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Bookmakers With Low Margin: Who To Trust?


Many bettors are convinced that the lower the margin of a bookmaker, the better. And in general, this is indeed the case – low marginal surcharges allow players to get higher odds and, consequently, greater profit with each winning bet. However, it is not worth completely equating low margins with the reliability and quality of a bookmaker. There are a number of nuances to pay attention to. First of all, in sports betting, it is important for the bookmaker to be reliable. One such company is Melbet. This bookmaker offers competitive odds, a wide variety of sports, and plenty of bonuses, and you can also Melbet download Apk for mobile gaming.

Professional Bookmakers With Low-Margin

Traditionally, professional bookmakers, predominantly of Asian origin, are considered leaders in low margins. They do indeed offer very competitive odds, but they also have some drawbacks. Firstly, their event line is extremely limited – they focus only on top markets and offer almost no small- and middle-market options. Secondly, the quality of the live service also leaves much to be desired. Thirdly, there may be high commissions for deposits/withdrawals and a limited choice of payment methods.

Additionally, it is worth noting that professional bookmakers are lenient towards arbitrage players. However, their line is so accurate that beating such a bookmaker is not within the reach of every bettor. As a result, the low margin is offset by the high event throughput.

Fraudulent Bookmakers

Paradoxically, some of the leaders in low margins are often blatantly fraudulent bookmakers. They can afford to offer underestimated odds to attract as many players as possible. After all, their goal is not long-term existence in the market but quick enrichment through the theft of client’s funds. By luring people with low margins and high bonuses, they then block accounts without explanation, delay payments, limit maximum bets, and force players to play on unfavorable terms.


Alongside outright scammers, there are also “semi-scammers.” They also masquerade as low-margin bookmakers but only scam part of their clients. They honestly pay out winnings to the rest and create a false impression of reliability. However, the deceived players effectively bring additional “margin” to the bookmaker in the form of blatantly stolen funds.

Low-Margin Bookmakers On High Markets

Another common tactic is to claim a low margin only on the main line of top events while setting much higher odds on secondary markets and in live betting. This way, inexperienced players are attracted, who see low marginal surcharges in top leagues and championships but do not check the full line and do not notice inflated odds in live betting.

Some bookmakers deliberately dump on certain events, setting a zero margin to attract bettors’ attention. However, in the rest of the line, they may compensate for such actions with high profits. It is also worth remembering cases where low margin serves as a regular advertising lure to attract the maximum number of new clients. Once the flow of newcomers dries up, the bookmaker comfortably returns to average surcharge values.

Whom To Choose?

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize once again that the low margin of a bookmaker is far from always a guarantee of its reliability and service quality. It can be a sign of a professional company as well as a way for scammers to attract new victims. Some bookmakers deliberately undercut top markets to create a false impression of favorable conditions, while in reality, the bulk of profits are generated by opaque inflated odds on secondary markets.


Therefore, when choosing a bookmaker, it is important to analyze its entire line as a whole, not just the line of top matches. It is also recommended to study reviews from real players about fund withdrawals, verifications, limits, and other working conditions. The stability and honesty of the bookmaker are much more important than low margin because, in case of problems with payouts, even the highest odds lose all meaning. Rely on all factors together. And remember that even bookmakers with low margins can turn out to be scammers or manipulators!