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5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Embrace in 2024

Image1Did your digital marketing efforts fall flat in 2023? With more businesses than ever migrating to the online sphere, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to stand out with compelling digital marketing campaigns. If you want to edge out the competition in an increasingly saturated market or hit those expansion milestones, you’ll need to up your marketing game. Need some suggestions? Below, we’ll explore some of the biggest digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2024.

AI And Automation

Everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence, so we might as well get this one out of the way first. Effective marketing campaigns depend on captivating content and emotive messaging. Currently, even the best AI falls far short of the kind of content that a human can produce. However, AI does bring other benefits that can be utilised by digital marketers. One of these is automation.

You can turn many mundane tasks over to AI, making more time in your schedule for things that really need the human touch. Struggling to find some inspiration? While you shouldn’t entrust any core marketing messages to a chatbot, generative AI tools can help with content ideation.

Taking Personalisation to The Next Level

Digital marketers have been using personalisation for a while now. However, common tactics like targeted ads are becoming increasingly ineffective. If you want to hit the right chord with potential customers, you’ll need to get creative if you want to deliver tailored campaigns that yield results. However, personalisation requires extensive preparation. Before you can start conceptualising a content strategy, you’ll need to create buyer personas so you know who you’re targeting.

One industry that looks set to benefit from embracing personalised marketing is the online gambling and casino sector. Alongside dynamic new play features like live dealer games, casino operators are securing their status by delivering bespoke experiences to every user. Once again, AI comes into the picture. Machine learning is allowing operators to keep an eye on what makes their users tick. By seeing whether they prefer to play classics like 21 blackjack or cutting-edge live dealer games, casino platforms can truly personalise their marketing efforts. Players benefit from tailored promotions, while operators secure customer loyalty.

Another lucrative option for digital marketing involves partnering with brands in the hemp industry. The Cannabiva CBD affiliate program, for example, offers partner websites up to 30% referral commissions for visitors you refer who purchase a product. With numerous products and scores of informational materials, website owners can tailor specific digital marketing campaigns suited for their audience.

Incorporating Interactivity

While some brands are already experimenting with interactivity, expect immersive marketing campaigns to become a hot topic in 2024. It might sound costly and time-intensive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Using something as simple as polls brings a degree of interactivity while granting you deeper insights into your audience. Personalised ads and tailored email messaging are other options.


However, if you are prepared to invest in immersive experiences, interactive videos are something to consider. This kind of content has been used successfully by the hospitality and real estate sectors for years and is a tried and tested way to enhance engagement rates.

Video Content Becomes Key

If you’re not already investing resources into creating video content for your campaigns, now’s the time to do so. Across every segment, it’s video content that users are looking for. Making video a mainstay of your marketing efforts is an easy way to drive up engagement. Looking to inspire loyalty and encourage an untapped market to connect with your brand? Some types of video content work better than others. If you want your brand to be seen as more relatable, behind-the-scenes video content will give your marketing messages an air of authenticity. For maximum impact, focus on producing short-form content that’s readily sharable.

Optimise Your Marketing Content For Voice Search

Today, virtual assistant speakers can be found in many homes and businesses. Even those who don’t own an Amazon Alexa or Google Nest have probably dabbled with digital assistants on their smartphones. It’s taken a while, but more people than ever are transitioning to voice-enabled search to find what they want online. This has significant implications for SEO.


While the fundamentals of SEO remain largely unchanged, you will need to reconsider the content you’re putting out. In short, people speak differently to how they type, so you’ll need to retool your content accordingly. To make sure your marketing messages are syncing with voice searches, you may need to move away from commonly used search terms and focus on long-tail keywords instead. If you have more resources available, machine learning technology like natural language processing should also be explored.

Don’t Get Left Behind in 2024

Uncomfortable with the concept of AI and automation? Still believe that written content is key to a killer marketing campaign? There’s nothing wrong with being a traditionalist, but getting too sentimental about digital marketing strategy is a surefire way of being outpaced by the competition. To stand the best chance at success in 2024, focus on creating engaging campaigns with personalised messaging, brand-enhancing videos and content that’s tailored to voice search.