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Hypixel Business Model – How Does This Minecraft Server Make Money?

Minecraft has become one of the most entertaining video games. Thanks to its minigame servers, players can try numerous new adventures without switching to a new game. This video game allows players can craft anything they want and enjoy the game. 

Hypixel is one of the most popular Minecraft minigame servers. It was launched in 2013 and now it became Hypixel Inc. Over 100,000 players use this server to enjoy some amazing games crafted in Minecraft. 

Hypixel’s weekly revenue is much larger than the amount of money several businesses make in a month! Continue reading to reveal how this server became so popular and successful. 

What is Hypixel?

Hypixel was launched in April 2013 to invite Minecraft players for playing some entertaining minigames. It was not intended to be such a huge attraction because Simon “Hypixel” had introduced it as a YouTube channel. Its main content was revealing some adventure maps in the game. Today, it has become one of the most recognized Minecraft servers. It draws numerous innovative content creators! 

You get 20 unique minigames on Hypixel. Games like Mega Walls, SkyWars, and Build Battle are key attractions on Hypixel. Other features of this server include levels, friends, cosmetics, chatting, and so on. You can engage with other players while enjoying the game. 

Suppose you want to prove your excellence, you can gain higher rankings on the leaderboards and become popular. Hypixel offers entertainment and a chance to be famous! 

It should not be too difficult to play Minecraft Hypixel. You just need your gaming account and the game should be installed on your computer. Since Hypixel is an online server, you will need to join it before using its content. You cannot access this server if you are using a console version or pocket edition of the Minecraft game. 

Once you have launched the game, pick the “Multiplayer” option in the main menu. You can click the “add server” button to connect to the required server. You will have to provide the server address, which is “”. Add the server and then click the “Done” button to get started. 

It will feel like you are starting a new game because Hypixel welcomes each player in the overall lobby. Now, you get several minigames to choose from. Various non-player characters will appear to introduce a different minigame. So, pick a game and enjoy it! 

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Who uses Hypixel?

Minecraft got millions of active players and most of them use the Hypixel server to play exciting games. Creative people choose this server to show their creativity. They can build 3D worlds with the help of various blocks and explore the massive map of this game. 

Hypixel has allured thousands of players and entertained them for hours. Quality entertainment seekers use this server for pastimes and learn new aspects of the game. The commercial success of this Minecraft server proves that it entertains all types of gamers. You will also find it an exciting alternative to other boring games available on other minigame servers. 

Hypixel Network history

Hypixel’s popularity is not a secret anymore. It was awarded a Guinness World Record in 2017 to be the most widely chosen independent video game server. It has successfully maintained a user base of 216K users, which is much larger than any other server. Let’s discover more about this server’s history to learn how it became so popular. 

The inception

Hypixel’s founders did not plan to launch this minigame server. They had founded this server accidentally in 2013. Simon Hypixel was the user, who gave the server his Minecraft user name. Collins-Laflamme and Philip Touchette were adventure map creators before founding this server. 

It was an accidental creation because the founders wanted to display adventure maps crafted by Philip and Simon. Minecraft players joined the adventure lobby and found exciting mini-games to play. They loved it and thus Hypixel’s journey had begun as a minigame server. 

It is obvious that users found mini-games more entertaining and enjoyable than adventure maps crafted by Hypixel founders. Its popularity has now grown exponentially because it serves over 150K users every day!  

Hypixel and YouTube

Simon Collins-Laflamme and Philip were more interested in launching their unique adventure maps. They had shared the trailer on their official YouTube channel. The Hypixel server was launched mainly to display adventure maps. 

The Hypixel server offered minigames mainly to entertain users while others were joining. It was only an attempt to keep players engaged with the server and players found those mini-games quite entertaining. 

Hypixel’s minigames started gaining popularity and later became the main attraction of this server. It was the turning point for founders because they were more interested in improving the server’s content instead of crafting new maps.  

Minigames on the Hypixel server

Hypixel’s minigames made it the most popular Minecraft server. It got games like skywards and Bedwars which keep users glued to their screens for hours. This server offers extremely competitive and entertaining games. That’s why most users choose this server over others. 

Skywars is so exciting because it spawns the user on islands where tons of loot is found. Nothing is free tough and you have to fight for that loot. Other players will join you and battle against you for the loot. You can empty the same chest several times because it refills and offers new things. 

Bedwars is a completely different minigame on the Hypixel server. You compete in a team and your team will have one bed. The bed should not get destroyed otherwise you won’t respawn. Enemy teams try their best to destroy your base and you have to do the same. Thus, the game becomes pretty competitive and entertaining. 

There are several more games on the Hypixel server, which are as entertaining as Bedwars and Skywars are. This server became users’ favorite destination for minigames since founders launched their initial games. Now, there are more options to try and players love all the minigames. 

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Server Maintenance and User Base

Hypixel had revealed in 2015 that it was costing around $100,000 each month to maintain the server. 16,000 active players were using this server at that time. The active user count has grown exponentially and this server now serves more than 216,000 players every day. 

This server had gained 10 million unique players in 2016 and it got over 14.1 million users by 2018. It gained over 18 million players by 2020 and currently, it entertains a lot more active users. It is simply amazing that how an accidentally founded video game server got such a huge user base. Hypixel has inspired many Minecraft users to follow the same path to become popular and rich! 

Hypixel’s Business Model

You have to understand Hypixel’s business model if you want to establish a similar business. Hypixel got over 800K subscribers on YouTube. Over 18 million players use this Minecraft server to play some exciting minigames. 

Although it is not verified, this Minecraft server’s estimated net worth is around $100 thousand. It is just based on the YouTube ad earnings. Experts believe this server earns a lot more than what we have stated. 

Many sources estimate that Hypixel’s net worth can be above $250K because of its immense popularity. Some net worth estimators researched how Hypixel earns money. They found that it can gain up to $6 thousand per year. 

Since it offers free access to all the minigames, people can’t find out how this server earns money. The Hypixel YouTube channel gains about 100 thousand views per month, which means it gets about 3.3 thousand views per day. 

YouTube has monetized this channel and it can earn $3 to $7 per one thousand views from ads. This server can easily gain around $400 thousand from YouTube alone and thus yearly revenue can be around $6000. 

These estimations can be wrong because sponsored ads and other types of promotions can generate a lot of money for this server. 

In-Game Purchases

Hypixel has launched many exciting minigames. These games entertain millions of active users and they all need premium in-game supplies to be at the top. Just like the in-app purchase feature of other games, Hypixel games require users to hold premium items. 

You need gold, boosters, chests, gems, etc. to enjoy the minigame without any trouble. Hypixel has set up a dedicated web portal to provide all these in-game supplies. It sells those items for real money and thus Hypixel generates a lot of money. 

Yes, it is completely optional to buy in-game supplies. Many players stream Hypixel minigames live on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. They buy premium merchandise to be the best in the business. It encourages regular players to try the same thing. 

If you are playing a Hypixel minigame, you will certainly decide to acquire in-game supplies more easily. You will spend a few dollars to buy gems, gold, or other premium items. Hypixel will charge a small fee for your needs and you will get supplies to enjoy the game. 


Many popular video games are available for free. You will rarely find a mobile game that costs as much like its PC version. Hypixel provides its minigames for free, but things change as you start playing games. 

In-game cosmetics are not free. Games feature many exciting things that you can purchase and use during the gameplay. Special skins, tools, ranks, bundles, supplies, etc. all these things cost money. 

You might not be the one who buys in-game cosmetics, but millions of other gamers do. That’s how popular Minecraft servers make money! 


Hypixel’s YouTube channel does not offer any link to donate funds. However, it is a popular channel and Hypixel team constantly uploads new content. Many streamers generate revenue by playing games on this server. 

Hypixel’s official website provides comprehensive information on the server and a dedicated merchandise store. Online ads and promotions also add to the overall revenue of this server. Thus, it gains a lot more than what many experts estimate. The Hypixel team has never revealed how much they earn from the server and its games. So, you can only estimate its monthly or yearly revenue. 


You can find numerous blogs and articles about how to play Hypixel games and how to gain certain supplies in those games. Thousands of people read those blogs and articles. They want to learn how to acquire premium supplies in minigames. They need those supplies to perform better and be at the top of the leaderboard. 

Hypixel offers free service but it earns a lot more than anyone can speculate. Being the best Minecraft server, Hypixel is ready to introduce some unique PC games pretty soon. It will sell unique games as a popular studio and earn a lot more than what it earns today!