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8 Biggest Smartphone Software Problems (And How to Solve Them)

Nowadays, we are glued to our phones. Whether we like it or not, we rely on these small devices to serve us. Therefore, when things go wrong, it can be very annoying.

Unfortunately, these eight issues are widespread, and you’ll likely have encountered them before; or, if you haven’t yet, you probably will one day! Below are a few pieces of advice to try and ensure that you are always prepared for any issues you may encounter.

Battery Life

Given how much we use our phones, having a good battery life is pretty important. The last thing you want is to be running around trying to find a charger. Smartphones have a limited battery capacity, and over time this decreases.

If you have too many apps open in the background or find yourself switching between apps often, then this may be causing the battery to decrease quickly. As well as this, try to keep your screen brightness down, as this is also known as a battery life killer.

Broken Screen

Now, I guess you can’t call this one a ‘software problem,’ but it is an annoyingly common issue. Whether juggling a million things in your hand or chucking it down on the ground a little too hard, most of us will have experienced a broken smartphone screen. In fact, according to Omoton, 5,761 phone screens break in an hour!


Apart from the obvious advice of ‘be more careful’ I’d suggest trying to carry your phone in a bag (it’s a lot safer than pockets!) and, when possible, try not to multitask. We all know that damage happens when you try to do too many things simultaneously!


Again, this may not be a ‘software issue’ but a factor to consider in owning a phone. They are expensive, like seriously a lot of money. If you find yourself running into any of these software problems, your phone costs can increase. Repair bills can be just as pricey as the initial cost of the device.

Statistically, the more expensive the smartphone is, the fewer problems you’ll encounter. The problem with this logic is that people feel they need the latest phone. It places a financial strain on individuals.

Security Threats

Beware of Security Threats

Smartphones are prone to security threats. What goes on behind the screens is mostly a mystery. Viruses caused by apps can bring unwanted software malfunctions onto your phone. Equally, if your phone is ever lost or stolen, it can fall into the hands of the wrong individual.

Try to keep apps to a minimum and use trusted download sites such as ‘app stores’ to get them. As well as this, be aware of common traits of scams so you can keep yourself protected as much as possible.

Deleted Data


We have all had it where data was accidentally deleted from our phones. This could be messages, photos, or emails. Sometimes, it is not even directly our fault, and yet all of a sudden, data disappears. More often than not, there is a way to view recently deleted messages on iphone, so you don’t have to panic. In a situation where you feel like all hope is lost, take a deep breath, don’t make any rash decisions, and I’m sure you’ll find a way to get it back.

Becoming Too Dependent

This is an issue that is becoming more and more common. As workplaces and friends increase their expectations of phones, we are glued to them at all hours of the day.

Try and make some time for going outside, switching your phone off, and reconnecting with real people. I promise you’ll feel better about it, and your phone will still be waiting for you when you return.

Software Slowing Down

Often, smartphone software begins to slow down when we try to overload our devices. We’d like to believe they’re invincible, but they’re not. Try to keep as few tabs open at a time as possible and regularly shut down your device. It needs those breaks just as much as you do!

Limited Storage Space

You can purchase extra extras so that storage space is never an issue. However, if you don’t want to chuck more money at the problem, try to regularly set aside time to delete your photos, emails, and messages. We are all guilty of just letting them pile up.

In Conclusion

Smartphones are bound to have issues now and again. Due to how much pressure we place on these small devices, inevitably, sometimes they will give up. However, with some clever thinking (and occasionally professional help), you can ensure your phone never fully gives up!