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HERE’S What Happened to Scrub Daddy After Shark Tank (2023 update)

It’s been a decade since Aaron Krause presented an electrifying demonstration of his innovation – the Scrub Daddy cleaner.

With Aaron striking a flavorful deal with Lori, the stakes were high. In the words of the “QVC Queen” herself, Scrub Daddy was a hero product. 

But was that the case? Aaron was the passionate inventor of the product, and just the way he held on to the little smiley-faced scrubber for the entire episode enunciated how much flair he had for his product and innovation.

With his confident pitch, he started a bidding war among the Sharks in which Lori ultimately triumphed. 

Scrub Daddy still remains a successful venture today, amassing a valuation of $209 million in 2019, clocking the highest revenue by any product on Shark Tank ever.

The company also expanded its headquarters and launched more products. Between 2016 and 2019, the company recorded sales of over $75 million. 

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What is Scrub Daddy?

Do you know what the worst part of cleaning is? Scrubbing, easy. It’s almost a mini workout, trying to get rid of stubborn stains and other marks from cookware, cutlery, countertops, and so on.

Using a traditional, cheap scrubber just makes everything harder – it becomes soggy, weak, and just unproductive. 

This is where Aaron swooped in with his innovation – the Scrub Daddy cleaner. Indeed, the name carries itself with authority – his product actually became the daddy of all scrubs in the market.

The smiley-faced, round-shaped scrub is a premium cleaner that makes scrubbing a lot easier. 

The most unique selling proposition of Scrub Daddy is its ability to change texture in warm and cold water.

Aaron presented that when you dip his scrubber in warm water, it becomes soft, while in cold water, the texture becomes hard.

This helps users change the texture of the scrubber based on the surface they are cleaning. 

The best part? All the dirt and debris that accumulates over the scrubber will just wash away if you dip the product in warm water.

With his simple yet genius innovation, Aaron eliminated half the major inconveniences that people faced while working in the kitchen and cleaning. 

Apart from the versatile texture and excellent cleaning properties, Scrub Daddy offers much more. The quirky, smiley-faced design is not just for show.

The eye holes, as Aaron demonstrated in the pitch, allow users to hold the scrubber and clean glasses effectively. Moreover, customers can also clean their cutlery by putting them inside the mouth of the scrubber. 

Moreover, the high-tech scrubber is also odor-free and scratch-resistant. So don’t worry about scrunching up your nose while cleaning different stations – your Scrub Daddy will never smell bad.

And if you have long nails, keep them! It’s completely scratch-proof!

Based on the characteristics of the product, its primary market is the general public. Just ask yourself – who, in this world, doesn’t have to clean?

With Scrub Daddy, even the most stubborn stains seem to wash out quickly without using any chemicals. The product uses a high-tech polymer to increase its efficiency while cleaning.

According to multiple reviews, another good thing about Scrub Daddy is its lifespan. The product, although more expensive than a normal scrubber, is cost-effective.

A pack of six can last up to months. Scrub Daddy thus positioned itself in the market as an everyday product. 

Using Scrub Daddy is simple. All you need to do is decide what kind of texture you want for cleaning a particular surface. For instance, general scrubbing requires a soft sponge-like surface.

In this case, you need to dip the scrubber in warm water. But if you want to do heavy-duty cleaning, then you need hard sponges. For this, simply dip your Scrub Daddy in cold water. 

Once you decide on the texture, simply swat away the dirt and debris from any surface whatsoever. You won’t even have to use chemicals in most cases.

Many reviews indicate that after using Scrub Daddy, customers won’t go back to their normal scrubbers, even if they are cheaper. 

And that’s all about the product. It’s a testament to how ingenious the product is that we had so much to say about a product that is so small in size.

Today, Scrub Daddy sells in multitudes of supermarkets and online stores, including Amazon, Walmart, and their own website

Scrub Daddy also has several impressive retail partners which you can get the product from, like ACE Hardware, Acme, Basha’s, Bi-Mart, Big Y, and so on.

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Scrub Daddy – The Shark Tank Pitch (What Happened on the Show?)

Aaron Krause, the CEO, and founder of Scrub Daddy, walked on the glamorous stage of Shark Tank US in Season 4, Episode 7 of the reality show.

It’s interesting to note that he appeared on the show after just 4 months of business and operation. It coincidentally fell in the same month when legendary Sir Richard Branson made a guest appearance on the show. 

He started his pitch in a highly energized manner, talking up his product to the point that Daymond jokingly called it a “live infomercial”.

He demonstrated the applications and unique propositions of his product by using it for cleaning tainted surfaces. He also successfully presented all the characteristics of his scrubber entertainingly and zealously. 

After the pitch, he quoted a fair ask of $100,000 in exchange for 10% of his company.

The $1-million evaluation was reasonable considering the company had already sold units worth $100,000 in the first four months of its operations, selling out on QVC three times in a row.

Aaron also mentioned that his products were available in five supermarkets and that he was in talks with more, for which he needed an independent manufacturing unit. 

It’s interesting to note that because of Aaron’s fun attitude and electrifying presentation, many Sharks initially thought of the product as a silly gimmick.

Lori, on the other hand, had a strange, serious glint in her eyes that already told us what she was thinking – Scrub Daddy is a hero product. 

At first, some Sharks like Mark Cuban opted to stay out of the deal as they didn’t see a lasting potential in the product. But seeing Aaron’s passion, commitment, and confidence, others became inclined towards making an offer. 

The breakthrough came with Kevin’s offer when he tried to steal half the company in exchange for Aaron’s initial ask. The president of Scrub Daddy himself said “you’re out” to Kevin to express his distaste at the offer.

Kevin ultimately toned down his offer by offering $100,000 in exchange for 50 cents on every unit sold until he gets back his investment, and then 10 cents per unit forever. 

While Aaron considered this, a bidding war ensued between Lori and Daymond. Both of them offered double the amount of what Aaron asked in exchange for 25% of the company.

Ultimately, Daymond backed out and revealed that he just made Lori pay extra for what she wanted. 

Did Scrub Daddy Secure a Deal?

The deal closed when Aaron counter-offered Lori, asking her to take the deal in exchange for 20% of his company.

Lori, who seemed the most interested in the product since the beginning, took the deal. Her experience in QVC was key in the success of Scrub Daddy in the latter years. 

The episode ended with the screen fading as Kevin, out of humored frustration, threw Scrub Daddy while Aaron skipped out off the stage in happiness. 

You can also see Scrub Daddy’s official Instagram page for updates on the company’s progress and relationship with Lori.

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Scrub Daddy Shark Tank Update – What Happened After the Show?

Aaron and Lori together form a business-match made in heaven. Apart from understanding their own business segments, the chemistry they have together catapulted Scrub Daddy into success and stardom. 

With the company still actively progressing in 2022, Aaron shut down the Sharks who doubted the longevity of the product in the market. Since appearing on the show, Scrub Daddy continued to appear and sell out on QVC multiple times. 

With Lori’s help, Aaron managed to expand his retail distribution from just 5 outlets to thousands of stores across the whole country.

In an interview, Aaron revealed that his relationship with Lori leaped across professional bounds and developed into a solid friendship.

Even their families socialize together on occasions, with Aaron’s wife building a relationship with Lori and her husband as well.

On the business side of things, Scrub Daddy appeared in Episode 423 of the show, where fans got the much-awaited update on the company.

At that time, Scrub Daddy was hailed as the most successful Shark Tank product in history, racking up an impressive sales record of $20 million. 

The next update came in Episode 201 of Beyond the Shark Tank. The fans got to know that the company recorded a whopping sales record of around $75 million as of January 2016.

Episode 907 features the next update, where the sales tally of the company is over $150 million. 

The company was also featured in the Special Shark Tank Episode called the Greatest of All Time. The episode presented Scrub Daddy as the greatest money maker, recording sales of $268 million, a feat that is second only to Bombas. 

Because of the company’s and its CEO’s enormous success, Scrub Daddy appeared in a 2018 edition of People’s Magazine.

In 2022, Aaron expanded his business horizon and added creativity to his products. As of August, the company launched several Halloween-themed sponges carrying several exciting shapes like ghosts, mythical figures, and so on.

The company also partnered with SIMON’s Heart to launch a line of heart-shaped sponges. A specific percentage of their sales will go to raising awareness of and preventing cardiac arrests in children. 

Scrub Daddy continues to grow in 2022, topping a sales record of $300 million. They are all over the country, and it’s almost too difficult to find a store that doesn’t carry them.

This year, the company shifted its headquarters to a larger facility as well. 

Scrub Daddy is also appealing to the younger audience through social media platforms like TikTok. They post short and attractive content routinely, and their TikTok has gained 2.1-million followers and over 47 million likes. 

Together with Lori, Aaron became somewhat of a cult hero in the books of Shark Tank, not just because of his immense success but his likable personality, confidence, and passion as well. 

Company NameScrub Daddy
FounderAaron Krause
ProductHigh-Tech Polymer Cleaning Sponge
Asked For$100,000 for 10% Equity
Final Deal$200,000 for 20% Equity
SharkLori Greiner
Final EpisodeSeason 4, Episode 7
Air Date26 October 2012
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth$209 Million, as of 2019

Is Scrub Daddy Still in Business?

As of 2022, Scrub Daddy is actively engaging in business and recording massive sales. The company has introduced several new lines of products while also expanding its headquarters.

Is Scrub Daddy The Most Successful Shark Tank Product?

For many years, the public dubbed Scrub Daddy as the most successful and profitable brand to appear on Shark Tank. That was true for a long time. 

However, in 2021, another exciting product managed to dethrone the dominance of our beloved Scrub Daddy. 

Bombas Socks, who struck a deal with Daymond John, has become the most successful Shark Tank product/company in history.

Meet the Scrub Daddy Founder

When Aaron Krause first appeared on Shark Tank in 2012, he received a lot of global appreciation for his innovative idea, passion, presentation, confidence, and zeal.

It built up a sense of intrigue around him, with people wanting to know the man behind the smiley-faced scrub. 

Aaron, the grand-daddy of all Scrub Daddies, founded his company in 2012 with grassroots marketing.

He appeared on the reality TV show the same year, acquiring a good deal with Lori who acted as a strategic investor for future endeavors.

But while the show only introduced us to a 20-minute version of Aaron, we will now uncover his past and present lives as well. 

Aaron Krause was born on 1 February 1969 in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Even before Scrub Daddy, he was more or less a veteran inventor/entrepreneur.

He stated in the show itself that he had over 25 years of experience in terms of handling manufacturing and production. 

His later education came from Syracuse University, where he graduated in the year 1992 after acquiring a major in Psychology as well as a minor in Marketing.

After graduating, he initially started a moderately successful car detailing business in Pennsylvania. 

His first invention shaped up when he was working with the production division of his car detailing business.

While working, he accidentally damaged an unworked car because of the risky effects of relying on machine polishing for the job. Because of this, he set out to invent a new kind of double-sided buffing pad. 

The innovative buffing pad was a huge hit at the company as it solved several major inconveniences that Aaron and his coworkers faced regularly in the car detailing business.

Fresh with enthusiasm, he then started innovating new products that solved everyday working problems that he faced. Eventually, in 2008, he talked the 3M Corporation into acquiring his company. 

Interestingly, he also formulated the idea of Scrub Daddy during the days when he used to manufacture buffing pads for the car detailing industry.

Because of the high chemical-based requirement of the job, Aaron’s hands used to get grimy and dirty. Thus, he invented a scrubber purely for scrubbing his hands and cleaning them. 

One day, at his home, he tried to do the dishes with his self-made sponge and it worked brilliantly.

This is when Aaron realized that his innovation isn’t just an everyday problem-solver, but a promising product that could rock the scrubbing industry. This is how Scrub Daddy came into existence. 

Apart from immense wealth and experience, Aaron Krause is also the recipient of multiple honors for his successful career path.

In 2016, he secured the title of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of Greater Philadelphia. His company, in the same year, won the prestigious Philadelphia Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. 

One of the reasons why Scrub Daddy was a great place to work is Aaron himself. The veteran entrepreneur is highly employee-friendly and passionate about what he delivers.

In fact, he loves his customers so much that he told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he sleeps “like three hours a night” because he goes through each comment that his company’s social media posts get. 

As of now, Aaron is embarking on a new journey where he has launched four new ventures or companies.

His innovative ideas and inventions have rightly earned global acclaim, with several media channels reporting his success stories and products. 

But the multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, is not just about business. Aaron has a fun side too. As a side activity, he is an avid follower and player of ice hockey as well.

More interestingly, he also coaches ice hockey in New Jersey as a side hobby. When we speak of coaching, sports isn’t his only arena of expertise.

Aaron, although having a busy schedule and making business trips around the world, finds time to mentor and train young entrepreneurs safe to say that Aaron Krause has been toiling through the majority of his life, and that too with a smile on his face.

His reward for the same, apart from his massive fame and wealth, is a loving family – his wife Stephanie along with two twin kids Bryce and Sophie. rial minds in the ways of business and industries.

Scrub Daddy – Pros and Cons 

So far, everyone has painted Scrub Daddy as the all-perfect hero product. But are there any limitations or disadvantages to using this productive tool?

Let’s find out, as per the opinions of the product’s users. 


  • Odor and debris-resistant product: Many scrubs claim to be completely immune to the filthy odor of unclean dishes or surfaces. However, they start smelling after some use. Scrub Daddy, in our and the reviewers’ opinion, lives up to the claim perfectly, not attracting any kind of scent, dirt, or debris even if you use it frequently. 
  • Scratch-resistant and dishwasher-friendly: Unlike other sponges, Scrub Daddy is completely scratch-resistant and washes all kinds of dishes and surfaces without damaging them. Moreover, you can also use them with dishwashers without worrying about any potential issues.
  • Fight tough stains without chemicals: According to verified customers, Scrub Daddy is one of the best cleaners on the market. Lathering it in cold water allows the sponge to become hard and wipe away any stubborn stains with just water.
  • Quicker to clean surfaces: With Scrub Daddy, you won’t feel as if you’ve been scrubbing away the debris for ages. The high-tech scrubber will help you remove even unconventional stains like paint spots easily and quickly. 


  • No fixed lifespan: Many customers claim that their Scrub Daddy sponges lasted six months on regular use. But others have complained that theirs lasted for less than a month. The inconsistency is because the lifespan of the sponge depends on how you use it. If you are using it for too many different surfaces that require hard and soft sponges alternatively, you may damage the product. Similarly, if you use the product with harsh chemicals often, then it will break apart quickly as well.
  • Ergonomically inept for larger hands: If you are a person with large hands, you might struggle with the design and softness of the sponge. In this case, you will need to take some extra time to adjust yourself and clean the surfaces that otherwise would take you considerably lesser time. 

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What People are saying about Scrub Daddy

It’s been ten years since Scrub Daddy launched its first trustee product. Now, after a decade of trying, testing, and using, the reviews are out. 

To summarize, Scrub Daddy’s hero product mostly has positive reviews. Customers from all around the world talk specifically about the USPs of the scrubber.

For instance, the versatile nature of the sponge as it turns hard in cold water and soft in warm water is a huge hit among fans as it eliminates the need to buy multiple scrubbers with different textures. 

“It makes rinsing so much easier, I could wash dishes all day,” says one reviewer after happily using his product worth $14.99 for over six months.

With Scrub Daddy, all the debris and dirt captured in the sponge is easy to remove. All you need to do is rinse it with warm water and your product will come out as good as new, something that users have tested and confirmed. 

“The design utility, like when you insert your fingers in the smiley face to grip the scrubber, or to clean the spoons, works well but it all seems like a bit gimmicky and unnecessary to me,” says another user, who had no qualms with the quality of the product, but felt the design marketed as something very useful was just for the show. 

“It’s so expensive,” is mostly the general exclamation before customers buy the product. However, once they use it, the cost-effectiveness makes it look worth all the money, and more. 

In terms of reviews and general talk, Scrub Daddy lives up to its own hype. There are a few odd complaints about the product not lasting long for them, but the reason for that is using excessive chemicals with the product, which the company advises against. 

All in all, Lori’s prophecy about Scrub Daddy being a hero product is still at play. 

How is Scrub Daddy Different From Conventional Scrubs?

Scrub Daddy is a high-tech scrubber that uses texture-changing characteristics to alternate between hard and soft-application scrubbing.

It’s more expensive than a normal utility scrubber, but that’s because it has multiple additional features including enhanced rinse-ability, good design and packaging, increased efficiency, long lifespan, and so on. 

What Can I Use Scrub Daddy for? 

Scrub Daddy is a highly versatile product. It works on multiple surfaces including glass, polished wood, countertops, pans, cookware, cutlery, floors, and even cars (if you want to go big).

How to Use and Clean Scrub Daddy?

For using your Scrub Daddy, all you need to do is lather it in warm or cold water depending on the texture you want.

For removing sticky stains or burnt spots, use cold water as it’ll provide a hard texture. For softer applications that require more soap lather, use warm water for a soft sponge. 

Cleaning Scrub Daddy is as simple. All you need to do is hold the sponge under a running tap and squeeze the water out of it as many times as it takes to get it completely clean. 

How Many Different Products Does Scrub Daddy Have?

Scrub Daddy has a whole family now! Scrub Mommy, Scrub Baby, and everything else you need to put a smile on that sponge. 

All of them cater to different types of requirements, and all of them have huge positive reviews. 

Scrub Daddy’s Competitors

1. Scotch-Brite:

Scotch-Bite is an old, powerful player in the scrubbing industry. It started with normal, general application scrubbers and made its way up to an advanced, heavy-duty sponge as well. 

Right now, their latest product claims to clean affected surfaces 10X faster, with thrice the normal amount of scrubbing power. It is also bacterial-resistant and odor-resistant.

Its heavy-duty scrubbing capabilities make it a popular option among the general public. Although it gives good competition to Scrub Daddy, its lack of versatility still keeps it lagging as of now. 

2. O-Cedar

If there’s one thing that sets Scrub Daddy apart, it is multi-tasking capabilities. But the all-in-one scrubber has a competition – O-Cedar, which is equally all-in-one. O-Cedar’s Scrunge, which is available at a similar price as Scrub Daddy, is odor and scratch-resistant, highly rinse-able, quick, efficient, and thick. 

However, it cannot alternate between the soft and tough texture that Scrub Daddy has. 

3. Shagun Cleaning

While Shagun cleaning does not provide an all-in-one solution for all kinds of cleaning, it has launched so many affordable products for each category, that it makes them a good competitor for Scrub Daddy. 

Apart from general-application scrubbers, they have heavy-duty sponges too. Moreover, they have all sorts of newer products that might appeal to the younger audience, something that should unsettle Scrub Daddy.

Will Scrub Daddy from Shark Tank Succeed? Here’s Our Honest Opinion 

There’s not a lot left to say about the speculative success of Shark Tank’s 2nd most successful pitch. Scrub Daddy has already achieved more than what people thought possible for a tiny, smiley-faced product. 

But survival in this fierce market is as important as taking a company to the top. Once you reach the summit, you have to maintain that position. So, will Aaron and Lori be able to stay on the top of the game, or will they be dethroned by a competitor like Scotch-Brite? 

Let’s speculate. 

In our honest opinion, Scrub Daddy will continue to impress us. More than a product, it is a brand now. Whenever it launches something new, supermarkets rush to source the products for themselves.

Their revenue model is perfect for distributing products directly to the general public, in addition to concentrating a little on business-to-business development.

Moreover, Aaron is an innovator. He will never get boring. He constantly works on new products for solving more and more problems. In a world where there is so much to fix, we need someone like Aaron. 

And if he continues to innovate, create, and market, Scrub Daddy will remain at the top of the industry for a long, long time!