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HERE’S How GLG Makes Money in 2023 [Full Business Model]

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It is natural to seek an expert’s opinion when making a huge investment. Most individuals and businesses can’t decide whether their future moves will benefit the organization or affect its growth. That’s when you need the advice of a skilled consultant to assess the market and provide future insights.

Many people and business organizations lack the expertise and try to find people who can resolve critical issues. The Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. (GLG) provides that expertise through its expert network to prevent losses and deliver profits. 

GLG has been around for more than two decades and its expert network has grown exponentially. Learn more about the GLG Business Model to understand how this company operates and makes a profit. 

What is GLG?

Gerson Lehrrman Group, Inc. or GLG is a company that provides financial and informational solutions. This company operates from New York and it has a huge network of consultants who support their diverse clients. 

The company shares financial information and provides clients with skilled consultants to resolve their issues. It serves many business organizations across the globe and has gained its position as the world’s leading expert network. 

GLG serves with the help of more than 900,000 freelance consultants. Professional investors, asset managers, consultants, scientists, physicians, senior current and former c-level executives, lawyers, and former government officials offer their services at this firm. 

Companies, including hedge funds, strategy consulting agencies, private equity firms, non-profit organizations, and professional service firms are GLG’s major clients. GLG has provided professionals with the expertise they were missing to achieve key business objectives. 

This company has worked to pair nonprofits and business organizations with the world’s leading network of experts. Clients and experts from all over the world work together to make smart decisions faster. 

This company was one of a kind 20 years ago and today it has become the best solution provider in the world. GLG offers sophisticated methods to transform an industry. It helps clients find simple ways to generate profits and avoid losses with information collected from all over the world. Clients trust GLG’s network to provide valuable insight for their survival and rapid growth. 

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GLG History

Mark Gerson and Thomas Lehrman were recently graduated from Yale Law School. They collaborated to establish a platform that offers all sorts of business solutions and consultation services.

Consequently, the Gerson Lehrman Group was established in 1998. Alexander Saint-Amand was the first CEO of this company, who played a vital role in its growth starting from the infancy stage. 

In its early days of struggle, GLG failed to attract enough investment from the bigger players. And hence they turned to friends, family members, and relatives of co-founders to ensure the firm’s survival.

GLG was initially a publishing house that used to deliver industry guidebooks for investors. The information offered by GLG was quite valuable for readers. Clients started communicating directly with experts offering their insights for GLG. 

Clients preferred casual conversation over reading recently published reports. Thus, GLG stopped publishing in 1999 and started providing subscriptions to have an interaction with its experts. It was the beginning of the expert network service that GLG is famous for today. 

GLG was mainly entertaining investors, who demanded support and advice on future investments. Its customer base did not change until 2005 when the firm started serving as big strategy consultancies. 

GLG started working with companies in chemicals, life sciences, industrials, and technology fields by 2006. The Wall Street Journal gave them the title of a “Dominating Expert Networking Company.” 

The investment industry was not happy with GLG’s business model. This company has faced backlash from professionals due to concerns associated with insider trading and disclosure rules. However, GLG strictly prohibits consultants from revealing nonpublic information about companies and their employers. It prohibits its experts from crossing legal or ethical restrictions to stand as an unbiased player in the market. 

Paul Todd became the CEO of GLG in 2018. He used to lead eBay’s EMEA business before joining GLG. Now, this firm is also offering learning resources to prepare new experts in different fields. Its fellowship program promises many lucrative career opportunities. The firm has recently filed for a $100 million IPO and it is expected to gain huge investments from investors across the globe. 

How Does GLG Operate?

Being the world’s leading insight network, GLG operates to connect clients with experts. Its clients are individuals or business organizations seeking insights on particular topics. This platform got over 1 million experts who work hard to resolve issues affecting clients. Whatever problem the client is facing, GLG can resolve it and deliver sustainable solutions. 

Clients need to sign up for consultation and insights from GLG. They can share their concerns and queries after joining this platform. These queries can be related to anything from establishing a business, hiring a team, understanding certain business moves, etc. 

GLG has a team of professionals monitoring each query submitted by the client. They assign the best counselors to answer the client’s queries and resolve his business issues. Research managers decide whether a client needs to speak to a specialist for solutions or not. If the solution shared by several experts resolves the matter, there won’t be further discussion. 

GLG got numerous experts in every field to serve its clients. Suppose a query requires dedicated counselling, the client will have a one-on-one conversation with the expert to get better insights. Clients are allowed to have several counsellors, depending on their subscription plans. This platform’s subscription plans are not quite affordable! Therefore, it offers the best possible support to resolve the client’s issues. 

Unlike other subscription-based platforms, GLG never forces clients to subscribe to its services. Clients get impeccable solutions for their problems. They immediately subscribe to this platform after discussing it with the counsellor. 

Subscription plans are available on the official GLG website. Many startups, SMBs, individuals, and industry leaders are GLG’s clients. Since they cannot hire such a wide range of counsellors, they use GLG to communicate with them and work with them. Whatever the issue is, GLG experts have a way of dealing with it. That’s why it is the world’s leading expert network. 

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What Type of Solutions Does GLG Offer?

The Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. is offering the following services! 

GLG Member Interactions

It connects clients with experts in specific fields via calls to resolve their issues and provide insights. Clients can pick specific topics related to business and industries and get an expert on the call.

The client needs to share his/her vision and requirements so that GLG can assign the right expert for the topic. It proceeds like a private meeting in which the subscriber gets direct access to the expert in the field. This private meeting provides the client with powerful insights necessary to make better decisions.  

Suppose the client isn’t familiar with English, he/she can get calls translated to the native language. GLG also provides multi-party calls and transcripts of each call to help the client. These member interactions are recorded to ensure the client and experts do not share any inappropriate information. 

GLG Surveys

GLG surveys are quite helpful for clients who want to assess entry into a market, optimize their messaging, assess new plans, or take up research on other topics. This expert network offers the support of quantitative researchers who lead clients to the right groups. Those groups survey the required topics and deliver the report within the given time frame. 

GLG Integrated Insights

If a client demands prolonged engagement with experts, he has to pick integrated insights. GLG assigns experts for in-depth engagements to address the client’s issues more efficiently.  

This company provides a variety of solutions to meet the client’s broader needs. It applies qualitative and quantitative methodologies with the help of experts to deliver optimal solutions. 

The GLG team does competitive landscape assessment, due-diligence studies, voice-of-customer studies, and brand analyses to deliver effective solutions. 

GLG Qualitative 

Clients, who have varied research objectives, get GLG qualitative to address their needs. They get virtual focus groups, moderated calls, discussion panels, workshops, and insight-gathering experiences to meet their goal. 

Clients can use GLG Qualitative to assess their target audience, analyze the market, assess their client’s feedback, educate their team, and pressure-test the business. GLG offers comprehensive support when it comes to assessing the true potential of a business. That’s why many business organizations rely on this platform for their specific needs. 

GLG Events

People want to learn from market leaders and experts in different aspects of the business. GLG brings all those experts on the same platform during its periodic events. They share their insights on popular business practices, scrutinize business models, and discuss the latest industry trends. 

These events take place as webcasts, live roundtables, and teleconferences so that thousands of clients can attend them from all around the globe. These events become knowledge-booster gatherings for entrepreneurs who want to grow faster. 

Members can use the MyGLG platform to access, share, and bookmark future events. This platform also provides on-demand content for clients looking to learn specific topics. Details of the current and upcoming events are available on MyGLG. 

GLG Library

It is probably the most valuable product offered by Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. This library contains thousands of on-demand webcasts and teleconference transcripts. Clients can use this library to search topics and find detailed solutions for all sorts of issues. 

Clients can access this library through the MyGLG platform. It allows you to find, read, and share on-demand teleconferences and webcasts with colleagues. It helps readers and listeners learn solutions they didn’t know exist. This library has a collection of information that can address all business problems and provide the best solutions. 

How Does GLG Make Money?

The Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. provides diverse services and solutions. However, investment firms are the major clients of GLG. They provide in-depth industry insights and investment solutions to make the maximum gain on their investment.

GLG also makes a significant profit from its consultation services. It is believed that they are having most fortune 500 companies as their clients. What’s more, numerous small and medium-sized businesses opt for subscription-based plans leading to a recurring stream of income for the company.

This platform has got various products to meet clients’ specific needs. Clients pay differently for GLG products they use to grow their business. Thus, GLG generates its revenue from various sources and it’s certainly the most profitable firm in its field.  


It is quite difficult to get support from a leading expert, whenever a problem occurs. Many companies and individuals cannot afford to hire specialists for occasional demands. That’s why they subscribe to GLG. 

GLG has a network of experts, who consistently serve clients across the globe. Professionals and experts join GLG to gain impressive payouts from each session. Clients find it more cost-effective to subscribe to GLG and this company makes a profit by bridging the gap between clients and experts. 

GLG has made it quite simple to get important insights on complicated topics. Many business organizations trust this platform to provide exceptional support for quick growth. That’s why GLG has grown rapidly and become the world’s best expert network.