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Advantages of Functional Employment Testing: How They Work


Do you want the best hire for the position you are seeking a new employee for? Well, you need to assess your potential candidates to their total capacity. This doesn’t mean their skill experience but also their physical and mental health. Pre-employment Medicals not only help you find the best fit but also help you retain your employees for longer than average. A true work partnership is when the company and the employees grow together.

Learn all you need to know about the benefits of functional employment testing.

What Are The Basics of Pre-employment Functional Testing?

Functional employment testing is a blend of objective and subjective examinations designed according to the nature of the job. These specific tests are made-to-order, assessing whether the potential employee can handle the demands and pressure of the job. These pre-employment medicals may include,

  • Testing the body alignment as well as the posture.
  • Mobility testing
  • Strength testing, lifting and carrying weights
  • Cardiovascular fitness test testing the heart health
  • Muscle strength testing
  • Eyesight test
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar test

The benefits of Pre-employment Functional Testing:

Did you know among the many lawsuits most companies face, the most widespread is the musculoskeletal injuries incurred during work hours? Functional employment testing should be a standard practice in every company.

Here are more benefits to convince you how these tests may help your company save funds and boost productivity.

Accurate Matching

The best benefit of functional employment testing is that these tests screen the potential employee for their physical fitness. These tests are ideal to help you gauge how fit and otherwise your potential employee is, whether they will suit the job and the physical requirements of the job. This eventually minimises the risk of workplace injury.

Risk Alleviation

Testing the employee beforehand helps you see how fit or otherwise they are for the job. A test run enables you to gauge how effectively and safely they can perform the tasks; this helps mitigate the risks and potential lawsuits. Apart from that, you can also eliminate underperforming candidates with proper proof that they don’t fit the requirements of the job.


Assessing Abilities And Skills:

The experience and degrees you can assess on the resume, but the skills are shown. And you can only see them when you hire the candidate. However, functional employment testing helps you see the abilities of your potential employees before even hiring them. Apart from that, you can also create records to keep a check and monitor your employee’s general health should you decide to hire them.


Legal Obligations

Functional employment tests are standard and mandatory per state rules and regulations. For example, drug testing and testing for other banned substances are mandatory. Companies are liable to create a safe working environment, and such Functional employment tests ensure that all legal obligations are met.

Improved hiring And retention

Hiring and firing takes time and effort and consumes the company’s funds. Companies are always looking for improved hiring processes to save time, money and effort. The functional employment tests are the answer. With these tests, you will be able to find the perfect fit and will also be able to retain them longer. What more do you need?

Functional employment tests are invaluable tools for HR professionals. These provide objective and standardised assessments that ensure the best hiring and retention rate for your company. Get in touch and have a plan to make pre-employment medicals a standard practice at your company today!