, extensive glass doors, and pops of color, a modern front door is your go. Characterized by sleek profiles and a lack of flourishes or elaborate features, they often feature a glass panel or sidelights with a straightforward grille design and slim sightlines to flood your home with natural light while keeping things unadorned.

Modern finish color or stain on high-quality wood or fiberglass front entry doors is lively and current. Shades of white, grey, calm, and more natural tones are available from which to select.’ on the other hand, if you want your home to possess a striking or exclusive look that will turn heads in your community, you might consider using jet-black. Sleek chrome finish or stunning matte black lock sets are recommended, as are steel panels that are either primed or painted white. Modern and contemporary colors look cool, but traditional white paint always gives a thoroughly modern vibe.

Modern Farmhouse Entry Doors Redefine Canadian Living

Drawing inspiration from the comfort and robust simplicity of hallmarking traditional Canadian farmhouses, the modern front door replacement design keeps the same inviting feel while sacrificing overly detailed architecture for sufficient natural light and colors.

This unit will marry rustic charm with contemporary sophistication in a look presenting vertical planking or traditional crossbucks, grids, grilles, or trimmed inset panels. An arched-topped double unit will convey elegance, or the square single-entry door will hint at a more straightforward yet equally charming farmstead. Glass and grille options, such as 2×2, 2×3, or 2×4 grilles mimic the original designs of farm homesteads from yesteryear, as well as complete, ¾-, and ½-light sidelights for timeless symmetry.


The perfect paint or stain will make any modern farmhouse-style door pop, such as solid black against white siding for high contrast or black window framing for a cohesive look. Alternatively, stained wood-based looks offer added warmth or a muted color to add more subtle character.

Craftsman Front Doors: Embodying Natural Beauty and Timeless Craftsmanship

The Craftsman movement resurfaced to counteract the industrialization of the 19th century, returning to a desire for unique homes amid replication through mass manufacturing.

Modern Craftsman front doors, usually made from crafted wood, make perfect additions to bungalows, cottages, or any home that models its architectural philosophy on nature.

Choose from a classic array of options to elevate your Craftsman front door. A dentil shelf, square blocks positioned beneath glass panes for added interest, and decorative wrought iron nails, known as clavos and rustic hinge straps, add an artisan touch. With panels in the top quarter and traditional grille patterns—or decorative glass or obscured glass, the pans offered are often carried or match the windows on either side. Choose matching sidelights and a full transom for extra natural light to add to the door’s allure.

Traditional Front Doors: Enduring Elegance for Any Home.

Rich detailing, European-inspired accents, and softer lines distinguish traditional front doors. This front door replacement adds graceful detailing to every home. Clear glass and straightforward grille patterns have a timeless feel, as demonstrated by homeowners’ long-standing love for both options in classic choices.


Glass options for traditional doors range from classic to contemporary, be it classical or modern. Hand-assembled patterns created with clear and obscure glass kinds strike a balance between privacy and statement-making allure. Wrought iron designs are exquisite, with meticulously crafted patterns inspired by old-world artisans, adding a touch of artful refinement.

Regardless of door inclusion or exclusion, sidelights, and overhead transoms should be designed to draw in light. Materials are offered with a mahogany stain or navy blue paint, perfect for any homeowner.