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Esports: Research, Watch and Predict

Esports is one of the fastest-growing areas of technology, bringing together the best professional gamers from the top titles. Although esports is nothing new and has been around the gambling industry for a few years, new followers often think it’s an overnight sensation. It hit the ground running and has surpassed all expectations, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar business. What’s more, professional esports is showing no signs of slowing down.

The leading esports competitions, teams, and players are becoming more popular than some traditional sports, including netball, snooker, and bandy. Read the latest sportsbook review and see Esports has grown from a footnote in the sports world, little more than an interesting bystander, to a major attraction. Some experts predict pro esports could overtake some of the best-loved sports, including soccer, horse racing, and football. It’s certainly headed in the right direction.

What’s all the fuss about regarding esports? Do people make a living from gaming, and how can you watch the next competition? If you’re new to esports or have limited experience in the industry, those are likely some of the questions on the tip of your tongue. Finding reliable answers can be challenging, so our team of technology writers is here to help fill in the blanks. We want to bring readers up to speed on the latest esports news and opinions. We’ve got you covered.

What to Expect

Getting the latest information on esports is easier than ever, with breaking news and opinions available online. Esports competitions are often remote, pitting the best players in the world from the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Australia. It’s a global affair, and esports is flourishing worldwide, attracting new investment, better players, and more television coverage.

Esports is fast-moving and won’t wait for you to show an interest. You could be left behind if you aren’t already aware of the top esports players and competitions. The industry is always moving, evolving, and improving, with major investments helping esports grow across the US and overseas. Increased competition, higher pay, and better games have led to more esports fixtures live on TV and through the best live streaming.

Thankfully, our team ensures that the Esports Express does not leave our readers behind. We bring our knowledge to the table in this quick and easy-to-follow guide on esports. We’ve organized our article into a frequently asked questions style to ensure the page appeals to all and helps you get the most relevant information. Read the article in full to ramp up your esports knowledge, or pick and choose the sections that appeal most.

How do I Watch eSports?

Esports coverage is better today than ever before, thanks to live-streaming. Although live TV broadcasters cover some competitions, fixtures, and games, you’ll find more of the action on live-streaming apps available on your smartphone and laptop.

The best live streams are at major online sports betting apps. Join an online bookie and click the live-streaming tab for today’s sports schedule. You’ll find horse racing, greyhounds, soccer, basketball, and more. But the most popular sport to follow on HD-quality live-streaming apps is esports. What’s more, it’s often free to view.

Why would online sportsbooks, famous for giving little away, suddenly think it’s good business to promote the free live-streaming of esports? The answer is simple. The bookie believes you’re more likely to make predictions and gamble on esports if you can watch the action unfold. Join an online bookie, click the esports tab, and watch today’s live game.

Thanks to live or in-play gambling markets, you can make predictions and wager before game one or at any stage during the contest. Give it a try today. The leading esports gambling apps give all new players who register an account a stunning welcome bonus free bet.

Are eSports Players Professional?

Yes, the best esports players sign with major names from the business world. The standard esports contract allows a player to vie for inclusion in the top tournaments, where they receive a bonus for their inclusion. Being on the esports tour or playing in the big competitions is just the start.

If you succeed in esports, you may receive a contract offer from a leading name. The top esports managers and teams pay their players a wage and bonuses for each game won. While freelance players keep almost all their cash prizes, those representing teams receive a percentage due to their wage structure.

A regular wage is a great incentive for talented gamers to seek a position in esports, but some prizes paid to the winning players and teams are impressive. What would you prefer? Take decent weekly wages and play for bonuses or back yourself to succeed and remain freelance, keeping all your winnings.

How do I Become an eSports Star?

We would answer that question the same way as if asked how to become a sports star in the NFL, English Premier League, and Ultimate Fighting Championship. In short, finding success as an esports player is no mean feat. You must be good enough, popular enough on the circuit, and boast a good manager who will look after your affairs and keep you playing.

Becoming a professional esports player is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Firstly, you must have the talent needed to succeed in professional esports. Then, it would help if you had a strong backing of management and, ideally, sponsorships, including financial support. Like any star of traditional sports, like David Beckham, you need much more than raw talent. Becoming the star of esports is a team effort.

Can I bet on eSports Fixtures?

We have already touched on the leading bookies offering esports live coverage. Now, look at how you can wager on esports competitions and games using your smartphone.

Firstly, you must find a bookie that covers esports and create an account. Register by clicking the join button at the top of the homepage and create an account. Deposit $10 or more, predict the winner of a fixture, and wager. If your pick is correct, you’ll bank the profits, but if your selection loses, the bookie keeps your stake. It’s that simple.