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What Happened To Pokemon Duel? Why Did it Shut Down? [2023]

Executive Summary:

Pokemon Duel was a popular digital board game published by The Pokemon Company. It was a free-to-play game developed for all Pokemon lovers by Heroz.

It was first launched in Japan in April 2016 under the title Pokemon Comaster. Later in January 2017, the game was launched in other territories for both iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Duel was shut down on 31st October 2019, after The Pokemon Company announced that the game would stop its service.

What is Pokemon Duel?

Pokemon Duel, which is also known as Pokemon Comaster in Japan was a digital board game for iOS and Android devices.

It was first released in Japan for Android users on 12th April 2016. A few days later on 19th April 2016, they launched the iOS version for iOS devices.

The game was later launched in other places like North America, Australia, and Europe on 24th January 2017. Unfortunately, the game was discontinued on 31st October 2019.

Pokemon Duel is the product of Heroz and was published by The Pokemon Company as a spin-off Pokemon board game.

To include the most powerful AI in the game, The Pokemon Company entered a partnership with Heroz, the creator of Shogi Wars which is popular for being able to challenge and defeat experienced players.

Pokemon Duel was a free-to-play, single-player title with online battle features. This strategy-based board game features various Pokemon figures.

Players are required to build a deck with their favourite Pokemon figures and then enter a League Match to compete with other players from around the world.

Taking part in League Matches and winning against other players gives you the chance to enter the top rankings in League Matches.

Players fight other players in real-time. Winning dual matches provide players with a variety of cool items and figures to make their deck stronger.

Pokemon Duel rules are very simple. The prime goal of a player is to get one of their figures to their opponent’s goal. Players must choose their route carefully.

In duels, you and your opponent will take turns moving your figures. You need a strategic formation to block or attack your opponent. To beat your opponent, you must strategies carefully.

In duels, you will have six Pokemon figures in your deck. It will consist of different figures, each with different abilities and moves. This is an important thing to remember when building a custom deck and the AI.

The AI makes a reliable ally that will help you to determine good moves. You must take full advantage of the AI and beat your opponents.

The game takes place on an artificial island called Carmonte Island, where they host the Pokémon Figure Games (PFG) World Tournament.

The winner will get the Jewel Tower, which is the symbol of Carmonte Island. The tournament is with Master Rose, who is the owner of the tower.

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What Happened to Pokemon Duel?

Pokemon Duel is a strategy-based, digital board game developed by Heroz and published by The Pokemon Company. This game is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.

It was first released in Japan in 2016, followed by other countries like Australia, Europe, and North America. But unlike other Pokemon games for mobile devices, it was not released in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxemborg, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain.

The game was later discontinued in January 2019. It first terminated its service in the Netherlands, followed by other places. As a result, Pokemon Duel is no longer available for playing.

Pokemon Duel comes with very easy gameplay, where each character can move a certain number of squares. The goal of players is to reach their opponent’s defeat position as quickly as possible while attacking their rivals.

There are various tournaments that you need to participate in. As you participate in these tournaments, you will earn special objects that will help you to improve your Pokemon. You will also get new Pokemons as you climb higher in the ranks.

Similar to the saga, Pokemon Duel has characters with special defects and virtues. To turn the game in your favour, you must improve your strategy-making techniques. Only this will help you reach the top.

Pokemon Duel serves as an interesting alternative to Pokemon GO. Anyone who wants to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world will like this game.

Additionally, it features Pokemons from different generations, which makes the title more interesting to players.

In Pokemon Duel, players collect figures and build their decks. They are given a Deck Case that helps them hold their figures, and plates, as well as saved deck configurations.

The capacity of figures and decks can be maximised by using gems. It will increase the deck limit by one and the figure limit by 10 for 10 gems. Just for information, figures have a 2000 limit.

The good thing about Pokemon Duel is that it allows players to transfer their game data to another device. In the Options menu, you can generate a transfer password and transfer ID, which will help you to transfer the game data to another device.

Once you complete the transfer, a new file under a new account needs to be created. In case, you transfer game data from iOS to Android or vice versa, gems will not be transferred.

One interesting feature of this game is called the Fusion. It is the process through which level up your figures. Fusing a figure helps you to increase the experience and chain level of the fused figure.

However, you should know that fusion costs coins, which can be earned by defeating opponents. Players can also earn coins by selling plates, figures, and fusion materials to the shop.

There are four types of Fusion materials available in the game – Carmonites, Ingots, Cubes, and Metals.

In Pokemon Duel, you can purchase gems using real money from the Gem Counter. Each pack of gems comes with a point value that is reduced from a 50000 point pool.

So unless you have enough points, you won’t be allowed to purchase gems. The point pool is reset only once a month.

You can exchange coins for fusion materials, plates, and figures. The exact cost of a figure will vary depending on the levels.

In League Match, you can challenge other players in real-time. You will win award points for winning matches. The points you win go toward League promotion and monthly ranking.

Besides that, you also get three key fragments and a time booster. If you lose a match, you will get only 1 key fragment.

Time boosters in the game are available in different colours and each colour gives a different award. However, you will have to wait for a certain time before you can open the booster.

Gym cups are an alternative to the League Match. It has a different set of rules, which helps make the figures even more powerful. There are basically, two types of gym boosts.

The first type is MP boost which increases the movement of all figures. The second type is very effective against the first type and gives a damage boost of +20 to all gold and white attacks.

Room Match is another alternative to League Match. It allows players to challenge nearby players. To use this feature, you will have to turn on the location services on your mobile device.

It allows you to choose a private or public match to participate in. If you choose a private match, you will need to know the passcode which is set by the host.

Why did Pokemon Duel Shut Down?

Pokemon Duel was shut down on 31st October 2019, after The Pokemon Company confirmed that it will be terminating the service of the game. The announcement was made on the game’s online store page.

Based on the announcement, Pokemon Duel services will shut down on 31st October 2019. It was further clarified that players will not be able to update or install the game after the service ends.

Players who already have the game installed on their device will not be able to play it because certain functions will be blocked.

Being a free-to-play game, Pokemon Duel relied on microtransactions to generate revenue. It allowed players to purchase new figures using in-game gem currency.

It was reported that the game generated around $70,000 since its release. It is not clear why the game was terminated suddenly.

The Pokemon Company didn’t give any valid reason behind its decision. But it is assumed that the low earnings of the game might have forced the company to take such a step.

Later the company stopped offering paid items. Even the figures were available for free. Not just that, but the developers also made a lot of adjustments to the game’s system for the end of the game’s services.

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Who Owns Pokemon Duel?

Pokemon Duel was developed by Heroz and published by The Pokemon Company in 2019. The Pokemon Company entered a partnership with Heroz to introduce the most powerful AI in the game.

The Pokemon Company is a Japanese company that is involved in brand management, marketing, production, licensing, and publishing of the Pokemon franchise, which comprises anime TV series, video games, trading card games, manga, films, merchandise, home entertainment products, and other ventures.