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GB8ae800 – My Comprehensive Review and User Guide



Let’s dive into the world of G-Shock watches, specifically the G-Shock GB-8 AE-800. This isn’t just another timepiece; it’s a marvel of technology, durability and style combined into one neat package. It stands out amongst its peers for its robust build and advanced features, making it an ideal accessory for those who lead an active lifestyle.

I’ve spent quite some time exploring its functionalities and I can confidently say that this watch is more than meets the eye. With water resistance up to 200 meters, stopwatch capabilities, multiple alarms, and an impressively long battery life – it’s got everything you’d ever want in a sports watch.

But what really sets the G-Shock GB-8 AE-800 apart is its unique feature: Target Time Indicator. It’s something you don’t see everyday on your average wristwatch! It provides visual signals regarding pace – helping users keep track of their progress towards set goals. Whether you’re training for a marathon or simply trying to improve your daily routines – this function becomes incredibly useful.

Features of G-Shock GB-8 AE-800

Let’s dive deep into the incredible features that make the G-Shock GB-8 AE-800 a standout in the world of robust watches. We’ll delve into its rugged design, water resistance and shock resistance.

Rugged Design

Firstly, let’s talk about its rugged design. The G-Shock GB-8 AE-800 doesn’t just look sturdy – it’s built to be incredibly durable too. It comes with a resin case and strap which adds to its toughness without making it overly heavy on your wrist. Plus, its back cover is made from stainless steel for added durability. And let’s not forget about that mineral glass protecting the digital display either – it adds an extra layer of resilience against scratches.

Water Resistance

Next up is water resistance, one of the key selling points for any G-Shock watch and the GB-8 AE-800 isn’t an exception here. It can withstand depths up to 200 meters! That means you can wear it while swimming or diving without worrying about damaging your trusty timepiece.

Shock Resistance

Finally, we have the feature that gives this brand its name: shock resistance. When they say ‘G-Shock’, they really mean it! This watch has been engineered to resist mechanical shocks and vibrations. You could drop this watch from a height, bump it against hard surfaces, or take part in intense outdoor activities – no matter what life throws at you (or what you throw at your watch), rest assured knowing that your G-Shock will keep ticking away as if nothing happened!

In conclusion, I think we can all agree that these features make the G-shock GB-8 AE-800 more than just another tough-looking watch – they provide users with real peace of mind knowing their investment is well protected.


Specifications of G-Shock GB-8 AE-800

Let’s delve into the specifics, shall we? Now, I’m going to break down the characteristics that make this watch a standout piece. We’ll explore its case size, display, and band material.

Case Size

This timepiece sports a solid 54.1mm x 48.6mm case size. It’s neither too large nor too small – just perfect for an everyday wear and tear companion! The thickness stands at 15.5mm, providing a robust presence on your wrist without feeling overly heavy or bulky. Here are some numbers:

Dimension Measurement
Width 54.1 mm
Height 48.6 mm
Thickness 15.5 mm

Clearly, these measurements offer a balanced profile that suits various wrist sizes.


Now let’s talk about the display of this beauty! A thing you can’t ignore when it comes to watches is their display type – it’s literally what you look at all day long! Our G-Shock GB-8 AE-800 features an analog-digital combo display with LED backlight (Super Illuminator). This makes reading time in low light conditions easy as pie!

Moreover, there’s a neat little feature called ‘Hand Shift Feature’. This automatically moves the hands out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of digital display contents whenever required.

Countdown timers are handy tools for reminding us when something needs our attention. So let’s figure out how this works on our G-Shock:

  1. Enter countdown timer mode by pressing ‘B’.
  2. Set countdown time using buttons ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘D’.
  3. Start countdown by pressing that trusty old ‘A’ button once more.

And voila! Now you won’t forget about that cake baking in oven while binge-watching your favorite show!

In essence, your G-Shock GB-8 AE-800 is a versatile tool that keeps time and manages it for you too. It’s not just about looking good on your wrist, but also making sure you’re always on top of your schedule. It may take a little practice to get the hang of all these features but once mastered, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!