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Beyond Traditional Pipes: 6 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis


As cannabis use continues to grow around the world, so are different innovations rising to satisfy different users. For users who are concerned about the health of their lungs, alternatives that go beyond traditional smoking provide safer ways to ingest cannabis. Also, most people using cannabis for medical use, especially the elderly and less reserved individuals, are conservative about smoking. They find it hard to associate smoking weed as medicinal or as a way of their treatment. If you are one in any of the categories mentioned, you would be happy to find out more about the alternatives that are available for you.  

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Whether your lungs exempt you from smoking cannabis, or you are looking for discreet ways to consume it, or you simply abhor the whole idea of traditional smoking, here are exciting ways to enjoy cannabis and get the desired effect.

1. Edibles

Edibles allow you to eat or drink cannabis rather than smoke. These are products that are infused with cannabinoids, the chemical contained in cannabis that is responsible for the euphoric feeling and causing a high. The most common edible among users is the classic brownies. However, as cannabis becomes more legalized and accepted, there are more options to infuse it in different foods and drinks. The oil extracted from this plant can be used for cooking, baking and even added to drinks such as tea, sodas and beers. You can also find chewing gums, gummy bars, cereal, and granola bars made with cannabis.

The advantage of edibles is that they are discreet and provide a flavorful way to consume cannabis. However, the effects take longer to kick in, which can cause one to consume more than required. When consuming edibles, it is important to control the amount that you take to avoid an overdose.

2. Vaporizers

Cannabis vaping involves inhaling cannabis vapor. Unlike in smoking, combustion doesn’t happen when it comes to vaping. In this case, cannabis flower or oil is subjected to controlled heat using specialized devices such as vape pens. What is produced is vapor rather than smoke.


Vaping has become a favorite way of consuming cannabis for most people as it is perceived as safer than smoking. It is also discreet as vapor produces less smell than smoking. Also, vape pens are easily portable, which means that you can enjoy cannabis on the go.

3. Pills and Capsules

If you want to consume cannabis for its medicinal benefits, going for pills or capsules is your ideal fit. These are your normal pills and capsules that you take just as you take medication traditionally. This means that they are discreet and can take them with you to enjoy when you need to. They are also easy to digest and safer for your lungs. Another good thing is that you can find them in different cannabis ratios. This way, you are able to pick one that matches your experience or body tolerance levels. Moreover, you can contact your doctor for precise dosing and schedule to make sure that you are using them the right way.

4. Bong

Smoking bongs provide an alternative to smoking a joint or blunt. Bongs are innovative devices that use water to filter the smoke, giving cleaner smoke that is kinder to your body. The water cools off the smoke so you can enjoy smoother hits, which reduces coughing. You can even choose between a variety of bongs. Ice bongs, for instance, are a good choice when you want super smooth and bigger hits.


Bongs also filter impurities, allowing you to inhale smoke that is free from illness-causing bacteria. This makes bongs ideal for sharing with your smoking friends.

The downside to using a bong is that they can be hard to clean. When purchasing one, consider picking an easy to clean bong to make your work easier.

5. Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are liquids extracted from the plant and then infused in water or alcohol. To consume tinctures, you only need to place a few drops under the tongue. Since they come highly concentrated, their effect is instant. They are also highly potent, so you can expect an intense high. However, you can choose to go for options that don’t give an intense high if you aren’t experienced. Also, tinctures are best used as a prescription. It would be ideal to talk with your doctor or local clinic to get better advice on what is good for you.

6. Topicals

Topicals are the best to use when you want to leverage the medicinal value of cannabis without getting high. These are oil extracts from the plant that are designed to apply to the skin. Tinctures are mainly prescribed for patients with muscle pain, nerve pain, and body soreness. However, if you are the type that gets skin irritation, you are better off asking advice from an expert before using.


The way cannabis reacts with the body is different for everyone. It’s fortunate that different ways of consuming cannabis exist to cater to the different needs. Moreover, if traditional smoking is something you would rather keep off, you can always try any of the above alternatives.