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Top 10 Olo Alternatives and Competitors [2023]

Olo is a B2B Software as a Service company. It provides restaurants with digital ordering and delivery software. Clients use Olo’s platform to enable online orders.

Customers can use it to place orders from a newly launched website, home assistants, social media sites, and smart speakers.

Olo uses cutting-edge technology to craft top-class tools for the restaurant industry. It delivers order analytics, case studies, and other services to help companies grow their restaurant business.

Noah Glass established this company as GoMobo in 2005. It was provided with a mobile phone application to pre-order foods on text messages.

The Olo team used new technologies to develop better food order technologies for restaurants.

They changed the company name in 2010 to serve as a B2B Software Company. Online Ordering was the name chosen for the company and it was quite impressive at that time.

Today, Online Ordering has become a pretty common term and thus this company became Olo.

Why Olo is so Successful?

Many of the world’s leading restaurant companies are using Olo’s products to ease the digital ordering process.

Being the largest POS/ordering service, Olo became the first pick of restaurants for rapid growth.

Chipotle, Shark Shack, Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, Baskin-Robbins, Veggie Grill, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, and numerous other restaurant chain companies are using Olo.

It shows how reliable this company’s digital ordering solutions are! The following features make Olo the best in the industry:

  • Simple Order API Integration

More and more customers are using smartphones to order food and drinks. Restaurant companies try to provide the best apps to their customers so that they can quickly and easily place orders.

It requires a robust API to enable online ordering and Olo provides it.

  • Scalable delivery options

It is quite challenging to scale restaurant delivery. Even the best companies find it tough and require cutting-edge solutions for this task. Olo makes it simple with its Dispatch feature.

Clients integrate Dispatch into their online ordering and delivery system to deliver orders rapidly through third-party services. 

Many restaurants are now collaborating with third-party delivery services to please customers with fast delivery.

  • Effective third-party order processing

Gourmet customers always search for top-rated restaurants on web browsers. They want to ensure the food is delicious and the restaurant offers fast and satisfying services.

Olo has integrated Rails with Google search, maps, and assistants to boost search traffic volume for clients. It helps restaurant chains gain more orders from popular online channels.

Once orders are placed, restaurants can quickly process them and use third-party partners to deliver food.

  • It is safe and reliable

This company serves more than 40 million customers. Major clients rely on custom domains to receive orders. Olo protects those domains with SSL to protect customer data.

It helps clients keep their communications with customers encrypted so unauthorized individuals can never access the data.

Olo Competitors

Most restaurant companies choose Olo’s products, but it is not the only technology company serving the restaurant industry!

Consider the following Olo competitors and alternatives to find the best solutions for your needs.

1. HungerRush

This company was founded in 2003 as “Revention”. Founders wanted to simplify the process of running a restaurant with their cutting-edge point-of-sale system.

It served many companies and delivered innovative solutions. Today, it stands tall as a major Olo competitor with advanced solutions for the restaurant industry.

HungerRush 360 is the most popular product developed by this company. It improves the business owner’s understanding by offering more insight and control of restaurant operations.

It helps you gain a complete perspective of the client’s order history so that you can personalize deals for every client.

HungerRush 360 makes order tracking simpler and provides complete control over critical operations to improve customer experience.

Restaurant owners can manage their business from anywhere they like! That’s a major benefit of using this program for the quick growth of the restaurant.

This company offers digital ordering, POS & Payments, marketing, restaurant management, loyalty rewards, customer engagement, gift cards, and several other solutions.

It serves all restaurant types and assures complete satisfaction with top-performing programs. You should contact this company to get pricing information if you want to try its solutions.

Olo Competitors HungerRush

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2. Flex Catering

This company has built professional software for catering companies. It serves the leading caterers in Australia to develop the best software to manage their kitchen and business operations.

This program helps clients manage their business operations on the go. The client just needs internet connectivity to access the program and manage the business.

It keeps you in control, even when you are located in another state or country! Flex Catering offers a user-friendly interface to assess and manage kitchen requirements.

Many companies use this tool to manage products, orders, inventory, customers, and other aspects of their business.

When it comes to entertaining online customers, this program offers integrated e-commerce. Restaurants can use this tool to manage the kitchen and improve workers’ efficiency during rush hours.

Flex Catering offers different packages designed for different clients. Check this company’s “Plans” to pick the right package and learn how much it costs.

Olo Competitors Flex Catering

3. OnTime 360

This company is providing an innovative tool to manage custom delivery workflow. Clients get a ready-to-use platform with a mobile app, web portal, dispatcher interface, and a sophisticated management suite.

Many restaurant chains and their delivery partners use this program to deliver foods within the promised deadline. OnTime 360 also provides add-on tools, such as EDI extension, open API, a built-in accounting tool, custom SDK, and XERO.

You can use various apps offered by this company to run the restaurant business successfully. Combine the required programs to gain new opportunities and entertain more visitors to your restaurant.

OnTime 360 is a major Olo competitor because it provides a powerful management program. Its dispatching program is simply the best and there are multiple mobile apps for drivers.

OnTime 360 is available with monthly subscriptions costing $39, $129, $199, and $349 for Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus plans respectively.

Olo Competitors On time 360

4. Craver

This company is providing a sophisticated platform to connect restaurants with clients. Craver promotes this platform as an intelligent engagement solution.

This omnichannel platform helps clients improve the lifetime value of their customers! Clients can use it to connect with customers through mobile apps, self-serve kiosks, and online ordering.

Craver is on a mission to empower flourishing local economies. It improves engagement between local restaurants and potential customers. Consequently, more customers are driven to local restaurant apps and websites.

This company promises to develop a cutting-edge application for local restaurants. The client has to pick a monthly package and then the design team will initiate the development process.

It guarantees quick development and testing of the app to launch it as soon as possible. 

Restaurants can provide the app for food ordering, delivery integration, push notification, rewards, POS, and Payment integration.

Craver charges $199 and $299 per month for its Starter and Standard packages. Its Premium package is for businesses seeking customized solutions to grow their restaurant chain!

Olo Competitors Craver

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OVVI develops complete POS systems and POS software for clients from the restaurant industry. It delivers cutting-edge POS solutions for Fine Dining, Quick Service, Pizza, Liquor stores, Convenience stores, Grocery stores, bars and Lounge, and other businesses.

Along with offering cutting-edge POS software, OVVI also provides the best POS hardware for retail businesses and restaurants.

When it comes to attracting customers online, OVVI provides the best web portal equipped with the latest features.

Clients can get a custom menu built specifically to endorse their speciality. It offers numerous menu layouts to choose from and each one looks unique when uploaded on the restaurant app.

Customers can quickly select and order foods and OVVI promises a minimum bounce rate with its attractive menus.

OVVI’s POS software is available with $69/month subscription fees and it charges $75 for hardware installation.

Olo Competitors OVVI POS

6. TablesReady

People often criticize restaurants for their poor waitlist management skills. Customers visit such restaurants a few times and then switch to a new one.

If you do not want to face the same challenge and consequences, you must find a better way of managing the waitlist.

TablesReady is a technology company offering the best solution to eliminate the waiting line within a few minutes.

It provides a waitlist app through which customers can also book tables. Restaurants can use this app to share information regarding when their tables will be ready.

Solutions offered by this company are quite beneficial for restaurants, especially when the pandemic has affected millions of people.

It promotes social distancing and keeps the customer happy. People can check how long it may take to clear the line and they can complete other important tasks.

TablesReady offers Free, Premium, and Enterprise versions of this app. Clients have to pay $59 for the premium version and the Enterprise version is available with personalized solutions for restaurants.

Olo Competitors TablesReady

7. ChowNow

ChowNow is making online food ordering a delightful experience for customers and restaurants. Eric Jaffe and Christopher Webb founded this company in 2011.

It helps independent restaurants find customers online. This platform eliminates the need to attract and engage customers so that restaurants can focus on improving their service quality.

This company is collaborating with numerous restaurants located across 50 states in the USA. It is empowering local businesses and helping them compete with global restaurant chains.

Independent restaurants use this platform to customize and improve their food ordering apps. Clients use it to receive orders directly from their social media profiles.

This company offers a free plan to take a demo of its services. Restaurants can choose a monthly or annual package of ChowNow Direct package.

It also offers a two-year package, which is more affordable than the previous two packages.

Olo Competitors ChowNow

8. TableCheck

This company is offering comprehensive support to increase bookings, optimize experiences, integrate all the critical systems, and prepare better promotional tactics.

It claims to help restaurants in reaching their full potential and clients admire this company for its support!

TableCheck reduces restaurants’ reliance on paid booking channels. It offers solutions to gain direct bookings and convert customers into loyal fans of the services they offer.

This company is developing advanced programs and technology for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Its products and services are more affordable and effective. Therefore, it has emerged as a major competitor to Olo and other companies targeting the restaurant industry.

TableCheck comes with a long list of features and it costs only $150 per month! Restaurants can get booking from all the online channels.

Besides, this company offers several other solutions to grow the business and gain more profit.

Olo Competitors TableCheck

9. Akiracart

This company builds a restaurant website ordering system for independent restaurants and companies operating multiple outlets.

It promises to deliver a feature-rich ordering system that reflects the beauty and quality of your restaurant.

Akiracart’s platform allows clients to offer many different methods of ordering foods. You can provide different payment options to receive quick orders.

It delivers a platform designed flawlessly to engage customers for prolonged periods. Restaurants can customize themes to offer a visually attractive ordering system and win more customers.

Features, such as unlimited orders, locations, menu items, inventory management support, SSL Certification, restaurant management tools, Web Control Accessibility Guidelines, etc. make Akiracart quite essential for the quick growth of the restaurant.

It costs no set-up fee but it takes 3% off every order you receive!

Olo Competitors Akiracart

10. DoorDash

This technology company is providing local restaurants across the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Germany with new customers.

This company makes restaurant finding easier for customers. It helps small restaurants compete with market giants with their food quality and satisfying service.

This company has a network of delivery partners who can pick and deliver foods from restaurants within the promised deadline.

DoorDash helps restaurants deliver quality foods faster to their new and existing clients. It eliminates the waiting time and provides tools to promote restaurants across various online platforms.

This company serves restaurants, gourmet customers, and individuals willing to help restaurants deliver food faster.

It has become the first choice of restaurants that have no official website or app to receive orders. DoorDash provides orders and delivers food for small restaurants and charges only 6% of the order! 

Olo Competitors DoorDash