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HERE’S What Happened to Ryan’s Barkery After Shark Tank! (2023)

11-year-old Ryan Kelly and his mother Daniella Kelly appear in the 424th episode of Season 4 of Shark Tank, hoping to impress a shark with their business idea.

The mother and son duo started a pet treats business in Stamford, CT, after Ryan decided to make a delicious treat for their Beagle named Barkley.

Ryan’s Barkery is currently out of business after Daniella Kelly passed away in 2018. However, Ryan gained worldwide popularity and became one of the youngest entrepreneurs to be part of Shark Tank.

What is Ryan’s Barkery?

Dogs don’t always like eating treats- especially when those treats are super healthy! What got Ryan’s Barkery into business was the ability of Ryan to bake delicious pet treats that are also very nutritious.

Ryan’s Barkery, whose name later changed to Ry’s Ruffery, is a dog treat business that manufactures 100% natural and nutritious dog treats.

What sets Ryan’s Barkery apart from other businesses is the taste of their treats that suits every dog’s palette.

Company NameRyan’s Barkery/ Ry’s Ruffery
EntrepreneurRyan Kelly and Daniela Kelly
ProductNatural dog treats
Investment Asking For$25,000 for 25% in Ryan’s Barkery
Final Deal$25,000 for 25% in Ryan’s Barkery
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Business StatusOut of business

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Who is The Founder of Ryan’s Barkery?

Ryan Kelly was only 10 years old when he thought of starting his own business. What motivated him to do so? It was the moment when he saw his pet dog Barkley eat up all the treats he baked for him at home.

But why would a 10-year-old bake treats? Ryan had just adopted a 2-month-old Beagle from a shelter home along with his parents. While returning home, he stopped by to buy some dog treats from a pet store.

But, when he offered it to Barkley, he didn’t eat but sniffed away. Also, the smell of the treats was really horrible, according to Ryan.

The next thing you see, Ryan and his mother contacted veterinarians and tried baking some delicious dog treats with all-natural ingredients for Barkley. Barkley seemed to instantly finish all the treats because he loved them.

After seeing the response, Ryan Kelly decided to commercialize his treat and started selling them from door to door in the neighborhood. Everybody seemed to love these new dog treats in town, and that’s how Ryan’s Barkery was formed.

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Ryan’s Barkery Before Shark Tank

Ryan and his mother Daniela share an equal interest in baking, and that’s how their business started booming locally. Before Shark Tank, they were a home-based business that catered to the orders of a few customers.

But their business saw an upward trajectory, especially after Ryan began giving out little samples at his lacrosse practice. Many dog owners bought their treats from the place, and that’s how their demand increased by the day.

Before Shark Tank, Ryan’s Barkery has sold over $800 worth of dog biscuits, and his aim is to get his products into pet stores and groceries nationwide.

Ryan’s Barkery’s journey for Shark Tank began when a neighbor spotted them selling dog treats at local pet adoption events. They would sell 20-30 bags at a time, and that’s what interested the producers of Shark Tank.

Ryan and his mom had no clue about the show, but soon after, Ryan, his mom and their dog Barkley were on their way to LA. They came to Shark Tank with the aim to get $25,000 that will help them set up a commercial kitchen and to start a website for the wider customer base.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Ryan’s Barkery?

Ryan Kelly and Daniela Kelly appeared on the Shark Tank seeking a $25,000 investment in exchange for a 25% stake in Ryan’s Barkery. They bring along their dog Barkley on stage, and Ryan begins introducing himself, his mom, and Barkley.

Ryan emphasizes that Barkley is the inspiration behind the company and narrates how he first started baking. Daniela Kelly tells the sharks that they are looking for an investment of $25,000 from the show in return for a 25% stake at the company.

Ryan continues to talk about the products, and the sharks are attentively listening to him with smiles on their faces. He highlights how Ryan’s Barkery sells and bakes all-natural dog treats- so fresh that they should be slapped! He slaps his thigh as he says that, and all the sharks let out a laugh.

Daniela takes over and explains how she and Ryan contacted veterinarians to consult which ingredients are good for dogs and started experimenting in the kitchen. Robert Herjavec takes notes as he carefully listens to Daniela.

Ryan confidently introduces the flavors of pumpkin apple, banana boat, and low-fat cheddar. He goes on to demonstrate how much Barkley loves the treats by gleefully feeding him some.

Ryan concludes his speech by saying he needs help from the Sharks to run the business because he cannot do it alone, along with keeping up with his homework. Right after, all the sharks start laughing out loud.

The question round begins with Robert asking where they are making the dog treats, to which Ryan answers that they are making it at home in their kitchen.

Barbara Corcoran questions Ryan about how he makes the dog treats and if his siblings help him out. Ryan replies, saying he wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning and makes the treats before going to school. Ryan mentions his older brother Nick helping him sell the dog treats at events.

Mark Cuban goes on to ask the price of making one bag of treats. Ryan replies, saying it costs him thirty cents to make one bag which sells for four bucks each. The sharks are impressed by the margins of his products.

Barbara Corcoran further asks Ryan if he has any plans to grow the business, how much money he invested, and where he got the money from. The question makes Mark Cuban laugh out loud. 

Ryan replies, saying they tried selling the products in the local market, but things didn’t work out as expected. He also mentions that his mother is his best investor who invested $200 in the business.

Mark Cuban narrates how he first started his business and tells Ryan how $25,000 is a lot of money and comes with responsibilities. Mark feels Ryan may not be handling the responsibility as he is still in school. He ends by saying he is proud and excited for Ryan, but he is out. 

Robert, Daymond, and Kevin are out after wishing good luck to Ryan. Robert is hopeful that Ryan will come up with another business idea in the future, and they can probably talk at that time.

Barbara states that Ryan’s business has the potential to become a very big business soon and states a full-price offer.

Daymond intervenes and states how he thinks Barbara is being too generous. He makes Ryan understand the responsibilities that come with money.

Ryan Kelly and Daniela Kelly walk away with a $25,000 deal with the real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran.

Final Deal: Barbara Corcoran agreed to invest $25,000 for a 25% stake in Ryan’s Barkery.

What Happened to Ryan’s Barkery After Shark Tank?

Ryan Kelly became a school celebrity and a young businessman. The investment from Barbara helped in developing a website for the business and expanding their kitchen.

Barbara, Daniela, and Ryan formed a close-knit bond. The mother-son duo saw Barbara as a confidante and a mentor.

The name later changed to Ry’s Ruffery and began making over $10K in sales per month.

At a show, “Beyond The Tank,” Daniela Kelly explains how she and Ryan went from selling dog treats at lacrosse practices to getting their products on the shelves of Target, Wegman’s and Kroger, PetSmart, and now selling online exclusively.

She talks about baking the product in a small kitchen to finally using a co-packer.

The products from Ry’s Ruffery have many good reviews on Amazon, and their Facebook page has over 7000 likes. The website’s hot-selling products are pumpkin apple, cheddar, and peanut butter. All are sold in 8oz bags costing $9.50 per bag.

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Ryan’s Barkery Latest Update

Ryan’s Barkery sealed the deal with big clients after the show. PetSmart signed them for delivering orders to 400 of their stores across the country. Daniela seems to have a hard time juggling between work and family life due to her ill health.

Barbara has concerns looking at Daniela’s deteriorating health condition and feels Daniela is not doing her job well enough because of her health.

Barbara thinks of hiring someone to care for the business since she believes that the business has the potential to become a national brand.

Is Ryan’s Barkery Still in Business?

Ry’s Ruffery is currently out of business since the death of Daniela Kelly. She passed away on October 18, 2018. Daniela had a history of ill-health, especially after a stroke she had just before appearing on Shark Tank.

The business hit a downfall after Daniela’s death and eventually fizzled out. However, Ryan and his family made money out of business, with Ryan’s net worth being approximately $12 million after a few years.